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Traci finds Jack in the Abbott living room and confirms Victor passed away last night. Jack says a part of him felt he would live forever…it’s like the world as they knew it is gone. Traci tells Jack that Ashley’s still in shock. Jack muses he was a huge part of her life, then notes his rivalry with Victor defined both of them. Traci says, “Admit it Jack, you’re going to miss Victor Newman.” Jack already does; he was his greatest adversary, which was motivating. Traci has lost the last part of Colleen. Jack realizes her heart beat for the last time. She asks about his trip. Whatever Jack thought he was looking for, he had it all along.

At Society, Phyllis leaves Summer a message to call her back, then Nick texts to invite her over. Nearby, Devon can’t wrap his head around Victor being gone. Jill talks to Devon Young and RestlessNate asks about his meeting with the lawyer. Devon doesn’t expect it to be a big deal. Jill interrupts. She feels if Victor died, anything’s possible. She sits and asks if Devon’s worried the lawyer will claim Katherine’s will is invalid. Devon isn’t really, it was clearly Katherine’s wishes. They wonder whether Chance or Tucker could be the challenger, but Devon doesn’t want to speculate. Jill asks how Devon’s life is going. Devon’s happy, and she loves to see it. He sees no reason it won’t continue to get better.

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At Nick’s place, Chelsea ignores a call from Adam – she can’t deal with him today.

At the penthouse, Adam leaves Chelsea a message that he needs to see Connor.

At Nick’s, he and Chelsea debate whether Adam could have had caused Victor’s death. Nick doesn’t want Connor around him for now. Later, Phyllis arrives. Nick suggests she give Summer space and says he can’t talk about Victor’s death with her; she hated his dad. Phyllis mentions Victor being ill. Nick realizes Adam told her and says he believes Adam killed their father. If she wants to help, she should give them proof of it. Phyllis gets angry – she just came to say he was in her thoughts. Nick asks again if she knows anything. She doesn’t know a thing.

At the ranch, Nikki tells Summer and Abby they need to stay strong. Nikki asks Paul to investigate Young and RestlessPaul arrives and is so sorry. He takes Nikki into his arms and asks what he can do. Nikki wants him to arrest her husband’s killer. She thinks it was Adam. Summer says her father believes it too. Paul understands them seeking an explanation for the tragedy but is skeptical. Nikki begs him to investigate so Adam doesn’t get away with it. Later, Jack arrives and holds Nikki. He’s there whatever she needs. Jack tells her about the last time he and Victor spoke at Society. He says Nikki’s love was the most important part of a life well-lived and he intends to take Victor’s advice to heart.

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Sharon and Mariah embrace at Crimson Lights. They can’t imagine Genoa City without Victor Newman. Sharon asks if she’s spoken to the family. Mariah assumes she’s thinking of Adam.Mariah questions Sharon Young and Restless Sharon admits she’s concerned about him and won’t apologize – he just lost his father – but she won’t rush to comfort him. Rey appears. He chats with Sharon until Paul arrives. Paul advises he’s opening an investigation into Victor’s death – they think Adam had something to do with it. If so, Rey wants to put the cuffs on him. Just then, Adam arrives. Rey extends his sympathies and muses about it being sudden. Adam looks at Sharon as he denies murdering his father. “We’re done here,” he says, but Rey warns he’s just getting started. Sharon, stunned, confronts Rey, then leaves. After, Rey gets a call from Paul who says Victor had elevated levels of medication in his blood – it’s officially a homicide investigation.

Phyllis arrives at the Grand Phoenix where Chelsea, Abby and Summer are sitting. She tells Abby she’s sorry about Victor. Summer doesn’t want to join her right now and is working on something with the hotel’s owners. Phyllis informs her she owns 25% of the company. Summer wants Phyllis to leave her alone – she doesn’t need her fake sympathy. Phyllis wants to help her. Summer walks out. Abby advises Phyllis not to make this about her. “No one needs you, Phyllis.” Phyllis informs them they’re stuck with her.

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Jack orders a tequila at Society and says, “To Victor Newman, the man, the myth, the legend.”

At the ranch, Nick tells Nikki, “It’s started.” It’s time Adam finally learns his actions have consequences. Nikki doesn’t give a damn if he learns, she just wants to be there when he pays.

At Adam’s penthouse, Sharon wants to know why he’s under suspicion. Adam doesn’t know; he did not want his father to die and doesn’t know what his life means with without him in it.

At home, Devon is shocked to answer his door to a woman, (played by Mishael Morgan), who looks exactly like Hilary!

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