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At the ranch, Victor worries to Nikki about the ruse’s effect on Newman. Nikki reminds her husband he’s still facing another threat with his blood disease and advises him to let Victoria do her job. Victor hasn’t heard from Summer and has to get through to her. Talk turns to Adam. Victor hopes he makes a good life somewhere else.

At Jabot, Kyle, with Summer, updates Billy on business while he was away. Jack arrives and touches on the Victor situation with Summer, then teases the Mustache isn’t the only one capable of pulling off a surprise. Summer doesn’t want to discuss her grandfather, so Kyle leads her out and urges her to get her feelings off her chest. Summer thanks Kyle for being there for her through all of this. Kyle guesses Theo’s attempt to help fell short. In the office, Jack queries Billy about his gambling addiction. Billy admits he didn’t go to rehab. “I had a break with reality.” Jack learns Billy almost killed Adam, and that Adam doesn’t know. Billy assures him he’s in therapy and Jack’s glad the old Billy’s back. Later, Jack calls Billy and Kyle back in to discuss management. Billy Kyle office announcement Young and RestlessHe announces he’s going to be stepping back from the company and will no longer be involved in the day-to-day running of the company. Jack tells them about the book he’s writing with Traci. Billy and Kyle are supportive. Jack wants them both to run Jabot…together. They assure him they’re up to the challenge. Jack declares, “You are the face of Jabot now,” and urges them to cooperate. Jack exits and Billy asks, “So who gets the office?”

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In Chancellor Park, Rey thinks Paul owes him an explanation on bending the rule. Paul says it’s his prerogative, but Rey argues he told him going rogue wouldn’t be tolerated. Paul considers it an undercover operation and it was the best shot at nailing Adam. Rey doesn’t believe he’ll stay away.

At Nick’s place, Chelsea is still angry at having to explain to Connor that his grandfather isn’t dead. Nick wants to help him understand. Chelsea has zero trust in him and says he can’t help – he’s the one who lied to him. She’s not giving up on them, but has to do this alone.Chelsea refuses Nick Young and Restless Nick agrees to go to New Hope since the new building’s opening soon. After, Chelsea tells Connor that Victor’s alive. He wants to tell his dad, who was sad. Chelsea says he knew Victor was alive and left anyway. Connor shouts, “You’re lying!” They’re arguing when Summer arrives. She’ll talk to Connor. Later she tells Chelsea they bonded over being lied to and advises her to let him be angry.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon disconnects from Faith and tells Mariah she’s glad to be away from them at boarding school. She thinks the Newman drama drove Noah away too. Mariah muses sometimes people keep coming back as Rey enters. She wants them to have a fresh start and calls him over to Sharon’s disbelief.Rey and Sharon discuss Adam Young and Restless Mariah leaves them alone and Rey complains about Adam getting away. Sharon denies knowing where he is when asked and won’t defend him. Rey’s glad she sees him for who he is. Nick arrives to see Sharon. On the patio, Nick apologizes and asks about Faith. Sharon remarks she’s developed coping mechanisms. He’s a good dad but screwed up. Nick is trying to focus on the good – Victor’s alive and Adam’s gone. Nick goes and Mariah reappears. She’s frustrated Nick interrupted Sharon and Rey. She urges her to get back inside and fight for her happiness.

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Paul arrives at the ranch, irritated about staking his reputation on Victor’s word while Adam walked away and warns, “No more deals, no more favors.” Nikki Victor express love Young and RestlessHe is, however, truly glad Victor’s still with them. Later, Victor frets to Nikki about the rift between those who knew and those who did not. Nikki has a plan to keep the family from falling apart. Victor listens and thinks a family get-together is a great idea. “A family that is united is stronger.” Victor expresses his love to her and Nikki tells him he’s the love of her life.

Nick returns home and tries to apologize to Summer, who says she’s not sure anything can fix this. Nick insists Adam was a real threat. Summer feels he treated her like a child, or even worse, like an outsider. She may never be able to forgive that. After Summer storms out, Chelsea asks Nick what he expected. Nick pleads with her not to shut him out. Chelsea needs time alone.

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