Nick appeals to the judge Young and Restless
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At Nick’s place, he tells Chelsea that Judge Sanders should have no reason not to sign off on the petition. Summer appears with Brittany Hodges, (played by Lauren Woodland), who will represent Nick and wants everyone on their best behavior. Summer, who will testify to Nick’s character, feels getting custody’s a no-brainer.

In the park, Adam looks at a photo of Christian on his phone.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea encounters Adam and says he should get to the custody hearing. He disagrees – he’s done his part.

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At the courthouse, Nick wonders where the hell Adam is, and Judge Sanders grumbles all parties should be present otherwise they’ll have to reschedule. Brittany tries to persuade the judge to move forward, but he must speak with Adam.Brittany, Nick look at judge Young and Restless Summer gets a call from Chelsea – Adam won’t come. Sanders cancels the hearing. Brittany, Nick, and Summer argue with the judge. Summer gets a contempt warning and Nick sends her out. The judge reiterates the hearing’s canceled, but Nick insists on being heard. He speaks of the nightmare he’s been living without his boy and says Adam woke up and did the right thing. Keeping him from his son over a technicality is wrong and cruel. The judge warns Brittany about her client’s insults. Nick apologizes for being worked up and chokes up talking about Christian. He begs him to let his boy come home.

At the coffee house, Chelsea realizes it’s too hard for Adam to go to court – he genuinely wants Christian to be part of his life. Adam denies it – Christian was a means to an end – and walks out.

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Kyle and Lola arrive home from their honeymoon and he carries her over the threshold into the apartment. Inside, Lola gapes and asks, “What have you done?” He explains it was time they had their own furniture and not Rey’s hand-me-downs. Lola raves about the throw pillows and her husband. Since the air-conditioning needs time to kick in, Kyle suggests they shed their clothing, but Lola needs a couple of hours as she’s planning a surprise. Kyle leaves.

At Society, Theo wants a do-over with Mariah – if they find a way to work together it could mean obscene paychecks for both of them. Mariah invites ‘Theodore’ to dazzle her with his idea. He describes how they could work together – she will try it with two of his people who have potential. Theo hands over the top five and she picks two. He says they’re based in Chicago. Mariah asks, “Then what are you still doing here?” Theo heads out.

At Chancellor Park, Theo, on the phone with Zoe, encounters Kyle, who advises him to leave Zoe alone after he disconnects. Theo teases about inviting Zoe to an opening as Kyle warns him to drop this game. Theo chirps, “Welcome back. I missed you.” Theo passes Summer as he goes. Kyle spots Summer and she mentions the hearing but doesn’t want to talk about it. Kyle spouts off about Theo being a jerk. Summer tells him she knows about Zoe, but promises to keep quiet. Kyle won’t tell Lola – she freaked out when he gave her the PG version of his life. Summer warns things could end up worse if he doesn’t.

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At Society, Theo introduces his influencers to Mariah, who advises them Theo is using them; they should get out while they can. They realize she’s joking, and Theo calls for shots. Tessa and Summer watch Theo and Mariah Young and RestlessAs they down tequila, Theo and Mariah advise the girls on reaching their goals. The influencers will consider signing on. Summer and Tessa enter together and are stunned to see Theo and Mariah toasting success with tequila shooters. Theo exits with Summer and Tessa tells Mariah she wasn’t expecting to see her and Theo acting as BFFs. Mariah says she’s got him right where she wants him. Outside, Theo tells Summer the same thing about Mariah.

Kyle returns to the apartment where Lola has brews, snacks and baseball games at the ready. Kyle relays he ran into Theo, but won’t ruin the private stadium experience by talking about it. Lola yells, “Let’s play ball!” Later, the air-conditioner’s broken so Kyle carries Lola to the shower.

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At Chancellor Park, Connor’s excited to see Adam. Chelsea will allow them to hang out. Adam thanks her. She knows how much losing Christian has cost him and says he showed what an amazing father he is. Adam promises the regretful parts of his life won’t touch Connor. Chelsea believes there’s still good in him. She returns his mother’s handkerchief to him, to give to Connor’s wife one day. Adam hugs her. Connor returns and Billy, chewing gum, watches them intently.

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Christian he’s coming home with him for good.

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