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Nick arrives at home, where Chelsea informs him Connor’s upset and Adam won’t be at Victor’s memorial – he’s leaving town. Nick scoffs that he’s running because he doesn’t want to face what he’s done. All Chelsea knows is her son is devastated. They debate whether Adam could turn his life around. Chelsea points out Nick’s forgiven Victor for terrible things. Nick argues Adam’s beyond redemption. Chelsea thinks he just needs time…he’s grieving.Chelsea angry at Nick Young and Restless Nick snarls, “It’s not that.” Chelsea asks how he can be so sure. Nick blurts, “Because my father’s alive.” Chelsea doesn’t understand. Nick explains the plot to get Adam to admit he’d doubled Victor’s medication. Chelsea accuses Nick of not trusting her and is furious that he watched Connor suffer out of a sick need to exact revenge on his brother. “Your little charade cost Connor his father.”

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At the ranch, Victor asks Adam how he found out he was alive. Adam says it doesn’t matter…he came to tell him he’s leaving town. Victor knows he changed his medication and asks if he planned to kill him. He was hoping Adam would find some humanity within himself. Adam learns his siblings knew Victor was alive and asks if they were also concerned about his conscience or hoping he’d slip up and land in prison. They rehash Victor bringing him back and their difficulties. Adam reminds him he pushed him to what he did by sending someone to run him down.Adam spars with Victor Young and Restless Victor clarifies he wasn’t behind it. Adam smirks, “Right.” Victor doesn’t hate him and will never forget he took a bullet from him. Adam feels there’s no coming back from this. Victor asks him to stay in town – there’s always a way back. Adam feels it’s too late, but Victor disagrees; he’ll forgive him. They debate whether Adam can be a better person and integrate into the family. Adam notes he acts on his worst impulses, and blurts, “I switched your pills!” After he thought Victor was dead, he looked into the mirror and saw who he really is. Victor thinks she shouldn’t give up on Connor, but Adam feels he doesn’t deserve him. Victor has been where Adam is, but there’s always a way back. Adam needs to let this life, this place, go…there’s nothing left to say. Victor did everything in his power to bring him home. Adam cries, “I could never be who you wanted me to be. All I wanted from you dad, probably more than your love, was for you to respect me.” Both men have tears as Adam says he’s sorry. Adam disappears just as Nikki runs in to say Michael’s coming. He wipes his eyes. “Okay.”

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At Crimson Lights, Jill is trying to reach Tucker and updates Cane that Katherine’s will is being contested. Cane asks questions and Jill fills him in, then adds they’re all meeting later at Devon’s…she won’t allow anyone to malign Katherine’s memory. Talk turns to Cane’s rewarding new work, then their divorces. Jill swerves back to Amanda Sinclair…she refuses to believe she’s working for Chance. Cane offers to come to Devon’s with her for moral support.

At Devon’s place, Elena’s sorry she can’t be at the meeting today. Devon has hired Brittany Hodges as his lawyer, so he doesn’t have to engage with Amanda. He hopes it will be over soon. Elena thinks Amanda’s a grifter and the whole thing’s a scam. Devon reassures her.

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At Society, Nate hovers by Amanda’s table. She says she’s not a ghost and asks what he wants. Nate wants to know why she’s messing with people he cares about…someone knew she looked like Devon’s late wife. Amanda argues her client hired her due to her credentials. She calls him out for being the doctor who let Victor Newman die. Nate accuses her of deflecting. After, outside, Amanda tells someone by phone that she just received the will paperwork and doesn’t like surprises.

At the coffee house, Nate tells Elena about his run-in with Amanda. She laments Devon was doing so well before the doppelganger showed up. Nate hopes the meeting will end it.

At the penthouse, Brittany tries to reassure Devon, who is on edge; this reminds him of when they read Neil’s will.Devon at will reading Young and Restless Brittany’s sorry. The doorbell rings – it’s Amanda. The female attorneys spar verbally. Jill and Cane arrive and gape at Amanda. Jill snaps out of it and informs Amanda she knew Katherine better than anyone and can tell her exactly what she’d think of all of this…and of her. Amanda says Chance overnighted her the real will. Brittany asks if they’re supposed to take this seriously. Amanda insists they’ll be authenticated. Devon wants to hear. Amanda reads the new document with the bulk of Katherine’s fortune, $2 billion, 475 million dollars being left to Cane Ashby.

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