Victor warns Abby about Phyllis Young and Restless
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Victoria arrives home where Billy has forgotten to pick up Johnny. She worries he’s thinking about Delia and asks if he’s having the nightmares again. Billy admits he’s not sleeping and is on edge. Victoria will pick up Johnny.

In Chancellor Park, Sharon is stunned that Adam would propose – she said she wanted nothing to do with him. Adam knows what’s in her heart; everything else is just noise. Sharon reacts to proposal Young and RestlessSharon wonders if Chelsea turned him down again. Adam charms that Chelsea doesn’t see him as Sharon does – their connection is deep, and they need each other. Sharon recalls her life falling apart, then discovering new purpose, while he was away. She started backsliding when he returned and refuses to put her life back in chaos. Adam wishes he’d been there to comfort her after the Sully drama and wants to move forward together. Sharon informs him the other night was a mistake, but she does care about him. Adam thinks if he got her back, he could let everything else go. Sharon accuses him of manipulating and recalls their difficult history. Adam asks her to be honest with herself and leaves her to consider it.

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At Society, Jack, Ashley, Abby and Summer gather to discuss the Jabot merger.Ashley bickers with Billy Young and Restless Summer is distracted by a text from Theo that he’s busy. Billy rolls up late and crabs that they need to pump the brakes and reconsider this merger – he has doubts about Ashley. Abby and Summer excuse themselves. Ashley says this is what John would want but Billy thinks she’ll turn on them again. Jack asks, “What’s really going on here?” Ash and Billy continue to debate as she reminds him that he also made mistakes. Jack interjects – does this have to do with what he and Billy discussed the other day? Billy can’t trust Jack and walks off.

At Devon’s penthouse, he offers Theo a full-time position at LP. Theo sees himself as a better fit running Power Communications instead of Mariah. Devon’s irked but says he’s welcome to approach Mariah about working under her. Theo can see Power’s true potential and would like to make his base in Genoa City for personal reasons.

Summer joins Phyllis at the rooftop bar and reports the Jabot meeting fell apart. She complains about Theo’s text and updates her mother that Zoe used to party with Theo and Kyle. Phyllis suggests if she sees Theo again, it should be on her terms.

Jack arrives at Victoria’s place and updates her on Billy and the meeting – he’s obviously struggling. Victoria recaps what Billy’s been going through. She’s worried he doesn’t want to get better; the nightmares make him feel closer to Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis is surprised Billy wanted to meet. She agrees with him that Ashley is cutthroat, but points out he’s also ruthless when it comes to revenge. He knows she’ll never forgive him for Summer. Phyllis asks what he wants. Billy wants to know what’s going on with Adam. Phyllis confirms they had a falling out, but feels everyone has done horrible things and only she and Adam get labeled and judged. Billy mentions Chelsea coming into money before snapping that Adam’s never been held accountable for his actions. He warns Phyllis to get on the right side or she could be collateral damage.

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Jack meets Celeste at the Dive Bar and they discuss her shooting down Adrian’s latest attempt to reconcile – she deserves better. Jack relays he got pulled back into a relationship with Phyllis more than once – she slept with his brother. Celeste hopes Rey and Arturo get past their differences. She plans to return to Miami soon and Jack’s sorry to hear it. At the bar, Theo finds Mariah and questions her about a client she lost. She says they weren’t a good fit. Theo would like to work with her – he was just talking to Devon about it. Mariah snarks, “Aren’t you an eager little helper.” She agrees to open a line of communication. Theo enthuses that his expertise will fill in the gaps and take the company to new heights. Mariah warns she could takeover his clients and render his agency obsolete. Summer appears and teases he’s losing his touch. They go over why he brought Zoe to Kyle’s wedding. Theo says, “It feels good to blow things up, doesn’t it?” They kiss. Elsewhere, Phyllis encounters Adam and hints she’s found a way to raise the money for her stake in the Grand Phoenix – and it won’t be long until she squeezes Abby out. Once alone, Phyllis leaves Chelsea a message to call her.

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At Society, Victor informs Abby that he overheard Phyllis tell Adam she plans to force her out at Grand Phoenix. Abby is unbothered and looks forward to squashing her attempts. Victor warns she’s toxic. Abby says he’s given her a lot to think about.

Sharon arrives at Adam’s penthouse and he opens the door and smiles.

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