Adam reunites with Connor Young and Restless
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At the Dive Bar, Abby throws a glass of water in Summer’s face and the catfight picks up again with Mariah and Tessa refereeing. Across the rooftop, Kyle tells Theo no one wants him there and fists fly. Lola grabs the mic and hollers for everyone to stop. She knows the relationships and history are complicated but surely they can set their differences aside and get back to having fun. Mariah jumps in – Lola’s right. She toasts to Lola and Kyle’s happiness and everyone claps. Kyle and Lola kiss. After, Mariah warns ‘Snowflake’, while Devon applauds Lola taking charge,Lola grins at party with Kyle Young and Restless Abby apologizes, and Devon says he’ll do damage control to keep the incidents off social media. Kyle and Rey compare notes on causing scenes and Rey gives Kyle advice about Theo. Meanwhile, Traci and Jack joke with Lola and welcome her to the Abbott family. Jack hugs her after she mentions her mother. Summer watches. After, Jack takes a moment to express his displeasure to Summer about his behavior and complains Theo is trouble. On the dance floor, Devon tells Elena he has to go talk to an artist. Nearby, Abby tells Nate and Traci, “It wasn’t my finest hour.” He joins Elena to talk about Abby, who balked at planning a trip and fought with Summer. Elena advises him not to chase her, it won’t work, and pulls him on the dance floor. Elsewhere, Summer agrees to leave with Theo, but stops to watch Kyle dancing with Lola as they exit. In the seating area, Jack tells Kyle he’ll fly to Miami and won’t come back without Celeste. By the bar, Nate tells a stunned Abby that he’ll talk to her later, he’s taking Elena home. As they go, Elena tells Nate it’s working already; let’s see Abby’s reaction now that he’s not in hot pursuit.

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In the GCAC elevator, Summer and Theo realize they’re stuck and decide to have sex.

At Society, Nick fills Victoria in on hitting Adam, as Adam walks in sporting cuts. Nick knows he’s made a bad situation worse, and updates his sister that Connor’s back. They feel for Chelsea having to deal with Adam. Victoria chides Nick about his temper, and they rehash Adam telling Christian he’s his father. Nick feels Christian doesn’t really understand. Victoria may have a way to convince Adam to keep his mouth shut about it for now. She moseys over to warn him he’ll lose visitation if the judge learns he’s not looking out for Christian’s well-being, has induced stress and anxiety, and that he used the boy to get a rise out of Nicholas. Adam counters that he reported Nick for assault and intends for him to do jailtime. Nick texts Rey to meet him. When Rey arrives, Nick complains Adam deliberately provoked him and explains what he did. Rey will drag his heels to help Nick, but has to go by the book. After, Nick tells Victoria he won’t let Adam win.

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Connor pleads to see Adam Young and RestlessAt Nick’s house, Chelsea works to convince Connor that he’ll be happy in Genoa City. Connor likes Uncle Nick fine but it’s not the same as with Calvin. He bemoans not having a dad anymore. Chelsea explains they didn’t really know what happened to his father after the explosion and it turns out he’s alive. Connor embraces his mother happily before peppering her with questions. When he learns his dad’s in Genoa City, he pleads to go see him immediately, leaving Chelsea wide-eyed.

Adam arrives at the penthouse and ignores Chelsea’s call.

At Nick’s house, Chelsea assures Connor he can see his dad tomorrow. Connor worries Adam let them believe he was dead because he didn’t want to be his daddy anymore. Chelsea reassures the boy. Connor skulks out of the room and Chelsea calls Nick to update him – she has to take Connor to see Adam.

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At Society, Victoria and Nick discuss Adam. She says he was a good father to Connor and maybe it will give him less time to obsess about Christian. Nick worries he’ll be more determined than ever to get custody of both boys.

Adam answers his penthouse door prepared to send Chelsea away and is stunned to see Connor, who says, “Hi Dad.” Adam embraces the boy and is thrilled to be with him again. He can’t believe this is real and loves him so much. Adam mouths, “Thank you,” to Chelsea as he hugs the boy again. They’re catching up when Chelsea announces it’s time to go. Connor argues to spend the night. Chelsea relents, but she’s staying too.

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