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At the Dive Bar, Chelsea sees Sharon and Nick embracing and leaves. Adam follows. Sharon pulls back and clarifies she wasn’t making a move. Nick notes he didn’t stop her. Sharon’s surprised to hear he’s not in a relationship with Chelsea. They discuss removing the walls that have been between them before talk turns to Rey, then Adam. Nick says he only cares about himself – he hopes Sharon sees him for what he is and stays away.

At the penthouse, Adam asks if Chelsea’s okay. Chelsea insists she’s fine – it was just a hug; besides she and Nick aren’t together. Adam deduces they haven’t had sex and hopes she’s conning him.Adam gets love advice Young and Restless Chelsea explains they’re taking things slow and suggests seeing Sharon with Nick hit a nerve with him. She guesses he pressed too hard with Sharon as usual. They debate whether he’s jealous of his brother and the differences between them. Chelsea complains, “Everything revolves around you!” She advises the more Adam tries to control people and manipulate them, the more it pushes them away. He’ll never get love that way.

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At Society, Celeste is visiting with Rey and Arturo, who’s due to leave for Miami.Arturo makes amends Young and Restless Arturo makes amends with Rey, who wants things to be right between them, but it will take time. Arturo hopes Rey finds someone who makes him happy. Rey concedes losing Sharon was painful, but he’ll be fine. He’s the big brother and doesn’t want Arturo worrying about him. “I’ll worry about you.” Celeste concludes they’re family, in good times and bad. Arturo hugs Rey before leaving.

At Chancellor Park, Mariah tells Tessa how much Theo’s comments about losing a client irritated her. Tessa feels like she’s starting over since Ana left. They’re both in their heads and Mariah has an idea how to change that.

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At Crimson Lights, Lauren is proud of Michael, the new District Attorney. Victor arrives and inquires how Michael intends to use his newly acquired power. He’s thrilled Christine’s reign of incompetence has ended but questions Michael wanting the job. He mentions him dropping Nick as a client and asks what Adam has over his head. Michael intends to follow the letter of the law. Victor says Adam has threatened his family, and warns when it all goes down, Michael had better not be on the wrong side. After, Lauren’s upset he’s already had a threat, Lauren questions Michael Young and Restlessbut Michael shrugs it off as Victor being Victor and claims he can outwit Adam with one hand tied behind his back. Lauren still wants to know how Kevin’s tied into this. Michael needs her to be patient. Later, Chelsea finds Sharon at the counter and needles her for being ‘all over’ Nick. Sharon thinks Chelsea wants Nick as more than a friend – she’s not even pretending to be a weeping widow. Chelsea lists Sharon’s husbands in reply. Sharon recalls what Chelsea did before leaving town, but Chelsea insists she’s not a threat to Nick – if he needs protecting, it’s from Sharon – she brings drama wherever she goes. Sharon hisses she still has a scar where she clocked her. They keep bickering about Nick until Sharon admits she had a fight with Adam, and they commiserate over having the two men in common. Chelsea says in the spirit of twisted sisterhood, there’s something she should know – Adam saw her with Nick too. He seemed hurt. Chelsea senses Sharon has stronger feelings for him than she’ll admit.

Nick has visitation with Christian in Chancellor Park. Nick says he has a surprise as Victor appears. As they play, Adam watches from behind the sign. Nick talks about getting together with Connor and Victor chortles about them all having dinner at the ranch. Victor spots Adam and gestures for him to leave.

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At the Dive Bar, Mariah and Tessa pretend to be on vacation and look through photos from the reception. Tessa finds one of Mariah glowing and she’s good with domestic bliss. They discuss their home life and decide they’re not perfect, but are perfect for each other. They kiss.

At the station, Rey congratulates D.A. Baldwin, who has an arrest warrant for Rey to handle personally and discreetly. It can’t be discussed. Rey says, “I’m on it.” Later, Michael returns and Rey says the suspect’s in the interrogation room. Kevin appears and punches Michael for his betrayal as Chloe sits in the interrogation room.

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