Adam makes Devon an offer Young and Restless
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At Society, Phyllis is impressed with Abby’s lounge design for the hotel as Theo appears and references Abby’s incident last night. Abby accuses Theo of trying to start drama. Phyllis learns it had to do with Summer and Abby blurts that she was minding her own business when Summer dumped a bucket of ice over her head. Phyllis lectures Abby about adulting – she doesn’t want a catfight at the opening. Theo thinks scandals make for the best openings. Phyllis sends Theo to Dark Horse and Abby informs Phyllis she won’t be apologizing. Phyllis thinks she’s jealous of Summer. Abby scoffs; she’s building an empire not posting vapid selfies. Phyllis fumes about her lack of respect. Abby reminds her 90% of the town doesn’t respect her. Phyllis storms off.

At home, Nick, on the phone with Chelsea, admits he was up all night worrying and asks how she’s doing. She’s fine, but disconnects.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea smiles as Connor continues bonding with Adam, then sends the boy to the kitchen. Adam thanks her – not just for bringing Connor there but for raising an amazing kid. Chelsea hasn’t seen her son so happy in a long time. Adam believes Connor needs his dad, and asks Chelsea to let Connor live with him. Chelsea, stunned, reminds him he’s practically a stranger. Adam argues it’s his time to be a full-time father. Chelsea counters he could blow up Connor’s life – he used Christian to hurt Nick and she won’t allow him to turn her son into a weapon like that. Adam embraces Connor Young and RestlessAdam doesn’t want to have to go to court. Chelsea smirks – she’ll fight him and win. Connor reappears and senses the tension. Adam tells Connor he’ll see him really soon. Later, Devon greets Adam in the hallway and remarks on him wreaking havoc in town. Adam has a business proposition and offers to sell him the Grand Phoenix. Devon questions him not selling to Phyllis. Adam shrugs – it’s too risky. It’s Devon’s if he wants it.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor suffers a weak spell, sits heavily in his chair, and looks up at his portrait. Nick arrives and they talk admirably about Victoria’s coup. Nick credits Phyllis with helping Vikki get the real estate back, but Victor wonders about Nick’s decision not to keep them. Nick wasn’t happy with the way he acquired them and wants to wipe the slate clean. Victor chuckles, “Consider it wiped.” They discuss Victor’s treatment before it comes out that Nick hit Adam because he blindsided Christian announcing he’s his father. Victor regrets bringing him back from Vegas and tells Nick he’ll handle this – it’s better Nick doesn’t know his plans. Once alone, Victor barks at someone on the phone that his grandson’s future depends on it. Later, Abby arrives, and Victor tells her he’s improving before talking up Nate. Abby’s not sure where they stand, then admits to her ‘disagreement’ with Summer at the Club before revealing she’s working with Phyllis. She insists she knows what she’s doing. Victor laughs when she says, “If I can work with you, I can work with anyone.” Vic warns her not to turn her back on Phyllis. She asks about working with Adam. Victor just regrets bringing him back.

At Nick’s house, Connor argues with Chelsea – he wants them to live with his dad, and whines about her lying to him – she knew his dad was alive and didn’t tell her. Chelsea says it’s complicated, but Connor accuses her of trying to keep them apart and can’t understand why she doesn’t want to be with his dad. Nick arrives in time for Connor to shout and storm out. Nick questions Chelsea about running Young and RestlessChelsea explains what happened at Adam’s place. Nick feels he just doesn’t get it. Chelsea admits she saw a glimpse of the old Adam. Nick rolls his eyes. Chelsea worries how to handle this and thinks she’s running out of options. Nick asks if she’s planning on taking Connor and disappearing. Chelsea won’t run – Connor would never forgive her, and Adam would track them down. She hopes Adam’s love for Connor is stronger than his anger toward the world.

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At Dark Horse, Phyllis tells Theo his ideas are great, but his people skills need work. Adam arrives and Theo leaves. Adam asks, “Who’s your boy toy?” before revealing he’s reunited with his son, Connor. Phyllis gets it. She tells him she needs more time to raise funds to buy the hotel, and Adam reveals he offered it to Devon, though he hasn’t agreed to the deal. Adam also advises Phyllis to pack up – Dark Horse is dead. Phyllis sneers at him for being just a guy with nothing. Adam intends to be on top of the world with both his sons.

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