On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jack tells Adam that the magazine with the diary excerpts will be on stands tomorrow. Jack says the only way to discredit the diary is to have his name associated with it! He urges Adam to keep 'mum' about his involvement and enjoy the money he's going to make from this! Jack leaves and Adam opens a box with an engagement ring in it!

Heather is in her office, telling a colleague she needs to know who gave this diary to the magazine in the middle of a murder investigation. Just then, Adam calls and tells her he would love to have her come to their room right now. She says she just can't - she needs to find out how the magazine got the diary. Adam blurts that he knows how it all happened!

Nick and Sharon finish reading the diary excerpts at Newman. Nick leaves Nikki a message about it, as he explains to Sharon that it's a bunch of bunk, but it won't stop Heather from issuing a warrant! Noah comes in and tries out some pretty rough French on them. Nick laughs and tells him that Phyllis said to tell him goodbye. Noah says she texted him. Nick and Sharon then break the news about the magazine publishing stuff about Victor. Noah asks who would do something like that to him! Sharon and Noah head home, and Victoria comes in. Her brother shows her the diary. She also says it couldn't really be Victor's - but thinks he's probably too far gone at this point to even care! Neil comes in and gets up to speed. They decide to call a press conference and show solidarity - they will call the publisher a liar and say Victor Newman would never commit murder! Nick is somewhat hesitant and Neil says he doesn't have to speak to the press if he's not sure about it, but Nick says he'll do it for his dad!

Overseas, Nikki welcomes Ashley into her room and tells her that Victor may be in serious trouble - he may have killed the man responsible for Sabrina's death! She elaborates and informs Ash that Victor is not just grieving, he's absolutely broken! Ashley says she has been through her own dark times, and she survived - and Victor will too! Nikki says she's not so sure he will this time. She begs Ashley, "Go to him. Save him!" Nikki explains that Victor hates her right now - he told her he wished she were dead. She says that they have all tried to get through to him to no avail. Ashley gapes in disbelief as Nikki tells her, "You're our only hope!" She tells Nikki she's not so sure Victor feels that way about her. Nikki presses Ashley to believe that it's true! She tells her where Victor has been staying and asks her again to please help him! Ashley angrily tells her that she can't just fly over here and dump this on her - she has a child and a life! As Ashley prepares to walk out, Nikki delivers the final salvo, "If the situation were reversed, he'd do it for you!"

At the Chancellor Estate, Katherine tells Jill she's not going to her doctor's appointment as she has something important to do. Jill asks where Esther is, and Kay retorts, "It's her day off. Don't you remember?!" She then smirks and leaves. Jill picks up the phone and calls Cane, telling him she needs him and Billy to come over for a family meeting! Once they arrive, she explains about what has been going on with their grandmother's memory loss and how she is avoiding going to doctor appointments. She says if nothing changes, she is going to have her declared incompetent! Cane and Billy both think Jill is getting ahead of herself, but she protests that this has been going on for a long time. Cane points out that she will be stripped of her dignity. Jill says she hates this, but if Katherine won't cooperate, they'll have to help her on their own terms. Billy sighs, "I don't want to see my grandmother humiliated, but I agree we have to do something." Cane says he doesn't want her to hate them. Billy says he'd rather have her hate them, than see her get hurt! Cane takes a call, and Jill asks Billy if he really agrees with her. Billy turns the tables by asking if she's sincere, or just wants all the power this will give her. As they talk, Esther comes in unseen, and listens.

Katherine arrives at Murphy's place and greets Marge. They discuss how she is about to lose her job at the diner. Kay notes that this is what happens when alcohol gets a hold of a person. Marge explains how she got into a rut in her life and the nips became more and more frequent, until now she doesn't even recognize herself some days! Katherine says she knows exactly what she means! She then urges Marge to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Marge reluctantly agrees, and Kay says, "Let's go!" They head out, and return later. Katherine prepares to leave, urging Marge to call her if she is tempted to drink! Once alone, Marge paces and fidgets, before finally rooting through her purse and finding a mini-bottle of alcohol. She downs it!

Sharon and Noah arrive home. Jack isn't there, and Noah is distraught that he won't get to say goodbye to him. He asks if they have been fighting. Sharon admits that they have been, but assures her son they will be fine. Just then, Jack comes in and Noah heads upstairs. Sharon tells him that someone sold a diary that is purportedly Victor's to a magazine and Noah is upset about it! When Noah comes downstairs, Jack tells him that it doesn't matter what people think - his grandfather, Victor, loves him very much and that's all that is important! Sharon beams. Soon, Noah's ride comes and he leaves. Sharon tells Jack it was nice to see the man she fell in love with, and he replies that he's always been there. She starts to talk about him spending time with Adam and something dawns on her. She asks, "When you said you were helping him publish something, it wasn't Victor's diary, was it?" Jack's face says it was. Sharon is horrified! Jack tries to justify it by saying that what Victor did was reprehensible. Sharon shouts, "Since when are you the keeper of justice, Jack?!" She is livid as she reminds him that once again he has hurt the Newman family - and done so without regard for her son's feelings! Jack admits it's true, and gets all conciliatory, suggesting they spend time together in Paris. But Sharon takes him off guard by saying that she doesn't want him to go to Paris with her, and then slamming the door behind her as she leaves the house!

Heather arrives at her room at the GCAC and Adam immediately tells her that he is the one who sold the diary to the magazine! He informs her that it doesn't matter how he came to have it - the main thing is that the money he's going to receive is going to give them a whole new life! Heather is far from impressed, but he tells her it works for her too - she gets the evidence she needs to convict Victor! He tells her that they are so much alike, they both grew up without their fathers, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He opens the box with the ring. She gasps as he proposes! Heather notes that he's never even told her that he loves her before. She accuses him of asking her to marry him so that she can't testify against him! He says he's been crazy about her since they met and she knows it. "You're my best friend, my family, the only one I trust." He says he wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy. "Please tell me you want that too!" Heather's voice quavers as she says she loves him too, and that she'd love to be his wife! She accepts his proposal and they kiss!

At the press conference, Neil, Nick and Victoria contend that the diary is a fraud. The reporters ask some tough questions, however, and Victoria ends up vowing to step down from her position at Newman Enterprises if the diary proves to be true!

Katherine arrives home and is quickly hustled out by Esther. When she asks what is going on, Esther tells her that Jill and her grandsons are trying to put her in a home!

Nick returns to his office and speaks to Nikki on the phone. He tells her that he is going to France and not coming back until he's found his father!

Alone at home, Ashley remembers old conversations with Victor. She makes a sudden decision, and picks up the phone. She asks the person on the other end if they can take Abby for awhile, because she's going to France!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine tells Jill that she resents her power, but Jill replies that she only resents the way she treats her!

Lily tells Chloe that she is wearing her engagement ring on her finger, so she should stop trying to prove how 'tight' she and Cane are!

Victoria tells Adam that they are going to prove that the lies started with him - and they're going to bury him with them!

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