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At Grand Phoenix, Mariah, Tessa, Devon, Nate and Abby gather to celebrate Elena’s birthday. Devon makes a heartfelt toast, then tries to tell Mariah something, but she’s off to the car to get the gift…and gasps as she runs right into Amanda Sinclair. She stammers until Devon intervenes – this is what he was trying to tell her. Amanda suggests they get everyone together who knew this Hilary person and get the gawking and questions over with.Devon toasts to Elena Young and Restless Devon makes introductions and reiterates someone planned this. Amanda has no idea. Mariah is struck by her lack of compassion for Devon. Elena appears – she thinks Amanda should leave. Amanda’s staying until Devon hears her out – she got a text from Chance, who will not be able to meet in Genoa City, but will send the paperwork overnight so Katherine’s true wishes can be carried out. Mariah sees Amanda Young and RestlessShe warns Devon to prepare himself and walks off. Mariah hugs Devon and Elena cuts the party short. After, Mariah says to Tessa, “Poor Devon.” Tessa knows this is hell for her too. Outside, Abby remarks to Nate on Mariah’s shock and feels guilty lying about her father. Nate notes it will all be over soon one way or another. Inside, Mariah confides in Tessa that even when she hated Hilary, she liked her. She wants Amanda gone. Tessa reassures her as she cries.

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In Society’s kitchen, Rey jokes with Lola; he doesn’t need her to play matchmaker. He exits, while taking a call. In the eating area, Sharon sees Rey leave as she discusses Victor’s death with Jack, who has trouble believing Victor’s own flesh and blood turned on him. He tells Sharon about his epiphany regarding Dina and reveals he and Traci will write the Abbott family’s story. Sharon thinks it’s wonderful. She says she realized she wants to help Adam, but nothing more – yesterday was the end. Jack asks about Rey. Sharon can only tackle one ex at a time. In the kitchen, Lola’s not pleased to see Theo, who wants her help getting his friend, Kyle, back.Lola holds Theo at knifepoint Young and Restless She points out she’s holding a knife. Theo knows they’re a team and he has to win them both over. He admits to feeling left out and jealous. As he mentions Zoey, Lola cuts her finger and Theo passes out cold. He comes to and Lola asks if he’s pregnant. He scoffs, “Funny.” She muses it must have been the blood then. Lola thinks he’s a big marshmallow. Later, in the dining area, Lola informs Theo he’s won points with her; she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt about wanting to make up with Kyle. She asks if Zoe is Kyle’s type. Theo says no, Lola is, and talks about stepping up with his wingman. Lola if on board if he respects her marriage, and agrees to keep the ‘scaredy cat’s’ secret.

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At Jabot, Kyle thinks Summer should be with family, but work’s her happy place right now. Kyle reluctantly shows her the article about Victoria’s arrest. Summer talks to Kyle about Victor and they agree he was a legend and changed the world. They joke about Kyle getting on his bad side and Summer laughs; she’s happy he stuck around tonight. Kyle replies, “Me too.” They work on Kyle’s presentation and he says she’s his secret weapon due to her help. Jack appears and Summer asks if Kyle’s hit his head lately – he’s been nice, caring, even compassionate. Jack thinks it’s the real Kyle and she’s just noticing it. They all smile. Jack sends Kyle to accounting and lets Summer know he has her support. She promises never to forget he would move mountains for her.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon updates Rey that she saw Adam after his allegation that he might be framing Victoria. She explains she now knows she can’t help Adam, and wishes she’d listened to Rey sooner. Rey accuses her of keeping something from him. Sharon thinks she failed; it’s hard to give up on anyone. Rey thinks she succeeded by cutting herself free from Adam. Sharon repeats she should have listened to him long ago. Rey asks what’s next for her. Sharon says, “A fresh start.”

At the penthouse, Devon’s upset Amanda ruined Elena’s birthday. He lights a candle on a cupcake and she makes a wish that his grandmother’s will gets resolved quickly and a certain someone goes back where she came from.

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