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At the penthouse, Adam looks at the prescription bottles he acquired and puts one in his pocket.

At Society, Lola, Kyle, Chelsea, Nate, and Abby cheers to tomorrow night’s opening of the Grand Phoenix. Theo saunters in crowing confidently with Summer behind him. He assures Chelsea and Abby he’s the best while Kyle mutters to Lola about Theo getting on his nerves. Abby has everyone try the signature drink, the Grand Sangria. Theo gets a text from Zoe; she’s on her way. Mariah and Tessa arrive with Mariah shouting, “Let’s get the party started, Mariah and Tessa are here!” Kyle wryly points out her entrance was much like Theo’s. At the door, Zoe arrives and insists to Chelsea that she must be on the list. Abby lets her in, and Zoe hangs out by Mariah and Tessa as they kiss. Meanwhile, Kyle accepts Abby’s compliments on the Jabot Collective. He credits Summer and hopes everything goes as planned. Across the room, Theo’s canoodling with Summer when Zoe butts in and wants to take selfies. Summer grudgingly agrees, then sends Zoe away and tells Theo she’s annoying. Zoe watches them then joins Kyle and Lola, but Kyle excuses them to get food. Nearby, Mariah spars with Theo. After, Abby learns Theo has his eye on Power Communications. Summer is telling Chelsea they’re fine as long as Nick’s happy, when she notices Theo accusing Kyle of avoiding him. Abby wants Tessa to sing. She agrees if Lola and Chelsea join her. They sing Something In You. Zoe looks left out at the bar alone.

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At his penthouse, Devon looks up the lawyer Amanda Sinclair, who sent the notice of the will being challenged. He wonders who she is and who she’s working for. Nick stops in about the affordable housing.Jill reacts to Devon's news Young and Restless Devon’s excited to invest in it. The doorbell rings – it’s Jill. Devon asks Nick to listen then shares that someone’s challenging Katherine’s will. Jill wonders who would have an issue this many years after her death. Devon intends to find out. Nick and Jill agree it’s crazy. Jill hopes the person doesn’t think they can question Katherine’s state of mind. They run down a list of possible challengers and Nick wonders if it could be Chance. Jill and Nick reveal he was hanging out with Adam in Vegas. Jill received a cryptic email from Chance alluding to working on something that might be very lucrative. Devon and Nick both want to know if she hears more. After Nick leaves, Jill hopes Chance isn’t involved in something sleazy. Devon warns if anyone tries to take what Katherine left him they’re in for a fight.

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Adam appears at the ranch, where Victor reminds him he’s not welcome. Adam claims he’s looking for a truce. Victor wishes he could trust him. Adam urges him to take a leap of faith. Victor recaps how he disappointed him and spit on his offer to be CEO of Newman. Adam wants to end the war. Victor asks why he should buy his change of heart. Adam says life is too short; he wants to devote himself to Connor instead of fighting his own family. Victor wonders what meeting him halfway would even look like. When he steps out to take a call, Adam pulls the meds from his pocket. Nikki appears. “What are you doing?” Victor returns and says Adam wants a truce. Nikki wants Adam to go. While they speak to the maid, Adam puts the pills in Victor’s jacket pocket. The maid shows him out. Victor tells Nikki Adam was a kind little boy. She wonders if he believes he could be sincere. Victor thinks time will tell. Nikki feels they have to remain on guard. She reminds Victor to take his medication. Victor takes a pill from the bottle Adam planted in his pocket.

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Nick arrives at Society in time to see Chelsea singing. Zoe records the performance nearby.Nate, Abby and Kyle at the opening party Young and Restless Nick and Chelsea kiss and he calls her a rock star. Kyle thinks Lola sings as well as she cooks. Meanwhile, Nate tells Abby her party is a hit. She worries about the opening. He says if it’s as good as this, it will be incredible. As Theo and Mariah try to convince Tessa to sing karaoke, Summer pulls him away – she thinks their collaboration is weird. They start kissing and Zoe interrupts to gush about Summer and suggests they hang out. Summer informs her she’s beyond clingy and Theo advises her to take it down a notch. Zoe storms out. Abby and Chelsea make a speech about the Grand Phoenix to applause.

At the penthouse, Adam looks thoughtful about what he’s done.

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