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At the ranch, Abby, Nick, Nikki and Summer appear devastated as the spot where Victor was laying on the floor is empty. Adam, in shock, marvels, “It happened so fast. How is it possible that Dad is actually dead?” Nick accuses him of getting exactly what he wanted and blames Adam for focusing on revenge knowing their father was fighting for his life. Adam horrified by Nick Young and RestlessHe orders Adam out. Adam argues that everyone had conflict with Victor. Nikki cries the family loved each other and leaves the room with Abby and Summer. Adam is hurting too and wants to help Nick track Victoria down. Nick refuses and they keep arguing. Adam points out Victor tried to control all of them. Nick admits he was a hard man to please but says Adam was their father’s biggest disappointment. Adam reminds him Victor brought him back to Genoa City. He tried to make amends the other day. Nick snarls, “Spare me your crocodile tears.” He warns if an autopsy reveals foul play, he’ll destroy the person responsible.

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At the boathouse, Billy awakens, and doesn’t remember talking to Victoria earlier. Victoria felt she was talking to someone different and vows she won’t leave until they figure out what’s going on. They discuss Chloe’s allegation that he tried to kill Adam. Billy knows he’s not right but doesn’t believe that. Victoria worries he’s wrong and something is broken in him. Billy flashes to driving the car at Adam and Victoria asking, “Since when do you chew gum?” Billy panics – Chloe’s wrong and Victoria’s wrong! He leaves the bed and falls. Billy grimaces and shouts as he has more flashbacks. Vikki gets him back to bed and tries to keep him focused on her as he fights what’s happening inside him. Victoria reminds him of all they’ve overcome together and how he didn’t give up on her. She’ll be there for him now, but he has to trust her. Victoria presses him to admit he tried to run Adam over. Billy sees it in his head and cries.

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At the spa in Arizona, Jack is stunned to see Sharon and thinks maybe it’s fate. They exchange their reasons for coming. Jack needed to explore, and Sharon needed a break from Genoa City…and men in general. They cancel their planned activities to sit and talk. Jack’s pleased to begin his fresh start with an old friend.Jack talks to Sharon Young and Restless They talk about the mass drugging then Sharon asks about Dina. Jack says her illness has caused him to reflect on the past and he realized Dina’s reasons for leaving were more complex than it seemed. He muses he kept trying to prove he could make a marriage work. Jack and Sharon realize they’ve both defined themselves by their relationships much of their lives. Sharon feels she and Rey didn’t stand a chance. Jack asks about Adam. Sharon can’t allow his destructive energy in her life. She needs to focus on her for a while. They joke about having the best divorce. Jack knows they don’t talk often, but he always knows she’ll support him. They miss one another. Sharon’s glad she found him there. They toast to fate.

Adam arrives home to find Phyllis waiting. He can’t do this right now and states, “Victor’s dead.” She’s stunned to realize it’s not his dark humor, but is true. She asks, “Was this you? Did you do this?” Phyllis notes he messed with the medication – could he have gone too far? She assures him it may have had nothing to do with Victor’s death. Adam doesn’t need her sympathy. Phyllis learns he only wanted him weak so he could take Newman Enterprises and dismantle it. He complains about being exiled. Phyllis calls Summer, who doesn’t want her to come to the ranch but will call later. Phyllis knows how Adam feels about being in exile. She senses he wants to be alone. Adam thanks her – it’s hard to wrap his mind around a world without Victor Newman.

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At the ranch, Summer disconnects from Phyllis and Nick holds her. No one’s heard from Victoria yet. Nick called Noah and will have to tell Faith. Summer worries Victoria will find out from the news. Nate returns and promises he did everything he could to help Victor. Nick decides they all need to go to the kitchen and eat. Nate should go. Nikki asks him to stay. He agrees. Nikki and Nick hang back, exchange a look of sadness, then continue out of the room with his arm around her.

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