Nikki grieves Young and Restless
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At the ranch, Nikki soothes Summer as she looks at Nick and Abby. Nate relays he told the hospital staff not to talk to the press until all the family can be notified. Talk turns to Victoria’s whereabouts. Nick vows he’ll find her.

Chelsea tells Adam she's sorry Young and RestlessChelsea pounds on Adam’s penthouse door and enters ranting that he blew off Connor today. Adam asks, “Has Nick not told you what happened?” After learning Victor died from a blood disease, Chelsea tearfully says she understands why they kept it private. Adam describes how he collapsed in front of them. She’s sorry. They can’t believe he’s gone. Chelsea worries he shouldn’t be alone. Adam complains about Nick throwing him off the ranch and asks Chelsea to apologize to Connor for him. Once alone, Adam contemplates calling Sharon but doesn’t.

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At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Chloe say goodnight to Bella by phone. Chloe wants to return to the boathouse. Michael calls Kevin to ask if he’s seen Victoria. Kevin says, “No,” and asks why the family’s trying to find her. Kevin listens then disconnects and tells Chloe that Victor died. They debate and decide to go tell Victoria about the death while she’s with Billy.

At the ranch, Nick takes a call from Chelsea, who relays she heard about Victor from Adam. She offers to come out, but he’s leaving soon. Michael arrives to extend condolences and says Kevin and Chloe haven’t seen Victoria. Michael notes he hasn’t seen Victor lately and Nick snarks, “Why? Because you stopped doing his dirty work?” Nikki chastises him. The family and Nate fill Michael in on the blood disease, treatment and side effects. Nick promises if something other than the illness killed him, they’ll find out.

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Phyllis arrives at the penthouse; she’s worried about Adam. He’s abrasive and snarky as he’s been drinking. Phyllis says Summer’s shutting her out, and Adam doesn’t want her sympathy either – he’s fine. Phyllis can see that’s not true. Adam mixes martinis. They keep drinking and discuss Adam tampering with Victor’s medication. Phyllis doubts it killed him. Adam just wanted him to see he was invincible. Phyllis notes Adam was the only one who thought he was. She won’t act like he was a national treasure – he ruined her life and Adam’s – they should be celebrating. Adam sneers about her finding a silver lining. Adam accuses her of wanting Nick, but she denies it. Phyllis slams out, then texts Nick from the hall, “Can we talk?”

At the boathouse, Billy tells Victoria he feels like he got the crap beat out of him. He reflects; everyone important to him was there, telling him what a screw-up he is, and it was amazing to see Delia.Victoria assures Billy he's stronger Young and Restless Victoria learns when he was thrashing around in bed, he was fighting himself. He feels he vanquished the dark side of himself because she believed in him. They’re glad they trusted each other and are stronger now. Vikki notes he’s accepted himself – the good and bad – that’s strength. Billy wants to go home but she wants him to seek professional help. Billy argues the darkness is gone. Kevin and Chloe arrive. They hear about Billy’s battle and Kevin questions if Bad Billy is gone. Victoria insists he had a breakthrough and they’ll get the best doctors. Kevin tells Victoria something’s happened. “It’s about your dad.” Victoria learns Victor died and accuses them of lying before breaking down – she has to go home. Billy insists on going with her.

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At the ranch, Nick reads Phyllis’ text then joins the family discussion on how Victor would want his memorial. After the others leave, Nikki hears, “Mom?!” She turns and Victoria flies into her arms.

At Society, Summer sits with Abby and Nate. It feels weird that nobody else knows about Victor. Abby will hate to tell her mom.

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At home, Nick accepts Chelsea’s embrace and doesn’t want to tell the kids tonight. He feels Victor would be proud of Nikki. Nick warns there will be an investigation – he doesn’t believe his father died of natural causes. Chelsea realizes he thinks Adam’s involved.

Michael visits Adam’s penthouse to ask if he had something to do with Victor’s death…and whether or not he’ll drag him into it. Adam responds cryptically and Michael leaves.

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