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At the ranch, Michael tells Nikki she looks fantastic and learns they’re having a family get-together. He asks Victor if he’s keeping tabs on Adam. Victor responds, “I’ll handle this my way, Michael.”

At Society, Rey complains to Lola about the secrets and lies involving the Newmans and his boss. He spots Summer and grumbles, but Lola explains she was a victim too. Sharon arrives and Lola prompts Rey to go say, “Hi.” Sharon waves. Meanwhile, Lola touches base with Summer to see how she’s doing. Mariah arrives and Lola hustles her back out; she’s trying to get Sharon and Rey together. Sharon texts Mariah; she sees what she’s up to.

In the penthouse, Elena’s disgruntled that Devon’s meeting with Amanda Sinclair and advises him to blow it off or hire a team of lawyers to deal with her. Devon jokes she should have been a lawyer and says, unfortunately, Amanda may be the only one with answers right now.

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At Grand Phoenix, Abby wants a reluctant Nate to join her at the Newman dinner party. Nick arrives looking for Summer, and Abby assures him she’ll come around. Abby and Nate leave, and Cane stops Nick to ask about the possibility Chance has reconnected with Adam. Nick won’t discuss his brother and wishes him luck. Amanda talks with Devon Young and RestlessDevon arrives to meet Amanda and asks Cane to excuse them. Devon feels they got off on the wrong foot and wants to work together to find answers to his questions. Amanda had no intention of manipulating him. Devon offers to tell her more about Hilary. She’d like that. He does so, before questioning if she’s being played by someone claiming to be Chance. She advises he’ll soon have to face the fact he’s living off someone else’s fortune.

At the ranch, Billy snarks at Victor about Adam getting away and advises he watch his back. Victor counters by asking how he’s doing. Billy’s much better. Victor hopes nothing happens to shatter that illusion. Nate, Abby, and Nick arrive. Nate takes Victor for a check-up and Abby explains Nate’s still upset about their scheme. Victor emerges with a clean bill of health and Nick says Chelsea’s not coming. Victor thinks Connor should be there. Nick feels it’s Chelsea’s call. Victor invites anyone else who has a problem with him to clear the air. Victoria addresses the consequences of the ruse on the family’s reputation. Billy chimes in the clever little scheme hurt everyone but Adam. Victor and Nikki alone Young and RestlessVictor declares he’s wrong – Adam paid a bigger price; he’s been humiliated and cut off. Abby sees that Victor protected his child. The gathering breaks up before dinner as everyone decides they must go. Nikki assures Victor they’ll recover; it will just take time. She understands the children being upset he did everything for Adam’s sake. Victor feels Adam needed him more. Nikki tells him all the children need him. Victor doesn’t know what he’d do without her. They canoodle.

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Cane arrives at Society and questions Rey about Chance. Rey gives him Riza Thompson’s name, then joins Sharon, and the mood turns romantic. They decide it’s a date and he walks her to her car.

In Adam’s penthouse, Phyllis thanks Summer for choosing to be with her tonight, but Summer’s irked when she rants about the Newmans. Phyllis thinks Young and RestlessPhyllis wants to validate Summer standing up for herself, but Summer points out they’re in Adam’s lair – she’s house-sitting for a criminal. Phyllis reminds her Victor’s death was a hoax. Summer thinks she’s defending him the way Abby and Nick defend Grandpa. They’re bickering when Cane shows up. Summer tells them to have fun and exits. Cane asks about Adam and wants Phyllis to let him know if she hears from him. After he leaves, Phyllis thinks, then follows.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tries calling Adam. A cellphone rings across the room. Phyllis approaches and asks Michael why he has Adam’s phone. Michael wants to know why she’s calling him – it’s aiding and abetting a fugitive. Phyllis glances to Cane on the patio and explains she’s house-sitting for Adam and can’t figure out his appliances. Michael has his phone because it contained his arsenal of evidence, but he wiped it clean. On the patio, Cane asks Nate if Victor’s mentioned where Adam may have gone. Nate advises, “Go to the source,” then joins Elena inside. She questions what he did for Victor. Nate felt his patient was in danger and adds that family has a way of making everything life or death, then rationalizing it. “I hate it.” On the patio, Phyllis hears Cane making plans to fly to Vegas tonight.

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