Victoria and Billy arrest Young and Restless
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At the ranch, Victoria updates Nikki and Billy on what Rey and Paul found in her office. Billy says Adam framed her. Nikki never imagined it would go this far. Victoria sniffs that Adam was willing to let his father die… Jack enters is and says Adam wouldn’t do this. Victoria insists he’s changed. Jack is glad Billy got help and is proud of him. He suggests they let the authorities decide if someone is to blame for Victor’s death.

Michael arrives at Adam’s penthouse and Adam demands to know why Victoria hasn’t been charged with Victor’s murder yet. Michael reports there’s a complete lack of motive. Adam reminds him what’s a stake – one phone call and his son goes to jail. “Make it happen!”

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At Nick’s place, Chelsea tells him she’s not sure how much longer she can keep Adam from seeing Connor. She worries about telling her son about Victor. Nick doesn’t think they can put it off. Chelsea frets about the possibility his father is responsible for his grandfather’s death. Nick feels Connor needs to know the truth. Chelsea wants to grab Connor and run. She apologizes. Nick hugs her. After, Chelsea takes a call from Adam – he needs to see his son.

At the penthouse, Elena asks Devon about the will meeting. He says he was right that Chance is behind it. Devon relays the crazy story about Tucker and David Sherman. Elena thinks it’s a ploy to rattle him and wishes she’d been there to show Amanda Sinclair the door. Devon knows the words in Katherine’s will are her words and reads examples. Elena is taken aback to hear how much he inherited and notes the good he’s done with it. She feels Chance is undermining Katherine’s legacy. Devon won’t let them have the next move. He leaves and Nate arrives. Elena offers to listen if he needs to talk about Victor.

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Michael and Lauren warning Young and RestlessAt Crimson Lights, Amanda tells someone on the phone to stop dodging her calls. “We can’t move forward until I talk to you.” Later, Michael meets Lauren, who is back from putting Fen in rehab. She curses Adam. Michael doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Lauren’s had enough. Michael has too, but doesn’t want her to become a target. Lauren’s not afraid of Adam Newman. Michael feels maybe she should be and explains Adam wants him to charge Victoria with Victor’s murder. Lauren realizes he killed his father and is framing Victoria. Michael has a choice now and knows what he’s going to do…

Chelsea watches Adam Connor Young and Restless'At the park, Connor thanks Chelsea for letting him see his dad, as Adam appears. She meets him to warn she hasn’t told Connor about Victor yet. Adam wants to be with the only family he has left. Chelsea knows the Newmans are shutting him out; it shouldn’t be that way. She watches, smiling, as they play and hug. When Connor gets ice cream, Adam asks Chelsea to be there when Connor gets the bad news and complains about Nick accusing him of messing with Victor’s meds. Chelsea doesn’t know what to think. Connor returns and Adam tells him his grandfather passed away.

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At Grand Phoenix, Devon updates Jill on Amanda’s claims on Chance’s behalf – it sounds like a shakedown. Jill agrees; Chance wouldn’t be involved in something like this. Devon says whoever sent the woman is messed up. Amanda enters, unnoticed, as Jill wonders if she’s behind the whole thing. Devon reveals she looks exactly like Hilary. Jill is even more convinced Amanda, not Chance, orchestrated this and reiterates he has her support. Devon spots Amanda as he’s leaving. She says he’ll see proof of the claims and Chance won’t charge him assuming he had no knowledge of Tucker’s fraud. Devon snarks at ‘fraud’ – she has his late wife’s face. He doesn’t want to hear her denials. Amanda warns he should get a lawyer and prepare himself. Devon advises her to stay away from him, his friends and family. Amanda doesn’t take orders. Devon can hire better lawyers than her…he has billions of dollars. Amanda snarks, “Not for long,” then steps away to call her contact again. “The clock is ticking. Nothing happens until I hear from you.”

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Nick and Nikki arrest Young and RestlessAt Society, Nick, Nikki, Victoria and Billy are discussing Adam going to jail. Nick notes cutting him out isn’t so easy for Chelsea. This is the war Adam promised and they must be prepared for anything. Rey walks in with a warrant for Victoria’s arrest. The Newmans argue with Rey, who has no choice. He cuffs Victoria and reads her MIRANDA rights.

Nikki runs into the ranch and calls, “Are you here? Something terrible’s happened! It’s all gone wrong.” Victor appears.

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