Chelsea learns Anita's scam Young and Restless
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At the apartment, Rey notes Lola’s baking because she’s nervous. Lola denies having cold feet, but concedes she’s baking to calm herself down. Rey marvels she let Kyle plan everything. Lola has total faith in him. She gushes about their upcoming honeymoon in Samoa and Rey’s pleased for her. They embrace. Talk turns to Celeste not coming to the wedding. Rey feels responsible and thinks she could change her mind. Lola reveals Jack intends to try to reach her. Rey worries she’ll bring Adrian as her plus one. Rey and Lola read letter Young and RestlessJust then, Lola discovers she’s received a letter from their father – it contains well wishes on her wedding and news that he and Celeste decided not to reconcile. He accepts she doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle, though it would give him great joy to be there. Lola’s tearful; she doesn’t know what to do with this. Rey reads it and thinks Adrian has a lot of nerve. Lola worries about shutting him out; she knows how that feels. Rey says it’s her wedding and up to her.

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At Devon’s place, Elena leaves him to speak with Phyllis, who wants to know why he’s negotiating for the Grand Phoenix when he wasn’t interested when she asked. Devon wasn’t keen on her proposal, and adds he’s decided to pass on the whole thing. Phyllis suggests he buy it from Adam and sell it to her. Devon points out she doesn’t have the money. Phyllis pleads – the hotel is her way of redeeming herself, and Neil was all about redemption. Devon warns her not to exploit his late father’s memory to make a buck. Phyllis didn’t intend to do that and tears up; it’s been a tough year. Devon just doesn’t want to work with her and repeats, “The answer is no.”

At Nick’s place, Anita corners Chelsea about Connor being upset she and Adam aren’t getting back together. Chelsea still wants an explanation for Anita turning down her money – she didn’t even ask how much she inherited. Anita admits Daryl told her, and confesses Calvin left her a bequest of her own.Chelsea grills Anita Young and Restless Chelsea’s suspicious. Anita comes clean – he didn’t technically leave her anything. Chelsea realizes she stole assets and Anita goes on that Calvin had some questionable off-the-book business dealings. Chelsea guesses she and Daryl kept the proceeds. Anita protests – they were protecting her from the shady dealings. Chelsea asks how much she took. Anita eventually coughs up it was $5 million. Chelsea throws her out. Later, Daryl shows up with two suitcases and a bag of cash as a peace offering from Anita and offers the proper version of his will, which leaves her the contents of Calvin’s storage unit, townhouse and cars. Chelsea signs and Daryl warns her to wash the money to be safe. She gives him one of the suitcases for him and Anita.

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At Chancellor Park, Adam gets a text and leaves angrily.

At Victoria and Billy’s house, she tells Billy she suspects Adam will respond in person. Billy says, “When he does, we’ll be ready.” Adam arrives and Victoria insists Christian is sick and asleep. Adam will reschedule and exits. Billy warns Victoria they won’t keep getting away with this. Victoria knows, but every day she keeps him from corrupting her nephew is a victory.

Christian in a bush Young and RestlessAt Chancellor Park, Victoria and Billy play with Johnny, Katie, and Christian. Billy leaves when Victoria says Nick’s on his way. Adam appears and approaches Christian as Nick arrives. They bicker about Victoria canceling his visit and Nick threatens Adam. Suddenly, Victoria calls out; she can’t find Christian. They search. Adam finds him hiding in the bushes and gets him playing soccer. Elena, jogging, and Nick appear. Nick takes Christian and Adam says, “See ya’, Buddy.”

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At Society, Phyllis apologizes to Abby for snapping earlier. Abby’s reconsidering working with her. Phyllis insists she has respect for her, though Abby’s not buying it. Phyllis says together, they can accomplish great things. Abby realizes she’s sucking up because Adam fired her. Phyllis warns he put the hotel up for sale and all their hard work will be out the window…unless Abby buys it herself. Abby doesn’t trust her, but Phyllis talks up her successes at Jabot and Abby agrees to buy the place. She might keep Phyllis on as manager…on one condition. She wants Phyllis to have a stake, so their interests are aligned. Abby gives her a week to come up with the money.

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