Adam proposes to Sharon Young and Restless
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Adrian enters Crimson Lights and admires Sharon. Rey appears and notices him flirting. Sharon gapes as Rey drags his dad to the patio. Rey wants to know what he’s still doing there and isn’t surprised to hear he’s out of work. He accuses Adrian of looking to cash in since Lola married into a rich family, and warns he’s not going to hurt this family again. They argue. Adrian asks Rey who he is to judge – his ex-wife’s having a baby with his brother. Rey is about to assault him when Celeste intervenes. After, Sharon asks if Rey’s okay. He says he’s fine and listens as Adrian tries unsuccessfully to talk Celeste into giving him another chance. After Adrian leaves, Rey hugs Celeste, who is sad her ex-husband will never find happiness. Talk turns to Sharon. Celeste assures Rey he’ll be happy one day.

In Chancellor Park, Adam reads news of Michael running for the D.A. position and mutters, “You’re welcome.”

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At the rooftop bar, Michael denies to Lauren that he’s nervous about the election. Lauren questions his interest in returning to the job and can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with Adam. Michael points out if he’s District Attorney, he can no longer provide legal services to him. Lauren is suspicious about him taking him on as a client – there were always lines he wouldn’t cross; something is off. Phyllis and Summer appear – they voted for Michael. Lauren calls him over; the mayor’s calling. Phyllis compliments Summer on how she handled herself at Kyle and Lola’s wedding. Talk turns to Theo bringing Zoe. Phyllis wonders if Lola knows anything about her. Lauren grilsl Michael Young and RestlessNearby, Michael promises the mayor he’ll do a great job. He disconnects and Lauren confronts him about hiding something – is he trying to protect her? She believes all of this is tied to Kevin. Michael jumps up to shake hands with voters. Adam approaches Michael. Phyllis watches with interest as they step aside. Adam tells Michael he persuaded potential candidates not to run against him. Phyllis interrupts. Michael walks off and Phyllis thanks Adam for selling the Grand Phoenix to Abby, who will make her partner. Adam smirks; she’s her headache now. Adam complains about Victor’s restraining order. Phyllis replies, “Good for Victor.” They debate whether Adam has Christian’s best interests at heart or just wants to best his brother. Phyllis gets wanting revenge – it gets you nowhere. She’s decided to put her energy into things she loves; his life is sad. Elsewhere, Zoe arrives and introduces herself to Summer – she follows her on social media. Summer learns Theo told Zoe that Kyle had been worried about her, and that she doesn’t hold what happened against them. Zoe thinks they’re great – especially Theo. Just then, he appears and invites them to lunch. Zoe pipes up that Summer’s busy with her mom. After, Phyllis rejoins Summer, who gets called to a meeting.

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Kyle and Lola honeymoon Young and RestlessOn their tropical honeymoon, Lola and Kyle wake up together and feel like they’re in heaven. After making love, they look at photos from their wedding and laugh. They talk about Jack using his genetic charm to get Celeste to come and Adrian, who showed up uninvited. When the topic of Theo’s guest comes up, Lola wonders if he was trying to make Summer jealous. The subject goes back to Adrian, who has no one close to him. It’s the life he chose. After going to eat, Lola suggests parasailing or hiking but Kyle undresses her while kissing her neck and they fall onto the bed.

In Chancellor Park, Sharon takes a call from Adam, who learns she’s in the park and says he’s on his way. Adam arrives and says to Sharon, “Marry me.” Sharon gapes. “What?” Adam explains that’s why he wanted to see her – to ask her to marry him.

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On the coffee house patio, Michael rants to Lauren about Adam ripping through people’s lives and taking what he wants. She asks if he’s becoming D.A. to take him down. Michael hushes her; that would be unethical. Lauren realizes he knows Adam’s

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