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At Adam’s penthouse, he phones to report an assault.

On the Crimson Lights patio, on the phone, Phyllis offers Devon an opportunity to invest. He has already taken on another project. She crosses his name off a list…the last name left is Nick. Inside, Billy tells Rey he’s sorry about him and Sharon, calls Adam a one-man wrecking crew and suggests Rey may have given up on Sharon too soon. After, Rey gets a call to investigate an assault on Adam. He mutters about shaking the assailant’s hand.

At Nick’s place, Chelsea tells him Anita and Connor will be there tomorrow. She frets about telling Connor his father’s alive. Nick questions if it’s good news. Chelsea admits Phyllis Young and RestlessShe warns him not to joke like that in front of Connor and to take the high road. Nick asks if Chelsea will have dinner with him and Nikki. She tells him to have fun. Later, Phyllis arrives and needles Chelsea, who figures she wants something from Nick. They spar verbally. Phyllis snarks about her being a gold-digger and figures Calvin was an easy mark. Chelsea argues Calvin loved her, scars and all – can Phyllis say that about anyone? Phyllis says, “Tell Nick I stopped by.”

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Billy enters the Chancellor mansion and would like to find out who’s talking to him from the other side. He calls, “Delia?” Billy gets a text from Victoria to join them to watch Spiderman, and texts back that he’s swamped at work. He looks at the scrawled writing on the wall and asks Delia or whoever is trying to contact him to start talking. Aloud, he assures Delia there’s nothing she can’t tell him and recalls her playing and laughing there. It feels like she’s still there. He paces and waits then blurts, “Delia it’s Daddy, just tell me what you need me to do.” Billy dozes and dreams of searching frantically for Delia, who cries, “Daddy, I’m so cold!” Billy awakens and heads to the wall, which says, “Stop Adam Now.” Victoria texts again. He replies he’s finally making progress, then says, “Message received, Delia. Loud and clear.”

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At Society, Nikki complains about Adam provoking Nick into hitting him to use it against him. Nick adds Sharon showed up just as he clocked him. Nikki fumes; what is wrong with that woman? Nick worries she’s not equipped to deal with someone so manipulative. He fills Nikki in on Phyllis making amends. Nikki feels something must be in it for her. Nick appreciated the gesture and gave her a clean slate; she seemed satisfied with that. Talk turns to Connor, and Nick talks up keeping him and Chelsea safe. Nikki sniffs about them living with Nick. Nikki and Nick at dinner Young and RestlessShe adds Victor’s upset about the custody case. Nick will invite him to soccer to see the boys. Phyllis arrives and pulls Nick aside as Nikki’s on the phone with Victor. She crows about an opportunity that would work with his money and her expertise. Nick’s incredulous – she wants to partner? Phyllis keeps trying for a loan, but Nick says it’s not in the realm of possibility; he didn’t keep the portfolio. He’s sure she’ll find a backer. After, Nikki thanks Phyllis for what she did for Nick. Phyllis is distraught that Victor’s profiting from it. Nikki says making amends is never a mistake. Phyllis moans about needing capital then asks, “Would you be interested?” Nikki’s amused. She’s sure Phyllis will think of something.

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Rey arrives at Adam’s place and admires the cut on his face. Adam won’t let him in but runs down what happened at the park with Nick – he wants him arrested. Rey will get Nick’s side of the story since Adam doesn’t have a witness. Adam says he does. Sharon appears saying she’s starving. Rey gapes. Sharon stammers but Rey just has her confirm she saw the assault. After, Adam insists he didn’t set that up. Sharon hollers that he’s set her whole world on fire, this has to end! Adam holds her purse hostage while he tries to persuade her that Rey will get over it and says she’s avoiding facing the truth. Adam wants to make Sharon happy Young and RestlessAdam wants her and gazes into her eyes. “All I want to do is make you happy.” Sharon reminds him he tried to reunite with Chelsea. Adam insists she was just a means to get to Connor and keeps working to convince Sharon they belong to each other. Sharon argues she’s a different, healthier, person now and tonight was a mistake. Adam thinks he’s what she’s wanted all along. Sharon runs and tells him to stay out of her life.

At Nick’s place, he updates Chelsea on Phyllis’ proposal and her disappointment. He wants to focus on the kids. Chelsea smiles.

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