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At the ranch, Victoria updates her parents that Billy’s gone to rehab. She knows Adam is the root of his troubles. She adds he knew Chloe was alive, and describes his nightmares about Delia. When Victoria reveals she can’t find which rehab he’s in, Victor wonders if he’s in rehab at all. He thinks Chloe is the one who shot Adam. Victoria agrees, and thinks Billy knew and was protecting her. Abby arrives with takeout and Nick follows. Abby shares that Adam told her she’s not on his hitlist. Nikki says he confronted Victor the other day. Victor warns Adam’s plotting something. After Nick goes, Abby checks on Victor’s health and talk turns to Jack leaving town. Victor recalls advising him to get a new perspective. Abby says Kyle’s running the ship. Nick returns with Christian and Abby ensures everyone’s coming to her opening before leaving. Talk turns to Chelsea, and Victor thinks anything’s better than working with the red-headed hellion. Later, Victor cuddles Christian while he naps and tells Nick he’s happy he’s living with him again. “He is where he belongs with you.” Nick thanks Victor for sticking by him.

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Adam joins Nate at Society and sets his newspaper down on Nate’s tablet. They chat and Adam eventually asks about Victor’s treatments. Nate scoffs at his ‘real’ reason for chatting him up. Adam admits he and Victor have issues, but he worries about the old guy. Nate is pleased with Victor’s progress. When Nate takes a call, Adam leaves with his tablet.

Kyle updates Traci Young and RestlessAt the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells a surprised Traci that Jack left town and took a leave of absence. Traci knows he’s been unhappy. Kyle relays he left a young, hungry guy in charge, “Me.” Traci is happy he’ll get the experience and believes he’ll make Jack proud.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis insists she doesn’t want Summer to bail on the Grand Phoenix opening; she’s just disappointed in Abby and Chelsea forcing her out. Summer agrees it sucks. Phyllis croons she would never expect Summer to storm out of the opening or ignore it on social media – she feels Abby and the grifter will screw it up on their own. Summer and Phyllis agree that Nick’s very naïve to believe Chelsea’s changed. Summer isn’t thrilled to be living with her, but refuses Phyllis’ offer to move her. Summer gets a text from Kyle and warns Phyllis not to get in trouble as she leaves.

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Phyllis arrives at Adam’s penthouse and asks if Adam suspects Chloe tried to run him down. She realizes Chloe shot him and he had her hostage – figuratively – until Michael became D.A. Adam still believes Victor was behind the incident. He reveals Nate’s tablet and Phyllis learns he wants her to hack into it and get Victor’s medical records to find out about his meds so he can tweak his dose and worsen his side effects. The family will rally around, then they can do what they want. Phyllis reminds him Victor’s her daughter’s grandfather – why should she get sucked in? Adam says, “For the fun of it.” Phyllis doesn’t work without reward. Adam offers his never-ending friendship and gratitude. She’ll do it, but warns there will be quid pro quo for this. Phyllis hands Adam the pertinent files and relays she cleared his footprint from the tablet. He’s impressed.

At Jabot, Kyle disconnects from Ashley in Paris as Summer arrives. He informs her his dad and Billy are taking time off. Summer learns Billy’s in rehab and Jack’s finding himself. She thinks Kyle’s joking when he says he’s taking over. Kyle asks how she feels about him being her boss. Summer wonders how Lola feels about it.Summer agrees to work with Kyle Young and Restless Kyle tells Summer she scored points by showing up at the wedding, and reminds Summer how well they worked together. He wants to make their mark at Jabot and suggests their personal lives should be off-limits. Soon, they’re brainstorming, and Summer blows off a meeting with Theo to stay. They discuss having influencers take over the Jabot feed during the Grand Phoenix’s opening. Kyle trusts her judgement. “We’re good?” Summer replies, “We’re phenomenal.” After, Kyle sits and reflects in the CEO chair.

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At Society, Abby and Nate discuss how busy they’ve been. Nate realizes his tablet’s missing and asks her if Adam would have taken it.

In his car, Jack calls Traci and enthuses that he needs to recharge. Traci asks him to check in and hopes he finds what he’s looking for. Jack says, “So do I.” By his hand is a brochure for Pine Forest Inn and Spa.

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