Zoe meets with Phyllis Young and Restless
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At Nick’s place, Summer has the hangover from hell. Chelsea moans about half the town getting dosed with Molly at her hotel. Summer insists she has to go to Jabot for damage control as Nick protests. Chelsea learns the cancelations are pouring in. Nick urges her to clear her name then try getting people back through the doors. Phyllis barrels in as they’re about to kiss.Phyllis denies involvement Young and Restless Summer reappears and talks to her mother alone. She worries about her job, then asks Phyllis if she sabotaged the opening. Phyllis vehemently denies it. Summer apologizes; she had to ask. Phyllis learns Summer kissed Kyle and feels humiliated. Nick joins them and tells Phyllis the police better find out who did this to their little girl. Phyllis adds, “They’ll have to deal with me.”

At Society, Lola helps Rey with his ‘Molly morning after’ and is glad she didn’t drink the sangria. She’s confident Rey will find the culprit. Abby wants the person nailed and gives him a list of who was there. Rey looks at Sharon’s name and says this is personal.Theo questioned by Paul Young and Restless Paul joins Rey and they do a ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine on Theo when he enters. Theo suggests Zoe Hardisty may have spiked the drinks and adds he and Kyle have a history with her. Abby appears and recalls Theo said the best scandals make the best parties. She asks if he sabotaged her. Theo urges them to find Zoe and they’ll get answers – she’s suddenly not returning his texts. Paul advises him not to leave town, then tells Abby the surveillance cameras may provide answers.

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At the penthouse, Devon’s heart is still beating fast. Elena will give him a thorough check-up and soon gives him a clean bill of health. She explains the interaction between his medication and the Molly sent his blood pressure sky-high. Devon thought the feeling would never stop and was worried he’d soon join Neil and Hilary.Devon and Elena say I love you Young and Restless Elena offers reassurance. While Devon sleeps, Elena checks on Nate by phone. Devon awakens and tells Elena he’s nowhere near ready to leave this life he has with her. He talks about her nature – caring and wanting to help people – she makes him feel everything is possible. Elena replies, “I love you.” Devon loves her too. She says it again and they kiss.

At Chancellor Park, Zoe asks Phyllis why she insisted on meeting her. Phyllis congratulates her – the hell she unleashed last night was epic. She was happy to see Abby and Chelsea get their just desserts but wonders what Zoe’s reason was for doing it. Zoe tells her it was the oldest reason in the world – revenge. She says Theo and Kyle did a number on her life and tells Phyllis the story. Theo said he wanted to make things right, but he was just using her. Phyllis understands her anger. Zoe smugly reports she’s getting hundreds of new followers and hopes no one hires Theo again. She laughs about Kyle swapping spit with his ex-wife – Phyllis’ rude, stuck-up daughter – then goes on about putting the Molly in the sangria and bringing out everyone’s naughty thoughts. After she leaves, Phyllis listens to her recording of Zoe’s confession and says, “Gotcha’.”

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At Jabot, Kyle encourages Summer to go home and take the day off. She learns he and Lola didn’t drink the sangria. Summer wonders who would do this. Kyle suggests it was Zoe or Phyllis. Summer believes it was Zoe. She mentions the kiss. Kyle was hoping she’d forgotten. Summer apologizes. Kyle reveals it’s on social media and Lola saw it live. Summer’s embarrassed. Kyle’s glad he didn’t partake last night – who knows what he might have done? He assures Summer they’re fine and hugs her. Summer exits and looks in at him.

At Crimson Lights, Paul suspects Rey’s looking for Sharon. Rey is just tracking down everyone from the party. Paul gets the surveillance feed but there’s nothing on it. He decides to track down Zoe.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chelsea are amazed that people they’re calling are being so forgiving. Chelsea tells her they will rise from these ashes. Abby ignores a call from Phyllis.

In the park, Phyllis rolls her eyes at being put to voicemail and advises Abby to call her back – she’s the answer to her prayers. She disconnects. “Actually, I’m the answer to all our prayers.”

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