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At home, Chelsea tells Nick that Zoe Hardisty’s the main suspect but even if they find her, they have no real evidence against her. She worries if the case drags on it will be terrible for business. Nick urges her to go kick butt, he’ll see her later. Chelsea gets a text from Phyllis that she’s their way out of trouble.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby receives a text message from Phyllis insisting they need to talk. Nate holds her reassuringly until Paul appears. He says the footage revealed nothing and they’ve no definitive evidence. Abby’s furious – she could lose everything. Nate feels the hotel will rise from the ashes and she’ll soar with it. Abby gets a text from Chelsea to meet.

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Phyllis arrives at Adam’s penthouse with great news. He asks if she was behind the mass drug trip.Adam learns Sharon was drugged Young and Restless Phyllis did not, but plans to take full advantage of the situation by getting back what she deserves. She’s frustrated Chelsea and Abby aren’t returning her texts and confides she knows who spiked the sangria and can prove it. He guesses she’ll angle for a piece of the hotel. Phyllis lets him know Sharon got drugged and it interacted with her meds, as well as Summer, who asked if she did it. It hurt, but she reiterates her plan to come out on top.

Sharon enters Crimson Lights and finds Rey waiting. He asks how she’s feeling then relays he needs to question all the party guests. Sharon checked on by Adam Young and RestlessSharon’s embarrassed about kissing him and he reminds her everyone was on MDMA and he didn’t exactly pull away. They agree it could have been worse. Rey needs her statement, then can let her go. Sharon reveals she’s going away. He fishes to find out if she’s going with Adam. She’s traveling solo to get perspective. Later, Adam arrives to check on Sharon. He wants to help if she’ll let him. Sharon can take care of herself and says she’s taking a trip. Adam smiles as she leaves.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria answers the phone and says, “Please tell me you found Billy.”

At the ranch, Nikki fusses over Victor, who wants to know what’s wrong with him and is impatient to hear from Nate. Victor not well Young and RestlessHe asks her not to tell the children about his setback. Nick visits and asks about Victor’s health. The Mustache changes the subject to Summer being drugged. Nick relays Abby and Chelsea are in crisis mode. Victoria appears. She’s upset that Billy hasn’t been found. Victor takes a weak spell. Nikki admits he hasn’t been well the last couple of days. Victor refuses to go to the hospital and calls Nate. He soon arrives and examines Victor, who has stabilized. Nate has the test results. Victor takes him in the office.

Abby joins Chelsea at Nick’s house and discuss Phyllis’ texts. They can’t deal with her right now and brainstorm ways to get people back to the hotel. Phyllis enters and dangles she has proof that Zoe spiked the sangria. She wants a stake in the Grand Phoenix and says, “Let’s talk terms.” Abby wants to see the evidence. Phyllis plays the recorded confession, then show them the security footage she hacked. Abby calls Phyllis disgusting for covering up a crime. Phyllis clucks about the pesky proof and wants to make a deal. After some back and forth, they give her a 25% stake in the hotel. Phyllis whips out a contract for them to sign.

Rey joins Paul at the Grand Phoenix and learns a portion of the footage was deleted. It’s hard to believe Zoe could pull that off.

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At the penthouse, Adam plays gin with Connor for a double scoop of ice cream. Connor wins and thinks Adam makes everything fun. He wishes Adam and Chelsea would get back together. Adam’s afraid that’s not going to happen, but he’ll be a huge part of his life. They embrace.

At the Grand Phoenix, Zoe’s not surprised Phyllis called her and asks if she wants to help with her blog. Phyllis says Chief Williams has questions for her. Paul and Rey appear and arrest her. Abby and Chelsea watch. Abby snarks that she’s famous. Zoe spells her name for reporters as she’s taken away. Phyllis intones, “That is what happens when you cross Phyllis Summers.” The women enthuse that things are turning around. Phyllis pulls out champagne and wants her title to be Chief Executive in Charge of Security. Chelsea and Abby reluctantly toast to a beautiful partnership.

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