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Adam opens his door to Nick, who’s there to invite him to Victor’s memorial next week – it’s what their father would want. They debate about whether Victor and Adam were alike until Nick advises Adam if there’s a shred of decency inside him to do the right thing. Once alone, Adam collapses on the floor sobbing, then recovers.

At the ranch, Victor, Nikki, and Victoria discuss Nick’s visit to Adam; the next step in the plan. Vikki worries they can’t get Adam to come. Victor thinks Adam will be consumed with guilt. Victor hides and listens as Summer enters and says nothing will ever be the same without him. Nick arrives and embraces her. Once Summer leaves, Victor emerges and apologizes for putting them all through this. They touch on keeping Summer in the dark so Phyllis doesn’t find out, and pledge to care for Connor when Adam goes to prison. Victor hoped Adam would show some remorse and goes upstairs. Nikki tells her kids she doesn’t think Adam is capable of giving Victor the ending he wants.

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In Society’s kitchen, Kyle kisses Lola as a thanks for lunch, but admits he’s distracted – Victor’s death hit him harder than he thought it would. It’s made him think about his own life and what really matters. He doesn’t have to look far. Talk turns to Kyle supporting Summer. Lola’s glad they could become friends again. Kyle wishes she wasn’t dating Theo – he’s a ticking timebomb and he doesn’t trust him. Kyle notices her cut finger and she doesn’t mention her encounter with Theo.

At Grand Phoenix, Theo snarks at Phyllis about losing her stake in the place. She thinks it’s too bad he wasn’t more sensitive about it because she’s back. Mariah arrives to work with Theo, who schmoozes. She confronts him about hitting on her girlfriend. Theo shrugs that he’s a natural flirt, but changes his tune when Mariah mentions sexual harassment training and vows not to step out of line again. Summer appears. Mariah’s sorry about her grandfather. Theo takes Summer to a suite where she can’t believe he wants to have sex when she’s grieving. He’s hurt to hear she was comforted by Kyle – he opened up about his father’s death and she ran off to meet Kyle before responding. Summer apologizes. Theo wants to get it right and holds her.

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At Crimson Lights, Michael and Kevin discuss Victoria being arrested for Victor’s death.Paul rehires Kevin Young and Restless Michael’s certain Adam tampered with the prescription but can’t move against him. Kevin and Chloe are free, but he’s not. Kevin learns the details on Fen and that Michael had to stop Lauren from going after Adam. Michael warns him to stay out of it, but Kevin wants to find digital proof Adam killed Victor. He is exiting hastily when he spots Paul and asks for his old job back. After conceding his current techie isn’t as good, Paul rehires Kevin. After, Paul updates Michael that the pharmacy lady was caught trying to flee the country. He warned her plea deal didn’t include perjury and she told a very different story…

Phyllis arrives at Adam’s and spots a suitcase – he can’t leave, it’s the time for him to take control at Newman. She anticipates the will being read; he needs to swoop in before that happens. Adam reminds her it wasn’t the plan for his father to actually die. Phyllis thinks he’s planning to leave for good and feels guilt is driving him away. Adam argues he never should have returned. Phyllis suggests Victor is still winning and asks if Adam, “You won’t do anything stupid, will you?” She thinks he’ll miss her and asks for his penthouse while he’s gone. Adam refuses a hug and a farewell drink and throws her the keys.

In the park, Adam apologizes to Chelsea for telling Connor about Victor…his emotions took over. He reveals he’s leaving Genoa City for good. He finally realized Connor is better off without him. Chelsea is furious he’s deserting the kid and calls him a selfish bastard. She challenges him to tell the boy himself that he’s leaving.

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At Nick’s place, Connor cries when Adam says he’s leaving and isn’t coming back and pleads, “Take me with you.” Connor asks if he’s mad at him. Adam assures him he’s perfect and just has a messed-up dad who will drag him down. Connor cries out that he’s the best dad and shouts, “Make him stay, Mom!” Connor doesn’t want Nick for a father and runs out. Adam gets a text and looks stunned. Later, Chelsea holds her devastated son.

Adam visits Victor Young and RestlessMichael arrives at the penthouse and is surprised to see Phyllis. She asks, “What do you know?” He responds, “You first. What are you hiding?”

Adam appears in the ranch and sees Victor at his chessboard. “Well played, Pops. Well played.”

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