Adam plots in park Young and Restless
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Chloe awakens Billy and tells him they’re in the Chancellor boathouse. He asks what she did to him. Chloe realizes he doesn’t remember the car wreck and informs him they’re in hiding because he tried to kill Adam and she stopped him. She followed him after he told her he’d figured out how to handle Adam. Billy remembers none of it and wouldn’t try to murder Adam. Chloe feels she’s the only one who can help him.

Nate accuses Adam Young and RestlessAt the penthouse, Adam tells someone on the phone that sometimes out in the open in the best way to be discreet. The doorbell rings – it’s Nate. Adam plays dumb when accused of stealing his tablet. Nate comes inside, looks around, then warns Adam illegally accessing medical files is a serious crime. Nate threatens to call the police. Adam thinks they’d laugh. Nate warns him whatever he’s up to with Victor, leave him and Abby out of it. After, Connor arrives.

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At Jabot, Kyle and Summer enthuse that the tie-in with the hotel opening is creating so much buzz. Kyle’s happy they’re working together again; he just wishes Theo wasn’t a part of the opening or her life. Summer reminds him of their boundaries then suggests a change of scenery.

At Society, Abby and Lola discuss Kyle becoming interim CEO at Jabot and their decision to find a new home as Theo eavesdrops. Summer and Kyle arrive. Lola greets them. In the corridor, Theo texts Zoe to come. He joins Summer and Kyle in time for Lola to mention that Kyle’s Jabot’s interim CEO. When Lola walks off, Theo needles Kyle – he’s surprised Lola is cool with it. Kyle thinks Theo’s the one with an issue and warns his schtick is getting old. Just then, Zoe arrives. Kyle glares at Theo. Kyle glares at Theo Young and RestlessSummer pulls Theo aside and Zoe gushes to Kyle how stoked she is that Theo’s including her. Kyle warns Theo brought her there to mess with him. Zoe is grateful Theo’s helping start her career. Meanwhile, Summer confronts Theo about keeping his feud with Kyle going. Kyle interrupts to say he’s returning to Jabot. Zoe joins Summer and Theo and he proclaims he’s happy for Kyle but doesn’t want him to lose his edge. Zoe walks away and Summer says his protégé may buy his bull, but she doesn’t. She wonders if he plans to blow up Kyle’s marriage. Theo says she’s sexy when calling him out and notes the truth could blow up Kyle’s life because he chose to hide it. “We hold that power in our hands.” Elsewhere, Nate tells Abby he’s surer than ever that Adam stole his tablet – he was taunting him. Abby wonders if it’s Adam’s twisted way of getting answers about their father’s health. Nate worries he might use the medical information against him somehow. Abby hopes not, but with Adam you must be prepared for the worst.

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe updates Kevin that Billy has no recollection of certain things – he has gaps like some other part of him is taking over. Kevin worries he needs serious help. Chloe agrees and she’s the one who can help him. Kevin’s concerned this could put them at risk and forbids Chloe to do this. Chloe argues things could get worse if Billy goes back to his life. Kevin realizes he can’t talk her out of it.

Adam and Connor are playing ball in Chancellor Park when the boy asks him to coach his team. Adam would love that. When Connor joins some kids, a woman, (played by Kelly Coffield Park), appears. She tells Adam his father’s on an experimental protocol and confirms she was able to get what he requested. The woman warns doubling the dosage will increase his side effects dramatically. Adam understands. She leaves and Connor reappears.

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Lola arrives at Jabot, where Kyle tells her he had his fill of Theo. Lola doesn’t understand the grudge. Kyle doesn’t either and complains Theo’s passive-aggressive routine is wearing thin. Lola says he seems like a jealous ex-girlfriend. Kyle laughs, “I know.” Lola doesn’t want to dwell on Theo and sits on Kyle’s lap. She wants to go home for a proper, or not proper, celebration.

At the penthouse, Adam stares at a prescription bottle and mutters, “You brought this on yourself.” He tells Connor they’ll have to call it a day. Connor asks if he’s sick, like Grandpa. Adam assures Connor his grandfather will be fine – he’s invincible.

In a hotel suite, Theo throws Summer on the bed in her bra and they kiss.

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