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At the Abbott house, Abby hugs Ashley and updates her on buying the hotel and hiring Phyllis to manage it. Ashley suggests she find someone else, but Abby can handle Phyllis. Talk turns to Nate. Ash can’t believe Abby’s with her old friend Olivia’s son. Abby warns she’s not sure where things stand between them.

Jack arrives in Victor’s office saying he came to see Victoria, but Victor asks why he’s really there. Victor gets a call and asks, “When?” After, he confronts Jack for coming to check on his medication side effects. Jack is glad he’s feeling better and reflects on what’s happening between Nick and Adam – there’s always room for hope. Victor says it’s different with Adam. Jack feels Adam is drowning and trying to save his life. “Throw him a lifeline.” Victor’s done it several times but it’s never enough for him.

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At the penthouse, Adam is served. He reads the document and calls Michael complaining he got served with papers saying he can no longer see Christian and there’s a restraining order against him. “You need to fix this right now.”

Elena and Devon arrive at home after a run and discuss the incident with Christian missing in the park. She worries about Adam being across the hall and Devon reassures her. He walks her out as she leaves to meet Nate, and Adam stops him afterward – he wants Elena’s take on what happened in the park.Adam listens to Devon Young and Restless In Adam’s penthouse, Devon warns him to stay away from Elena. Adam insists he’s not the bad guy and complains about the restraining order and that Victoria lied to him yesterday. Devon doesn’t buy the ‘poor me’ act – the only victim is Christian. Devon references his history with Neil and Tucker – a child can never have too many people who love them. He suggests Adam should compromise, then wonders how the restraining order came about. Adam realizes Nick doesn’t have the power to pull it off.

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At the apartment, Kyle finds Lola contemplating the letter from her father, Adrian. She fills him in and reveals she’s been agonizing over it. Her father wants his family back, but he’s not family. She’s doesn’t want to be pulled back to the past, and will focus on the future. Kyle does a mock vows and promises never to disappoint her. Lola says, “You may kiss the bride.”

Elena meets Nate at Crimson Lights and she’s encouraged to hear he’s been ‘too busy’ to get back to Abby. Nate called her because an opportunity popped up at Memorial and he feels she has a shot at it. Nate thinks the residency opening might be fate, though he’s not trying to pressure her. Elena doesn’t need to think about it.

Kyle, Lola and Jack join Abby and Ashley at the Abbott mansion. Ashley and Jack reveal they’re trying to come up with a name for the new company to honor John’s memory. They bandy about a few ideas, then Kyle speaks about how nothing other than Jabot would ever feel right.Ashley Jack toast Young and Restless Ashley agrees and Jack declares, “Jabot it is!” Nate arrives, and Abby steps outside with him. Abby understands if he wants someone who is ready for serious commitment. Nate thinks she’s holding back but isn’t sure why. He wants to take it a day at a time. Abby asks him to Kyle and Lola’s wedding. After, the family holds a toast to Lola and Kyle. Jack leaves for Miami and promises Lola he’s not coming back alone.

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Elena returns home and Devon updates her on Adam. Elena reveals she’s interviewing for the residency program…today. Devon’s surprised; she was so upset when she lost the patient the other night, but thinks she’d make an amazing doctor. He won’t wish her luck because she doesn’t need it. “You’ve got this baby.” Later she returns and got the job. Devon wants to celebrate and reveals her white lab coat. They kiss and the lab coat comes back off.

Adam arrives in Victor’s office to confront him about the restraining order. Victor says, “You gave me no choice.” He is taking Christian’s side and won’t tolerate watching him suffer because of Adam. Adam calls him out for leaving him to be raised by another man. Victor didn’t want to drag him through a custody battle and hollers that he’s already hurt Christian. They shout at one another.Victor watches Adam leave Young and Restless Adam’s so sorry he’s such a disappointment – maybe if he was there for him, he could have changed that. Victor regrets giving him a second chance more than he can tell him. He tells Adam there’s nothing for him here. Adam isn’t going anywhere. Victor promises he’ll live to regret it. Adam vows to get his sons back and take everything from Victor and the Newmans.

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