Kyle confronts Theo and Zoe Young and Restless
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Behind the scenes at the wedding venue, Kyle and Lola kiss. She says, “We did it.” He marvels, “We’re married.” They’re so happy. At the reception, Celeste pulls Rey and informs him, “Your father’s here.” Rey spots Adrian and approaches to tell him to leave. Adrian won’t go without seeing his girl. Rey retorts it’s not happening. Adrian wonders if he’ll arrest him. Arturo appears and Adrian wonders if they’ll gang up on him. Rey explains ‘Pops’ crashed the wedding and Lola doesn’t know yet. Adrian feels he’s owned up to his mistakes and wants Lola to tell him to leave. Arturo suggests they tell Lola. Rey warns Adrian to stay out of sight for now. Meanwhile, Celeste finds Kyle and Lola and tells Kyle she was wrong about him, which pleases him. Elsewhere, the Abbotts congregate. Billy gets snarky about the merger and Traci halts the ‘shop’ talk. Victoria apologizes for him. Billy needs to get out of there. At the fringes of the party, Theo arrives. Phyllis sees him and warns he wasn’t invited. Theo has a surprise; a wake-up call for the groom. Phyllis says, “Carry on.”

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On the stage at the wedding, Mariah announces Kyle and Lola as everyone applauds. Elsewhere, Billy tells Victoria his heart breaks knowing he’ll never walk Delia down the aisle. She kisses him as he leaves. Lola approaches Arturo; she’s so glad he made it and notes all the people she loves are there. Arturo looks uncomfortable. Abby announces the bride and groom’s first dance. Kyle thanks everyone for coming and Lola says Kyle planned all of this. As they dance, Phyllis checks in on Summer, who is powering through, and vows to throw her a superior wedding. Lola sees Adrian with Celeste Young and RestlessIn the sitting room, Adrian excuses himself and Rey learns from Arturo that all is well with Mia’s pregnancy. Arturo’s keyed up about being a father, but if he gets stuck, will ask himself, “What would my brother do?” Rey can’t stay mad at him. Elsewhere, Summer and Kyle agree to start the next phase with a clean slate, but she’s emotional and runs off. Kyle then sees Theo appear with a blonde. Jack takes the stage to make a toast on Dina’s behalf and gushes about the marriage and Lola – they’ll always be trying to weasel an invitation to dinner at their place. Celeste then toasts to the joining of the Abbott and Rosales families. Kyle goes to confront Theo, and Lola follows Rey and Celeste.Theo remembers Zoe to Kyle Young and Restless Theo asks if Kyle remembers Zoe Hardisty, (played by Anna Grace Barlow) and Kyle snaps, “She almost died how could I forget?” Theo wants to make a peace offering. Zoe tells Kyle she’s fine and doesn’t hold any grudges. Kyle feels terrible about what happened and is sorry Theo tried to use her to blow up his wedding. He orders him out. Phyllis stops Theo on his way out and wants to hear the story later. In the sitting area, Lola’s stunned to see her father. Adrian wanted to see her on her big day; he wants the heartache to end. Lola speaks to Adrian alone and he makes a speech,Arturo apologizes to Abby Young and Restless but she can’t embrace him, not today. Celeste intervenes. Lola walks away. She rejoins Kyle and tells him about her dad. He wants to throw him out, but she wants to focus on the wedding. On the dance floor, Arturo starts an apology to Abby and Nate appears – is there a problem? Arturo tells them to enjoy their night. Traci and Ash watch as Jack and Celeste dance. Kyle stops the music for the tossing of the bouquet – it goes from Abby to Summer to Phyllis to Ashley, none of whom want it, and finally lands with Mariah. The reception ends with Kyle and Lola kissing as everyone blows bubbles.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy watches Michael shake hands with Adam. Billy confronts Michael Young and RestlessThey sit and Adam tells Michael they’ll kick things into high gear once he’s D.A. Michael warns they have to be careful or they’ll end up in prison. Adam reminds Michael it’s not a negotiation and leaves. Billy appears and asks Michael what’s going on and if it has to do with Kevin leaving town. He asks why he dropped Nick’s custody case. Michael barks, “Stay out of this.” Billy smells a rat and alludes to two rats with their tails entwined together. Michael warns Billy to watch it or he could find himself as the cheese.

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Billy arrives at home and learns Victoria was out looking for him. She asks where he’s been and if he had another incident. Billy apologizes – he shut off his phone and needed time. Talk turns to Michael running for D.A. Billy finds it curious.

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