Outside the Chancellor Mansion Esther tells Katherine that Jill, Cane and Billy are inside plotting to get rid of her - maybe even put her in a home! Katherine bursts into the house and confronts them. Jill denies any devious plot, saying they were just discussing how to help her. Katherine dismisses Cane and Billy, telling them she'll deal with their 'ringleader'! Jill says that she just needs to go to the doctor. Jill suddenly turns and says that Esther should go - this is a family discussion. Kay informs her that Esther is more loyal than anyone in her so-called family. Jill tells Katherine that the Board has signed a petition to have her evaluated - she needs to see a specialist. Katherine tells Jill that she's lost her mind if she thinks she'll submit to this! Jill says she has no choice - if she refuses, they'll vote her out of Chancellor. Katherine says she just wants her out of the way, and resents her power. Jill admits that for years that was true, but now she just resents the way she treats her! She tears up as she tells her mother that the other night, when she was waiting for Phillip, she looked into her eyes and she wasn't there! She tells Kay she knows that she is refusing to go to the doctor because she's scared. Jill apologizes profusely for it having come to this, saying she's not trying to overthrow her - she just wants her mother back. Katherine sighs and says she doesn't know how to answer that. Jill crouches in front of her and asks if she'll keep the appointment. Kay notes that she appears to have no choice.

Ana and Lily sit in Crimson Lights. Ana tells Lily she needs a friend because she seems sad. Just then, Chloe comes in and asks if she can set her packages down while she gets her muffin. At first, Lily tells her 'no', but then gives in. Chloe thanks her, saying that the baby is sure getting heavy! As Ana and Lily discuss getting manicures, Ana blurts that Lily needs to look pretty for her new boyfriend! Chloe immediately asks, "Oh, who's the new guy?" Billy and Cane walk up to the table just then. Lily looks embarrassed. Billy sits down and helps Ana eat her piece of cake. They have a brief discussion about being good with kids, in which Billy says he's just glad that he will be Uncle Billy, not Daddy. Ana comes back, Cane goes to get coffee. Ana asks Chloe if she ever met Tyra Banks, and Billy asks Lily what happened to 'Sonny Crawford' at the Hallowe'en party. Chloe remarks that it was such a great party, and that after they got home that night, she and Cane surfed the Internet looking for baby suits. Lily snaps. "What's your point, Chloe?! I get it, alright, you're having a baby with Cane, living in my house, with my ring on your finger! You don't need to go out of your way to prove how 'tight' you are!" She gets up and leaves.

Michael is at his office when Lauren and Gloria arrive with Eden - they are seeing her off as she prepares to leave for the school trip to Paris. Michael gifts Eden with a new camera to take pictures in France. When Eden heads out to the elevator, elated with her present, Gloria turns to Michael and asks how he made out researching River's case in Canada. Michael says they'll discuss it later.

At Newman, Nick makes arrangements to fly to France, while Victoria and Phyllis go through the diary excerpts trying to figure out who would be behind it. Michael arrives and informs them that the magazine has refused to reveal its sources. They deduce that since the diary was in Victor's handwriting, whoever forged it had not only an ax to grind, but access to Victor's papers as well.

In Paris, Ashley turns up at the church where Nikki told her Victor was staying and tells the priest that she is there to see Victor Newman. She explains who she is, saying that they have a daughter together. Father Dominique tells her that Victor has left, but he doesn't know where he has gone - he didn't say goodbye! Ashley paces around the quarters where Victor had been staying and picks up the prayer card that he dropped. The priest advises her to find Victor and then let her heart decide what to do next. Ashley notes that he walked out of there without a trace - she doesn't even know where to begin! The priest tells Ashley that Victor mostly spoke of the wife he lost. She wonders where he would go to feel near to her. She thanks the priest and leaves.

Phyllis and Victoria show up at the coffeehouse and Adam appears. Phyllis warns Victoria not to go off on him until they're sure he had something to do with the diary. He smiles and announces his engagement. They tease him that the ring must be small if Heather is supporting them both. He grins and says he's had a reversal of fortune recently. He then takes a call and walks away. They sit down and Phyllis calls the magazine, pretending to be Adam's assistant, saying that the check didn't clear. Mr. Drake gets on the line and Phyllis makes an excuse and hangs up. Victoria is stunned as Phyllis says, "They definitely paid him!"

Michael is back at home, and tells Gloria that Marshall is dead. So any help they would have gotten from him is dead too! He notes that he has the old tapes of the statements given in the case, and will go through them in hopes of finding something that might help. Gloria abruptly decides to leave. Michael tells Lauren he needs to turn his attention to someone named Tanya who testified against Lowell. They listen to a tape of Tanya's statement and Michael is stunned to realize that it's Gloria's voice! "Gloria testified against my father!" He leaves her a voice message to call him as soon as possible. Lauren listens as Michael says that Gloria is the reason that Lowell was on the run all those years. All the stories she told him about Lowell not caring about them were bogus. He shakes his head. "This doesn't make sense." He wonders how she could do it. He vows to Lauren that Gloria will tell him the reason!

Nikki phones Katherine. When Kay tells her what is happening, she tells her that Jill is working overtime to make her doubt herself. Nikki then fills Katherine in on how she sent Ashley to find Victor and help him. Katherine tells her she is very brave. After they hang up, Esther comes into the room where Kay is sitting and says she wants her to go see the doctor as well. She tells her she'll be loyal to her forever!

Victoria tracks down Adam at his room in the GCAC. She confronts him about the diary. He claims he found it in the Ranch. She doesn't believe it. She presses him to realize that they are going to hunt down Victor and drag him to prison. She asks why he's doing this, and he tells her that they all treated him terribly, and that she shouldn't blame him - she should blame herself! Victoria tells him they are going to prove that these lies started with him, and they're going to bury him with them! She then leaves.

Phyllis arrives at Restless Style and fills Nick in on the latest - Adam is the one who sold the diary to the magazine. Nick wants to go deal with him, but Phyllis tells him that Victoria is handling it - he needs to go and find his father. She says she'll be focusing on the photo shoot with the French model, Juliette. He jokes that she doesn't need him anymore, but she says she does - more than he knows. He returns the sentiment and they kiss. She says she hates it when he leaves, and he says she is always with him, and that she is tough and fearless - making him feel he can do anything! They kiss goodbye again at the elevator.

Back at the table in Crimson Lights, Billy chastises Chloe for running Lily off. Chloe says she has the right to talk about her life - the world doesn't revolve around Lily. Billy tells her she needs to stop acting that way, and while she's at it, she needs to get over him as well. Chloe scoffs, saying that she already has, but he says he can read her, and she hasn't!

Outside the door of the coffeehouse, Cane stops Lily and asks her what happened at the table. She says that Chloe rubbed her nose in their marital bliss. Cane says they have separate rooms and separate lives - he loves Lily. He then asks about the aforementioned new boyfriend. Lily smirks that she doesn't actually have one - or even know him - but she thinks she might like to!

Gloria has returned to Michael's house and is rooting through the box of tapes when he finds her. He calls her 'Tanya', but she goes into full denial mode. He tells her he listened to the tape. She says she doesn't care what he thinks - he knows nothing. As she walks out, he hollers, "You tell me! You tell me to my face! You did this!" But she slams the door on him.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Marge says she just can't do this! Katherine tells her they are going to have to take more drastic measures!

Michael asks Lowell if he wants to know the identity of the person that testified against him. Lowell surprises him by replying, "It's Gloria."

Amber walks in on Kevin as he grapples with stacks of cash, and asks, "Where did you get that money?!"

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