Chelsea horrified at seeing Chloe and Kevin Young and Restless
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In a cabin, Kevin tells Chloe they can’t take Billy, who’s unconscious, to a hospital – he tried to run down Adam and crashed whoever’s car that was. Billy awakens violently and Kevin injects him. Chloe marvels at the splint she put on Billy’s leg and thinks she can also help with his mental issues. Kevin gets a text that they’re free. They embrace, then worry about Chloe becoming Adam’s first suspect once he knows she’s back. It’s best to act as though they’ve nothing to hide. Kevin has a plan to let Genoa City know Chloe’s alive.

Phyllis arrives at Adam’s penthouse where he informs her someone tried to kill him. He recaps the events from route 7 – he didn’t see who was driving or who pushed him out of the way – he got knocked out. Phyllis assures him it wasn’t her and worries it could have been Billy who’s full of rage. Adam’s ruled out Billy and Kevin. Phyllis decides Victor was behind it and reminds a doubtful Adam he used Cassie’s memory to gaslight Sharon.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Summer her that her Uncle Adam’s playing a dangerous game. Victor isn’t sure what he might do, but he’s capable of almost anything. Later, Adam arrives and confronts Victor about his latest unthinkable act. Victor doesn’t know what he’s talking about and rants that Adam put his own interests before Christian’s, that’s when he knew there was no hope for him.Victor and Adam clash Young and Restless They holler at the top of their lungs about what’s transpired until Adam accuses Victor of using his mother’s handkerchief to lure him, then trying to have him run down. Victor denies he would ever use his mother’s memory that way – she was a good person and would be ashamed of the man Adam’s turned into. Adam loves his mother, but despises Victor. He knocks over the chess set and leaves. Victor calls an unknown person to find out what they can about someone trying to run Adam down.

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Abby reveals the new hotel’s lounge to an enthusiastic Chelsea and squeals that the Grand Phoenix is ready to slay. Phyllis strides in and seethes about them daring to keep the name The Grand Phoenix – she’s the phoenix! Abby unveils Grand Phoenix to Chelsea Young and RestlessAbby isn’t about to change the name and says they’ve also overcome a lot to get where they are. Phyllis sneers about the plight of the Naked Heiress and the Black Widow. Chelsea goes to look into security and Phyllis flaps her arms and caws like a bird. Abby tells her Chelsea was preferable to her, so what does that say? Phyllis put her heart and soul in the project and calls her a spoiled rich girl. Theo enters with Zoe and Phyllis tells him they’ve been dumped. Abby informs Phyllis she fired her, not Theo. Phyllis snarks there’s no loyalty and makes faces as Zoe fangirls over Abby. Theo assures Phyllis they’ll find a new project as Summer appears. Phyllis is stunned she’s helping promote the opening and storms out. Theo reassures Summer she was upset about the situation, not her. Zoe gushes about Summer and Theo sends her away. Theo asks Summer to be his date to the opening. She accuses him of keeping Zoe around knowing Kyle and Lola will be at the event.

On Crimson Lights patio, Chloe and Kevin try unsuccessfully to garner attention. They go inside where Chelsea, aghast, gasps, “Chloe! You’re alive…” As she stammers about Chloe walking and talking, they try to leave but Chelsea stops them – she’s calling the police as Chloe tried to kill Adam. Chloe explains she was already arrested. Chelsea learns she dodged the charges and rants that she put her through hell. Chloe dismisses Kevin. Chelsea recaps the betrayals and the devastation of believing she may have pushed Chloe to commit suicide. Chloe promises she won’t hurt anyone again. Chelsea recalls Chloe tried to help her grieve for Adam, all the while knowing she was responsible. Now he’s broken and they can’t get things back. Chloe can’t change it. Chelsea levels, “You are responsible.” Chloe wants to own her mistakes and hates the damage she’s done – to Connor and Chelsea – she misses her so much. Chelsea says repairing their friendship’s not possible, and leaves. Kevin holds Chloe.

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Adam and Phyllis plot payback Young and RestlessAt Society’s bar, Phyllis complains to Adam about her circumstances at length as he rubs his eyes. She vows they will not let them get away with this. Adam reminds her someone tried to kill him last night and fills her in on his confrontation with Victor. Phyllis says, “It’s payback time.” Adam wants it to be deep, personal and long-lasting. He reveals Victor’s cheating death again and explains the blood disease. He’d like to prove to his father that he’s not invincible.

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