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At the ranch, Nikki implores Victor to get upstairs before Michael comes, but Victor calls out, “Michael we’re in here.” Michael appears, dumbfounded, and gapes, “You’re alive.” They embrace. Michael quickly realizes it was a plot to smoke out Adam, who doubled his meds. Victor flashes to setting up the deception with Nikki, Nate, Nick and Abby as a test to see if Adam had any regrets as Victor hoped there was something to salvage in the man. In the present, Michael realizes Adam setting up Victoria wasn’t part of the calculus. Victor will explain more when the others arrive.

At Nick’s place, Chelsea rails that all his family cared about was their stupid plan to take down Adam. He broke her trust and now her son’s in pain…nothing he can say or do will change that. Nick is summoned to the ranch. Chelsea tells him not to hurry back and sniffs, “You better go.”

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At Grand Phoenix, Summer tells Phyllis she’s been a mess over Grandpa dying. Phyllis is worried about her and wants to go to the memorial service with her. Summer questions if she has another reason for wanting to come…that has nothing to do with her. Summer questions Phyllis Young and RestlessShe asks if Phyllis will be comforting Adam. Phyllis relays Adam left town. Summer complains he’s a monster. Phyllis counters he’s complicated and has done unforgiveable things…like his father. She sees a different side of him. Summer feels they’re all better off without him. Chelsea arrives and is clearly tense. Phyllis assumes it’s because Adam left town. Chelsea won’t discuss it. As Phyllis suggests a spa day to Summer, Nick’s calls to her phone go unnoticed.

At the penthouse, Devon is aghast that Cane’s the beneficiary of the will. Cane and Jill agree it’s crazy.Amanda faces Devon Young and Restless Brittany wants to see the document and realizes it’s a photocopy. Devon wonders if Amanda really thinks she’ll get away with this. Amanda will receive the originals soon. Jill insists her son would never dirty his hands with this and Brittany warns she’ll have an expert analyse them. Devon advises Amanda to think long and hard before she pursues this. Amanda muses that perhaps Tucker’s off the grid because of guilt. Cane sees Amanda out and Brittany leaves after telling Devon the whole thing seems bogus – Cane’s not even Katherine’s blood relative.

Rey arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Sharon if she’s heard from Adam…there’s been a development in Victor’s case. Sharon feels he may have planned to leave Genoa City behind.

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Nick arrives at the ranch to join his family, followed by Paul. Michael’s impressed with everyone’s performances, including Paul’s. Paul updates them on the pharmacist implicating Adam. Victor shares that Adam visited, apologized, and said he was leaving town. “I let him go.” Victor got what he wanted…he saw change in Adam, who’s not beyond redemption. Paul’s irked as he only agreed to the scheme to see justice done. Victor warns if he pursues Adam, he will not cooperate. He asks Michael for one more thing…

In the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea, Phyllis and Summer watch as Michael goes live on TV to say the charges against Victoria Newman have been dropped as there was no murder. Victor appears beside him. Summer gapes, “Grandpa?” Summer sobs…how did she not know this. Phyllis realizes Nick knew and storms out to the ranch. Summer follows.

In Crimson Lights, Sharon and Rey are joined by Paul and wonder if he knew Victor was alive. Paul comes clean about the ruse and reveals Victor let Adam slip away. Rey is frustrated and Sharon calls Nick and learns he’s updated Noah. She angrily says she’ll handle Faith. After, Rey and Sharon compare notes.

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In Devon’s apartment, Jill tells Devon that Victor’s family members certainly put on a good act. Devon’s glad Victor’s alive but is concerned about Chance. Jill protests; he has a good heart. Devon says he’s responsible or someone else convinced him. He turns on Cane, who insists he’d never abuse Katherine’s legacy. Devon apologizes. Cane decides he’ll find Chance.

At the ranch, Michael learns Victor didn’t let Adam use the jet, and tells him it’s good to have him back. He leaves and Summer enters. She hugs Victor as Nick says he tried to reach her. Phyllis appears and is sickened by them. “How dare you do this to my daughter!” She figures they didn’t want Summer blabbing to her. Nikki confirms it. Summer is upset they just let her grieve. Phyllis snaps that Nick did this to get rid of Adam and takes Summer out. Nick asks Victor if the pain and suffering where Adam’s concerned is really ever over.

In Vegas, Adam plays poker as ‘Spider’.

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