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At the penthouse, Adam reads about Victoria’s arrest and Victor’s death and groans, “God, you weren’t supposed to die.” He ruminates out loud about the article’s depiction of Victor – he’s actually a master manipulator who tried to run his own son down like a dog. Adam yells, “Why?” He continues reading about Victor on the tablet and flashes to meeting his father as Mr. Newman at the farmhouse in Kansas and tears up.Victor Adam memory Young and Restless Adam wonders what might have been if Victor hadn’t kept his paternity a secret…none of this would have happened. Adam records his thoughts on Victor’s childhood and what it was like being his son, challenging him, and trying to co-exist. They always managed until… Adam remarks there was just one more move in the game for him; but he didn’t want this, he didn’t want him gone. He then muses, “Or did I?”

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At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor this is a nightmare – Adam must have been planning to kill him and frame Victoria from the beginning. Victor thought he was setting a trap, but all he did was put his family in jeopardy. Billy enters wanting to know what the hell happened – he put his faith in Victor’s plan but now his wife’s in jail. He goes on about Adam trying to kill Victor and Victor says his son needs help desperately. Billy argues that Adam’s not playing the same chess game Victor is – if he won’t protect Victoria, Billy will! Nikki intervenes and Billy apologizes. Victoria calls – she’s still waiting to be arraigned. Billy puts her on speaker, and she urges them not to do anything until she’s out. After, Billy gets increasingly uptight and Nikki asks him to relax and trust Victoria. Billy snipes it’s Adam he doesn’t trust. Later, Victoria arrives. Billy wants to abandon the ruse, but she argues for sticking to the original plan now they have Adam where they want him. Billy won’t let her risk her life. Victoria feels Adam will botch this. They all agree to keep the masquerade going. Billy vows he won’t get away with this – his number is up. Victoria worries this will derail Billy’s progress. He says he can do this – they are stronger together.

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At the Abbott residence, Jack and Traci exclaim over Victoria being arrested in Victor’s death – she was the apple of his eye! They debate whether she’s capable of this; Traci points out Paul wouldn’t arrest her for no reason. Jack feels there must be more to it – he’s known Victoria since she was a little girl. When Victor put her in charge during his illness, she had everything she wanted! Jack recalls his last chat with Victor – his sudden passing made Jack wonder if he didn’t want to live his life without that control.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon questions Rey about Victoria’s arrest.Rey talks to Sharon Young and Restless He explains the evidence against her, but still thinks Adam’s behind it. Sharon debates with him and questions if he should be on the case considering his bias toward Adam. Rey says part of being a cop is separating your personal life. Sharon insists Adam didn’t want Victor dead. Rey argues that Adam declared war on the Newmans. He worried she would end up as collateral damage and didn’t want her to get hurt…he still doesn’t. Rey tells her she can’t change Adam and leaves.

Jack and Dina at the park Young and RestlessAt the park, Jack talks to a silent Dina about Victor’s death and remarks on the similarities between her and The Mustache. He recalls how he used to feed on his rivalry with Victor and the positive feeling of letting it all go. They get cookies, then Jack talks about his trip to Sedona. He was searching for himself and in the process, he got a new perspective on Dina’s life and the time she lived in – she wanted more and went after it. Jack apologizes for judging her – he never gave her credit for her accomplishments. He’s proud to be her son and loves her. Dina turns and says, “Jackie? I love you too.”

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At the Abbott house, Jack updates Traci that Victor’s death inspired him to tell Dina about his epiphany and she responded with meaning. It hit him that this is an incredible story; he wants to write down the story of their family and needs Traci’s help. Traci thinks it’s a wonderful idea.

Adam is still agonizing in the penthouse when Sharon arrives. He asks why she’s there. She says, “Because you need me.”

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