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At the Grand Phoenix opening Summer canoodles with Theo and suggests they get a room later. He mingles and she grabs a drink. Kyle and Lola watch Rey get a woman’s number; she wants him to be happy. Sharon also notices him with the woman, and Mariah knows that can’t be easy. Sharon feels he’s entitled to move on, though it’s quick. They agree it’s good Sharon’s going out of town to decide what she wants. Tessa appears with drinks. Meanwhile, Phyllis assures Summer she’s proud of her and won’t do anything to ruin her evening. Zoe watches them hug. Nearby, Abby tells Nate she’ll keep an eye on Phyllis just in case. At the bar, Devon congratulates Chelsea while grabbing a signature drink. Zoe approaches Phyllis and urges her to try a Grand Sangria, but Phyllis declines. She looks around and notices people acting weird. She checks in with Abby and Chelsea at the bar and orders a Shirley Temple. Phyllis questions Victor’s absence and Abby snaps that he’s not feeling well. After, Chelsea and Abby tell Nick that Phyllis isn’t giving them problems, which is suspicious. In another area, Devon takes another drink, as does Nate. Summer runs over to the billiard table to show Kyle their excellent numbers. Theo follows. Kyle offers Summer use of Jaboat as a bonus and Theo snarks. Lola challenges Theo to a game of pool as a distraction. Kyle and Theo spar verbally as they play, so Lola and Kyle go dance and Summer tells Theo she’s had enough of him. On the couches, Phyllis needles Sharon about Adam, then Rey. Sharon gets up slightly unsteadily and Rey presents her with sangria as he explains his sister playing cupid. They toast. In the middle of the room, Zoe surveys her handiwork as Theo plays air guitar and Tessa spins Mariah in a chair.

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By the Grand Phoenix bar, Theo apologizes to Summer. They make out against a wall until Zoe interrupts with more drinks. She muses by tomorrow morning pictures of the party will be everywhere and they’ll have a ton of new followers. At the door, Nick kisses Chelsea goodnight. Elsewhere, Mariah and Sharon have a slurred conversation about Rey before Mariah and Tessa go to dance. Devon tells Elena he needs air before grabbing another drink. Abby peers questioningly at Nate as he zones out on the colored lights. In the middle of the room, Mariah and Tessa pat each other’s hair and kiss passionately. Summer and Theo watch, and he realizes they’re high on Molly – someone dosed them all. Theo realizes drinks spiked Young and RestlessHe goes to get a room. At the billiard table, Rey watches the blurring pool balls as Lola notices he’s off. They see Summer lolling, Mariah and Tessa swaying, and Kyle decides to find Theo. Rey spots Sharon crying and holds her as she rants, “Meaningless, meaningless…” Phyllis wonders, “What is going on with everyone.” Chelsea exclaims to Abby, “People are tripping!” They realize someone spiked the drinks. Phyllis turns to see Zoe filming Tessa, Mariah and Summer stoned on the dance floor. Elena helps Devon who is having a panic attack. Nate chortles that he’ll get his medical bag and enthuses about Abby’s special drink. Chelsea grimaces. By the fireplace, Summer purrs to Kyle that there’s Molly in the sangria before kissing him. Rey and Sharon kiss Young and RestlessLola gawps and Kyle helps Summer over to Phyllis. Abby shouts that India took her top off on the dance floor as Sharon agonizes to Rey about their relationship then kisses him before passing out from the drug mixing with her medication. In the corridor, Kyle grabs Theo, “What the hell did you do?” Theo protests – it wasn’t him. Rey calls in the medical emergency and mass drugging. Phyllis leaves Summer with Tessa, who sings to her as Mariah smiles dreamily. Abby declares this is a nightmare.

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Later, Rey updates Paul that everyone was affected by the spiked sangria, including himself. Someone could have died. Paul hopes the security cameras caught the perpetrator. Lola worries to Kyle that Summer’s not over him. Elena updates Paul that Devon and Sharon should both recover. Nate pipes up he can take his own blood. Elena says, “No you can’t.” Paul wants to talk to Theo about the MDMA as Phyllis approaches Abby and Chelsea to tell them to find another scapegoat – she’d never knowingly harm her daughter. She joins Paul, Summer and Theo, who mentions Zoe, who put the photos on her blog. Kyle and Summer moan about the PR implications. Paul shuts the place down. Phyllis texts Zoe, “We need to talk.”

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