Kyle questions Jack Young and Restless

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At Society, Victor and Jack discuss Chloe’s return. Phyllis arrives and marvels at them having a drink together. She advises Jack to watch Victor doesn’t put a knife in his back. Nearby, Zoe introduces herself to Lola, who poses for a selfie with her. Zoe then joins Phyllis and suggests they team up to sabotage the Grand Phoenix opening. Zoe will post the disaster and go viral. Phyllis refuses and informs Zoe she’s out of her league coming for Chelsea and Abby.Phyllis refuses Zoe Young and Restless Zoe storms out. Across the room, Jack and Victor spar verbally about business then discuss Adam. Victor confides he failed Adam; it’s why he’s done so many unforgivable things, but the damage cannot be undone. They rehash Victor’s decision to leave Adam with Hope, and Adam hating him. Victor asks about Jack, who has everything a man could want…on the surface. Victor understand that inexplicable void; when he felt it, he left town.

At Nick’s place, Nikki’s concerned about Chloe’s return and hopes she will prove worthy of Nick and Chelsea’s trust. Nick reveals he and Chelsea are back together. Nikki sniffs it seems a little soon, but Nick is happy. Nikki warns about Adam. Nick has no intention of interfering with Connor and Adam, but if he wants a war, he’ll get it.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam snarks when Sharon expresses concern for him regarding Chloe. Sharon defends her response to his marriage proposal and complains he said she has darkness inside her. Adam laments losing her and Christian. He feels Nick has no idea what he’s doing to Christian, and worries Christian will hate him just as he hates Victor. Adam expresses frustration that Sharon won’t admit she wants him and exits. Sharon turns to see Rey. He asks if she wants to talk and offers to arrest Adam. Sharon thinks he’s sweet but has to go.

Elena arrives home to find Devon still has no idea what the discrepancies in Katherine’s will are about, though his lawyer reached out. It’s bringing up memories and Devon delights Elena with stories about Katherine and her bucket list trip around the world. He explains they were close toward the end, but in the beginning it was rough. Devon talks about rebuffing her attempts to reach out and is glad she never stopped trying. He remarks she was an amazing woman and describes the feeling of receiving her inheritance. Elena feels he’s done right by her legacy. She understands Devon’s worried someone is trying to take away everything she gave him. They wonder why someone would wait so long and what aspect of the will they’re challenging. Elena assures him they’ll get through it together. He says, “Thank you, Baby.”

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Jack opens up to Victor Young and RestlessAt Society, Victor takes a call from Nikki, and tells Jack she helped him at many low points. He hopes Jack finds what he’s searching for. “You be cool, my man,” he says as he leaves. Later, Phyllis joins Adam at the bar and advises him to clear his head so they can cook up payback. Adam tells her to shut up – she has no idea what he’s going through. She understands better than anyone and cites evidence to prove it before telling Adam sarcastically he wins the ‘poor me’ prize and leaving.

Sharon visits Nick at home and asks him to have Faith…she wants to take a trip right after the Grand Phoenix launch party. He agrees since Adam’s on a tear and he doesn’t want her in the crossfire. Sharon intends to return with new purpose.

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At home, Kyle is taken aback to hear that Lola posed with Zoe on social media to help promote the restaurant. He goes to shower and there’s a malfunction. He reappears, shirtless, and kisses a laughing Lola passionately. Rey arrives and learns the shower broke. He talks about Sharon hurting over Adam, which adds insult to injury. Lola’s sympathetic, but Rey tells them to go back to…whatever it is they were doing, and leaves. Later, Lola surprises Kyle by suggesting they move – this place is like Heartbreak Hotel for Rey. Kyle agrees, “Let’s do it. Suddenly, he gets a text from Jack who wants to see him.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack is leaving and wants Kyle to be interim CEO at Jabot while he’s gone. Kyle is stunned he trusts him after what happened the last time he was in charge. Jack thinks they’ve come a long way and knows Kyle will make him proud.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki he realizes what a lucky man he is after running into Jack. They canoodle.

In the car, a young John Abbott, in the backseat asks, “Where are we headed to Jackie?” Jack replies, “I don’t know, Dad. I’ll let you know when we get there.”

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