Gloria comes into the coffeehouse and Kevin says that they need to talk. He tells her that her plan to take over Jabot had better happen soon, and he needs to get his part of the windfall! She asks if he's in trouble, but he says he's just tired of just getting by. Gloria offers him money, but he refuses it.

Lauren and Michael sit together at home. He is searching through papers as he continues to try and solve the puzzle of Gloria being 'Tanya'. Suddenly he comes across a notation that says a police officer spoke to Gloria after the bombing - even though she told him they had never questioned her! Michael makes some calls and finds out that Lowell was on the run, thereby making Gloria in dire need of money - she sold the information to the police! Lauren is stunned.

Katherine visits Murphy's house looking for Marge. No one answers her knock, so she lets herself in and spots a drunk Marge on the sofa. Marge sits up and says the drinking has got her by the throat - she just can't do this! Katherine maintains that she can do it - they just need to take more drastic measures! Katherine tells her to sit tight while she goes to get some cash - she can't use a check and risk having her name associated with a rehabilitation facility. Kay notes that she also has another appointment to go to, and then she'll be back. She leaves Marge her phone. Marge thanks her profusely.

At the church in France, Nick questions the priest about Victor's time there, and discovers that there was an American woman looking for Victor as well. He calls Nikki and learns that it's Ashley! He heads to his hotel room and calls Phyllis. She tells him the magazine is out with the diary excerpts and is selling out everywhere. He tells her that Ashley is also looking for Victor, and that his father attended confession!

Ashley makes the rounds of likely spots in Paris where Victor might be found, showing a photo of him and asking questions, but comes up empty. She sits down in a sidewalk cafe, thinking back to when she and Victor were together, and gazing at his photo. When she shows the picture to the waiter, he says that he recognizes him! He came in with Sabrina. She asks how he knows Sabrina, and he tells her that she came in everyday when she was the curator of the Pompideau. Ashley thanks him and heads out.

Devon, Tyra, Ana and Neil joke around at Indigo as they raid Ana's Hallowe'en candy. Olivia and Karen come in and watch as they all shout and arm wrestle over the loot! As the melee breaks up, Karen and Neil sit down together. He tells her he has thought about his life, and how he has a wonderful girlfriend who he loves, and if they ever decide they want kids they can adopt. Devon sits at another table with Ana, and when he leaves, Tyra sits down. Ana asks her mother if she likes Neil the same way Karen does. Tyra gently reminds Ana that he has been good to them but he is with Karen. Olivia overhears and she comes over to talk to Tyra. They agree that Karen is lucky to have Neil, but that he is also very lucky to have Karen! Olivia and Karen talk next, and Karen tells her that she told Neil about her hysterectomy. Olivia says that if Neil told her he's committed he would mean it with his whole heart. Karen asks about Dru, and Olivia says the air around the two of them crackled. Karen looks past her to where Neil and Tyra are joking around closely. Soon the good looking police officer comes into Indigo seeking a date with Tyra. Olivia steps up to offer to sit with Ana, and Tyra accepts his invitation! Across the room with Karen, Neil watches and doesn't look pleased!

Phyllis approaches Daniel and Amber in the coffeehouse and asks them again if they want the penthouse back. Daniel tells her they quite like it where they are - no meddling mothers! Phyllis scoffs that she's through with all of that, but says she gets the message - she'll tell Billy that he can have the place. After she leaves, they sit down with Kevin and Jana. They discuss what they'd do if they came into a lot of money. Daniel says he'd back Amber's clothing line, Amber says she'd let Daniel take a year off work and pursue his art, Kevin says he'd buy a souped up muscle car, but revises to say he'd buy Jana a trip to London. When she gets up to serve someone, Daniel asks Kevin what happened to the new Kevin - the one with morals. Kevin says he's disappearing along with his savings!

Gloria comes into Michael's house and he plays her the tape, asking, "Ring a bell?" Gloria denies that it's her, but Michael tells her that Detective Hampton wrote in his notebook that he was picking her up and taking her in. She sighs and says they asked her a few questions. Michael grits his teeth and says that he talked to Ann Arbor Social Services and he knows she got money for rolling over on Lowell! Gloria starts to cry and Michael goes nuts. "You lied to make him sound guilty!" He is livid that she has let him go crazy looking for witnesses and never once said a word. He screams that she is the reason he grew up without a father. If she hadn't done what she did, there would have been no 'terrible Tom', no beatings! "All for a few lousy bucks!" he rages. Gloria sobs, saying, "It wasn't like that Michael!" She contends that the police didn't help her - they told her that if she didn't cooperate with them they would take Michael away from her, and they would put him in a foster home. Michael says she had choices - she had legal recourse! Gloria cries and asks how she can help Lowell now. She offers to tell her story, but Michael says she would just be confessing to lying! She begs him not to tell Lowell, but he refuses to agree to that, saying, "I will not have him blind-sided!"

Katherine stops into the coffeehouse and phones Marge. She says she has got the money, she just has to go to a doctor appointment and then she'll be there to get her. She tries to pay Amber, but she says she already paid. Amber then gently asks for her cellphone back. Kay looks confused. "This is yours?" Amber is unsettled, but tries to hide it as she leaves. Katherine soon leaves as well, and Kevin notices a bag that she left behind. He calls after her, but she is long gone.

Marge hangs up with Katherine and locates a hidden bottle of alcohol, and takes a big swig.

Michael visits Lowell at the jail. He explains that the person who testified against him named 'Tanya' doesn't exist. Lowell surprises him by blurting out that it was Gloria! He sighs and tells him that they didn't play fair back then - he assumed they had threatened her with jail. Michael tells him that they actually threatened to take him away from her. Michael can't believe that Lowell isn't angry. Lowell reminds him that he told him at the Ashram that he would do anything for Fen, and asks why Gloria should be any different! Lowell asks Michael not to tell Gloria that he's known all along and states that he's forgiven her. Gloria enters just then. "You do? You forgive me?" she asks. Lowell and Gloria embrace and she sobs. She says she wouldn't blame him if he hated her, but he says she was protecting their son. He says when you love someone like he loved her - like he still does love her - you find a way to forgive.

At Restless Style, after indulging in a daydream about surprising Nick in his hotel room, Phyllis receives a call telling her that the model for the cover of the next issue has backed out - she's in Paris and refuses to get on a plane! Phyllis tells Daniel and Amber that they have a huge problem. They have to figure something out or there will be no magazine! Thinking quickly, she tells Daniel and Amber that she'll have to go to France, where the model is and do the shoot there. It's the only solution, plus she'll be able to surprise Nick. Daniel offers to set something up with a photographer he met there, and Phyllis tells him to do it!

Back at home, Michael tells his wife that his whole past has been ripped out from under him. Lauren marvels that Gloria must have been so tortured - she can't imagine having to choose between him and Fen!

Once alone in the coffeehouse, Kevin looks into the bag that Katherine left behind. His eyes grow large as he realizes that it is full of cash! Just then, Amber walks in and asks, "Where'd you get that money?"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine confides in Nikki that she is worried about what the medical tests will prove. Nikki says they'll deal with it!

Kevin calls Katherine's phone, but Marge has it. He tells her that she left her money behind in Crimson Lights, but of course, Marge says she knows nothing about any money!

Nikki calls Ashley and asks if she is in Paris.

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