Nick, Abby and Victoria look at Adam Young and Restless
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At Victoria’s house, Nick thanks Billy for letting him see Christian. Talk turns to the restraining order against Adam. Billy feels Adam’s still a threat to Christian and every other kid. Victoria appears, and wonders why Victor called a meeting. Nick thinks she should hear it from him.

Nikki greets Abby at Crimson Lights. Abby asks about the meeting Victor called. Nikki assures her it’s not about his health; they should go see what he has to say. Adam overhears.

Devon surprises Elena with a full breakfast at the penthouse in honor of her first day as a resident. The doorbell rings – it’s Nate. Elena explains they’re carpooling. Devon remarks his timing could be better. He kisses Elena, who leaves with Nate.

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At the GCPD Michael faces Chloe and Kevin, who are beside themselves at being arrested. As they protest, Michael whistles. He informs Kevin he’s arrested because he punched him in the police station. Michael knows he’s worried about Chloe, and Bella who’s with Esther, but he’d never hurt them. He explains Chloe will be charged with arson in the cabin explosion and as D.A., he’ll agree she was suffering from mental illness and recommend probation and out-patient therapy. She’ll get bail today. Kevin and Chloe hug him awkwardly in handcuffs – Adam is no longer a threat.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Nikki, Victoria, and Abby there’s a restraining order against Adam. He’s concerned he’ll retaliate – they’ll have to be prepared for anything. They’ll all watch for hacks of their businesses and personal devices – they’re all behind Nick. Adam appears and snarks, “Such devotion.” He remarks on the Newmans going after one of their own. Nick declares he’ll never be one of them. Adam came with a peace offering – he hands Nick a document dropping the petition for custody of Christian.Nikki and Victor watch Adam Young and Restless Nick’s in disbelief and Victor asks, “What’s the catch?” Adam’s doing it out of love for Christian – things are going to get ugly and he doesn’t want him in the crossfire. He vows to destroy the myth of the Newmans and expose their skeletons to the world – they’ll never see it coming. Victor wishes him luck. After Adam goes, Nick worries it’s a ploy. Victor’s heart is broken to see Adam regress – he guarantees he’s not finished. Later, Nikki senses Victor’s exhausted, though he insists he’s fine.

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Elena and Nate get coffee at Crimson Lights on break and talk shop. He thinks the hospital’s lucky to have her. They discuss a case and Nate tells Elena she has good instincts. Elena asks about Abby. Nate updates he’s playing by her rules for now.

Victoria and Nick arrive at her house. She’s surprised to find Billy crashed on the couch. Nick goes up to see Christian, and Vikki questions Billy about not being at the office. He snaps, “Sue me for being tired.” She notices he’s suddenly chewing gum and he slams out, not wanting to be analyzed. After, Victoria talks to Nick about Billy’s issues – it started when Adam came back and she’s really worried.

Chloe, Kevin and Michael enter the Chancellor estate. Chloe’s emotional. Michael warns them to stay clear of Adam, then leaves. Esther appears and embraces Chloe, who fills her in on the situation. Esther wants to do everything mothers, daughters and granddaughters do. Chloe embraces Esther Young and RestlessShe can feel Mrs. C and Delia smiling down on them. Bella joins them. Chloe hugs her and says, “Mommy’s home.” In a moment alone, Chloe worries to Kevin about people’s reaction to her coming back from the dead. She credits him for sacrificing his whole life for her. It wasn’t a sacrifice. They kiss. Outside, Billy watches. He enters when the coast is clear and hears Delia wanting to be free. Billy asks to see her. Suddenly, Bella rushes into his arms. Chloe appears, followed by Kevin. Billy’s glad to hear Chloe’s charges will be dropped. She asks if he’s okay. He claims he’s getting papers for Jill and is okay. Once alone, Billy chews another stick of gum.

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Adam arrives at home to find Phyllis waiting and complaining his father’s an ass and his ex is a bitch. She offers to play on Adam’s side. He smirks. Phyllis fills him in on Victor making Abby aware of her plans and Abby screwing her. She made Victoria look good and offered Dark Horse back to Nick and got nothing. They toast to mutual animosity, but Phyllis won’t drink. Adam teases she’ll have to work on her trust issues if they’re going to partner. His endgame is to bury his family. Phyllis is very good at burying things. She sucked the first time but has upped her game. They clink glasses.

Elena arrives at home and Devon asks to hear about her day. She’d rather thank him properly for breakfast. They kiss and start undressing.

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