Nikki arrives at the doctor's office to meet Katherine. Kay makes noises about not going through with it, but just as Nikki protests, Jill walks in accompanied by the attorney for Jabot. Katherine is appalled. Nikki defends Katherine by saying, "Jill! This is your mother!" Jill replies that, yes, it is her mother, and she needs help! "And you would have known that Nikki if you had paid more attention to her instead of using her as a shoulder to cry on!" Nikki's jaw drops. She then tells Jill that she has jumped at the chance to use a memory lapse to force her out of Chancellor Industries! Nikki then takes Kay aside and tells her to just take the test and prove them all wrong! Jill leaves for a moment, warning Nikki that if she is a friend, she'll keep Kay there! Nikki then apologizes to Katherine for not being a better friend. Just then, Katherine has another memory lapse and starts talking to Nikki as if it were years ago! Nikki panics and runs in to get the doctor! The doctor brings her right in and starts asking many questions. He orders a full neurological work up and Katherine starts to argue. Jill says she has no choice but to submit - it's a court order! Nikki asks Jill to leave and acknowledges that Katherine is scared. She offers her some water, and Katherine yells at her to stop hovering! She quickly apologizes, and asks Nikki how does one come to terms with losing one's mind?! She says she has been a powerful woman and can't imagine being an old dotty lady who everyone indulges - that's not a life for her. Nikki speaks of positivity and finding answers as she tries to turn Katherine's thinking around. Kay agrees to allow the tests to be run, but says she needs one more day. Nikki says she'll try to convince the doctor and Jill to wait another day.

Phyllis meets with Billy at the penthouse to give him the keys. She makes a remark about all of the sketches of Amber he has there. He smirks, "Yeah, I guess it was a little premature buying all those sketches of Amber!" She gives him a look before handing him the lease. Phyllis tells him that she wishes he and Amber would have been serious. Billy says that Amber had her heart set on her boy. Phyllis offers to buy the sketches back from him.

Amber asks Kevin again where he got the money, as they stand at the counter in the coffeehouse. Just then Lily comes in and Kevin deflects by going to serve her. Amber phones Daniel and says, "Our friend Kevin is a big fat liar!" After Amber leaves, Kevin hides the bag of money and imagines a perfect black and white scenario where he arrives home from work and tells Jana all about the money and they agree that the only thing to do is to give it back to Mrs. Chancellor! In his next imagining, Kevin comes home to find a sexily-clad Jana rolling around in the money and listening to hard-core music. He tells her that it belongs to Katherine Chancellor and Jana laughs, saying that if she hasn't come back for it, they should keep it! Suddenly, Jana interrupts Kevin's daydreaming and snaps him back to reality. She says that it's wonderful that he wants to provide for her, but he's become more and more obsessed with money since their wedding. She indicates that she just wants to be happy. He says that he loves that she finds herself more everyday, but he just becomes more and more confused about who he is! He tries to explain his compulsion to give her everything so that she won't go away. Jana is incredulous - she says she loves him and won't go, but realizes that he doesn't believe her. He says things don't work that way in his world - in his world, love is a thing that beats the crap out of you! He says he wants to give her everything, because that's what she's given him. Jana tells him that he is all she will ever want. "Trust me. You don't need to go searching for prestige or money!" She kisses his cheek and leaves him alone. He then picks up his cellphone and calls Katherine's cell. Marge, of course, has it, and answers. He tells her that it's Kevin and that she left her money at the coffeehouse. He is stunned when the reply from the other end is, "I don't know anything about any money!" and the phone disconnects!

Ashley arrives at the Pompidou, showing a photo of Victor and asking if he's been seen recently. The man she speaks with says he hasn't been there - if he had, they would have all lined up to offer him condolences - they all loved Sabrina. She calls Nikki and tells her that she is looking for Victor but has hit a dead end. Nikki begs her to keep going and not give up - for Victor's sake! Ashley continues on her way through the streets of Paris, not knowing what to do next, when she suddenly sees a sign saying "Notre Dame." She seems to perk up - maybe Victor would be there!

Amber meets Daniel at Restless Style and they puzzle over where Kevin could have gotten the money. They dismiss the idea that it was a bank deposit for the coffeehouse, and Amber makes it clear that she finds it suspicious! Daniel takes a call from someone who wants to have him do another show. When he hangs up, Amber again brings up the money that Kevin had - Daniel says he'll go over and check it out. Just then, Phyllis comes in and tells him that she bought back the sketches from Billy. She says she's trying to be nice. Daniel is skeptical. After a few phone calls, Daniel and Phyllis have everything set up for Paris. Daniel wants to go with her, but she says no, because she is planning to surprise her husband and bringing her son along would be a 'buzzkill'! They joke a bit more about the new, non-meddling Phyllis, not jumping at the opportunity to drag Daniel away from Amber. Amber comes back into the room and Daniel tells her he called Kevin and that he claims the money was from Crimson Lights for the whole week. Amber is far from convinced. Phyllis tells them she is off to France and leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Lily sits down at a computer and logs in to the online dating site. She asks 'Sonny's' forgiveness for running out of the Hallowe'en party before meeting him. Across town, Billy reads the message and smirks, saying, "Oh sweet Lily, of course you're forgiven!" As they converse, he accuses her of figuring out which guy he was and bailing. She replies that it's not true - one thing she likes about the site is that there are no photos! He agrees. They start talking about love and relationships and he ends up telling her that she's too nice. She expounds about how great Cane was for a bit, before stopping herself and asking 'Sonny' how love has treated him. He replies that there was this one time that he fell in love and he thought they would end up together, but it turned out to be impossible. He tells her he'd try again with the right girl! She says she has to go, but would like to meet face-to-face. He agrees to do it!

Alone in the doctor's office for a moment, Katherine calls Marge to apologize for taking so long. She realizes that Marge has been drinking and tells her not to move - she'll be right there!

Outside the doctor's office, Nikki and Jill have called a truce long enough to ask the doctor if the tests can be put off for a day to give Katherine time to adjust to what may be ahead. He says there's no reason to think it's an emergency, and agrees. They go back in to tell Katherine, but she's gone. Jill turns to Nikki and says, "She's gone. Are you satisfied?"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill tells Gloria and Jeffrey that Katherine took off from the doctor's office, and Gloria confides that Jeff saw her in a bar, and she was drinking!

Jack asks Adam what he is going to tell the authorities when they ask him about Victor's diary!

At Marge's place, Katherine realizes that she has misplaced the money to pay for the rehab!

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