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At home, Chelsea joins Nick as he reads about Chloe’s return from the dead. He tells Chelsea to prepare herself, then learns she already bumped into Chloe and Kevin at the coffeehouse but didn’t mention it. Chelsea was in shock and has been reliving everything Chloe put her and Connor through. They rehash the events and Chelsea senses Nick feels sorry for Chloe. Nick recalls the overwhelming grief of losing a child. He states this whole chain of events started with Adam. Chelsea can’t stop thinking about how different things would be if that cabin didn’t explode. Nick argues Adam was an entitled jerk long before he met Chloe. He wonders if Chelsea wants her friendship with Chloe back.

At Society, Chloe and Kevin debate his idea to be out in public acting natural given they kidnapped Billy.Chloe plans to help Billy Young and Restless Kevin assures her he’ll be knocked out for hours, and they decide to text from Billy’s phone and tell his loved ones he’s in rehab. Suddenly, Victoria appears and peppers Chloe with questions about her return. She learns Billy knew Chloe was alive and that Adam was blackmailing them. She marvels it’s no wonder Billy was so angry at him. Victoria’s worried about Billy and agrees to let them know when he’s coming home. Once alone, Kevin and Chloe feel like jerks for lying again. Chloe thinks if she can get Billy’s head straight, it will make up for it. Kevin will give her the time she needs and sends the text.

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At the penthouse, Adam confronts Michael about not charging Chloe for trying to kill him. Michael grabs Adam Young and RestlessMichael informs Adam their working relationship will come to an end now that he, Chloe, and Kevin don’t have anything to fear from him. Adam wouldn’t be so sure and asks, “Tell me, Michael, how’s your son doing these days?” Michael sneers about the implied threat to his son, but hasn’t heard from him lately. Adam shows him a photo of Fen partying and dealing drugs. Michael grabs him by the shirt and roars. Adam explains Fen’s not in deep, but he’d get 8 years in a state penitentiary for dealing. He taunts Michael that the short time the knife wasn’t at his throat was because he was sharpening it.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren tells Jack she’ll up her contribution to the addiction treatment facility. Jack gets a text that Billy’s in rehab and leaves as Michael appears. He tells Lauren to set up a visit with Fen without him knowing so he can’t avoid it. Lauren demands to know what’s going on. Michael blurts, “Fenmore’s using again.” Lauren tries unsuccessfully to reach Fen and hopes it’s a horrible rumor, but Michael informs her there are photos…and Adam has them. Michael tells Lauren to find their son and get him in treatment. Lauren fumes when she gets back, they will take down that sonofabitch Adam together.

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At Nick’s place, Victoria tells her brother that Billy checked into rehab. She worries he went to Vegas to dig up dirt on Adam and got caught up in the gambling scene. Victoria’s frustrated with his behavior and doesn’t understand what’s happening. She reveals he knew about Chloe being alive and never said a word. Victoria feels disconnected from the man she loves and worries rehab’s just a cover story.

At the Abbott house, Traci and Jack discuss Billy’s return to rehab before talk turns to Dina. Jack can’t figure out why she was so unhappy. Traci muses maybe she couldn’t figure it out either – she had everything a woman of that era could want, but for someone with Dina’s intellect and drive, it wasn’t enough. Jack recalls an argument between Dina and John in which she couldn’t tell him what was missing or what would make her happy. Traci imagines she wanted to start her own company and travel the world. Jack agrees; her life was out there somewhere, and she had to find it…

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At Chancellor Park, Kevin, Chloe, Esther and Bella are having a picnic when Chelsea appears. Chloe approaches to see if she wants to talk. Chelsea says Bella’s beautiful and it’s established they’re all staying in Genoa City. Chelsea says she’s made a lot of mistakes too and understands why Chloe wanted Adam dead. Chloe doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. Chelsea agrees, but she wants her friend back. They embrace. Chelsea joins the picnic and chats with Bella.

At the boathouse, Billy awakens, looks at his splint, and wonders, “Where the hell am I?”

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