Chelsea asks Kevin to launder money Young and Restless
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria is doing damage control by phone when Nikki arrives. Vikki updates her mom that she doesn’t see being able to dig out of this anytime soon. She’s very concerned the company’s in big trouble. Nikki has confidence she’ll find a way out. Talk turns to Victor’s health. Nikki will take care of things on the home front. Victoria laments Adam going free, but assures Nikki she and Billy will be at the dinner tonight. Nikki feels if the family falls apart, Adam will have succeeded – she won’t allow that. Later, Billy pops in. Victoria’s surprised he’s not at Jabot. Billy tells her to grab her stuff.

At Nick’s place, Chelsea won’t allow Nick to take Connor to see Victor yet. She suggests they talk tonight, but Nick has a family dinner. She won’t join him and goes to check on Connor, who is still angry and wishes they’d never come back to Genoa City. Chelsea promises they’ll get through this together, but he runs off.

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In Chancellor Park, Summer complains to Phyllis that the Newmans think of her as an afterthought. Phyllis explains that’s how they are, and feels it will be a long time before she accepts an apology from Nick.Summer questions Phyllis Young and Restless Summer warns she knows what Phyllis is trying to do – it won’t work. Her mother denies having an ulterior motive – she knows what betrayal feels like. Summer’s happy she can lean on her. Phyllis suggests they have a girl’s night. Summer has no intention of accepting Nikki’s dinner invitation, so agrees. Later, Billy and Victoria enjoy a picnic. He thinks she needs this, and he may need it even more. They discuss his breakdown. She’s proud of the hard work he’s doing, and he shares his regrets. They kiss.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kevin and Chloe toast to Adam being gone. Chelsea appears and rehashes Connor trying to process all the madness. Chloe offers to help out and Chelsea hires her as a marketing director – she’s sure Abby will sign-off on it. Chloe gushes her thanks. She goes shopping, and Chelsea confides in Kevin about her inheritance from Calvin, specifically the portion she cannot touch.Chelsea hires Chloe Young and Restless He’s the only person she trusts to give it a good…wash. Kevin has a lot to lose if it goes bad. Chelsea convinces him by offering him 10%. Later, Summer and Phyllis arrive, and want to do another Grand Phoenix/Jabot collaboration. Chelsea agrees. Phyllis suggests new security software and Chelsea replies, “We’ll see.” They realize she’s distracted and talk turns to being victims of the Newman family values. Abby arrives and wonders why Phyllis is passing judgement before apologizing to Summer and Chelsea, who decide to leave. Chelsea reveals she hired Chloe on her way out. Phyllis needles Abby for clearing the room and Abby asks if she’s heard from Adam. Phyllis hasn’t, and has no agenda…if she did, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell her.

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At Devon’s penthouse, Nick senses his friend is upset he was kept in the dark about Victor. Devon feels somewhat foolish having mourned, but what really bothers him is that he’s not getting his dad back. Nick explains Adam was a threat to Victor, and relays that this has caused issues with Chelsea. Devon suggests Nick show her how he feels. Talk turns to Katherine’s will. Devon briefs Nick and tells him the lawyer looks like Hilary and it’s messing with his head. They discuss the opening of their new building and realize a final inspection hasn’t been done. Nick arranges it by phone, impressing Devon. Once alone, Devon calls Amanda to meet later at the Grand Phoenix.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin fills Chloe in on the money-laundering deal. Chloe sighs, but says she trusts him. She notes Chelsea will have some serious getaway money if it doesn’t work out with Nick. Phyllis arrives, congratulates Chloe on her new position, and asks Kevin if he’d know where Adam went. Kevin advises her not to think about him – he’s sure Adam’s not thinking about her.

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Chelsea arrives at home to find a romantic set-up and Nick asking for another chance. He offers her a massage and kisses her neck. Chelsea puts on the brakes – it’s not going to be that easy.

At the penthouse, Phyllis calls Adam and leaves him a message to call her back.

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