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At the boathouse, Billy dreams of Delia calling for help and awakens suddenly. He accuses Chloe of kidnapping him. Chloe brought him there to help him and believes he blocked out the incident with the car. She worries he’ll try to kill Adam again. Billy wants her to bring Victoria there – she can help him.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discuss their family handling things head on. Victor’s grateful to have her by his side.

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Abby hugs Devon at Society and complains about the little heifer who spiked the sangria. Devon is glad the media reported the Grand Phoenix had nothing to do with it. Abby counters the PR nightmare came with a big price tag and tells him about the deal with Phyllis. Devon points out Phyllis wants the place to succeed and Abby feels better. Devon will have Elena’s birthday at the hotel. Abby’s thankful. Mariah meets with Devon Young and RestlessAbby gets a text from Nikki, ‘Please come to the ranch ASAP. It’s about Victor’. Later, Mariah joins Devon and they recap the drugging. Devon asks if she thinks Theo played a part. Mariah thinks he’s too smart and ambitious for that, but she still doesn’t trust him with Power Communications. Mariah feels Theo has a high opinion of himself but is insecure underneath. Devon advises she can let him go, but Mariah likes the challenge. She agrees to plan Elena’s party for him; it will be a night to remember…in a good way.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria leaves Billy another voicemail, then her phone dies. After she leaves, Theo asks Tessa to join him. He wants to talk about her career. Tessa doesn't trust Theo Young and RestlessTessa reminds him Mariah’s handling that, but Theo urges her to hear another point of view – he wants a chance to earn her trust. He convinces her he had nothing to do with Zoe’s scheme, then talks about marketing her streams. Theo also thinks she should be headlining a tour – she’s beautiful and talented. Tessa reminds him she’s gay. He shrugs, “I don’t believe in labels.” Tessa feels it’s unprofessional to hit on her, plus she’s committed to Mariah. Theo doesn’t see her as someone who wants to keep her life small; he was just being honest. Tessa has to go.

At home, Nick gets the same text as Abby.

In the ranch living room, Nikki and Victor tells Nick and Abby the side effects from the treatment have been worse. They’ll reveal more when Victoria gets there. Nikki hasn’t heard back from her. Abby leaves her a voicemail as Nate arrives. Summer arrives and they still haven’t heard from Victoria. Nikki doesn’t think they should do this until everyone is there. Adam enters and asks, “Do what?” Nikki panics Young and RestlessSnarking ensues and Nate warns about stress levels. Victor decides they’ll begin without Vikki. He announces his condition is worsening – he’ll be going to a private treatment facility; they’re leaving tonight. Adam asks if there’s anything he can do. Nick snarks, “Like what? Take over Newman Enterprises?” Adam could have had that if he’d wanted it. Victor says there is something he can do – all of them. They need to come together as a family and put their differences aside. Nick snarls toward Adam that he’ll let everything go. They all assure Victor he’s got this. Victor tries to stand and passes out. Everyone panics, Abby calls 911, and Nate can’t get a pulse…

Tessa joins Mariah at Society and updates her on the meeting with Theo – he knows his marketing, but hit on her. Mariah laughs, “What an ego.” Tessa wasn’t amused and wants Mariah to let him go. Mariah will be ready for whatever he throws at her.

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At the boathouse, Billy awakens as Chloe explains she couldn’t reach Victoria. Billy decides it’s better she’s not there – she wouldn’t understand like Chloe does. Chloe goes for supplies.

In Chancellor Park, Chloe asks Victoria to come with her; it has to do with Billy. Victoria’s stunned to hear she has him stashed in a boathouse and goes with her.

In the boathouse, Chloe tells Victoria that Billy can’t connect with the part of him doing horrible things. She doesn’t know what side of him she’ll face when he wakes up. Victoria sits by him and says everything will be okay.

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