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In her office, Billy’s therapist asks him to explain what brought him there. Billy can’t sleep – doesn’t want to sleep – when he does, he has disturbing dreams about his dead daughter. He’s flooded with rage since the man who killed her came back. The therapist asks about Adam. Billy talks about Adam running her over then covering it up, then recalls leaving her in the car with the dog.Billy talks to therapist Young and Restless The therapist questions if holding onto the grief lets Billy keep Delia alive and justifies his hatred toward Adam over a horrible but blameless accident. Billy feels if he lets go of the guilt and pain, he’ll be dishonoring Delia. The therapist suggests he doesn’t like himself, which is next week’s homework. Billy likes himself, but hates Adam. She urges him to consider what he said today.

At Nick’s house, Summer wonders if he’s in a good mood because of Chelsea. Nick says he’s off to see Christian. Summer worries about him getting hurt by Chelsea. Nick’s pleased she’s on his side and fills her in on partnering with Devon for New Hope. Nick reveals her mother is working an interesting agenda.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor wonders if Adam’s there to see Victoria about Christian. Adam admits he was upset about the judge’s ruling. Victor always imagined him behind the desk, running the family business. Adam grouses it comes with a price. Victor suggests he build a bridge with Nick and earn his way back into Christian’s life. Adam won’t jump through hoops and hopes Victor lives long enough to see him win. Victor wishes him good luck and smirks.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon spots Victoria and asks about Christian. Vikki says he misses Nicholas. Sharon mentions Adam but Victoria cuts her off and thanks her for listening to Billy, who has sought professional help. Adam appears and confronts Victoria about ducking him. He won’t give up. She responds, “We’ll see.” Adam remarks on her playing dirty lately – he knew about her deals with Phyllis the whole time. Sharon and Adam flirt Young and RestlessHe hollers she can’t keep him from Christian as she leaves. Adam complains to Sharon that following the rules is getting him nowhere – he’ll tell Christian he’s his biological father. Sharon advises against it – let Christian get to know Uncle Adam. Adam admires her ability to talk him down and asks about Rey before alluding to his pent-up frustration and leaving for a walk in the park.

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At Society, Jack thanks Phyllis for the real estate deal – he’s certain Adam’s not thrilled about it. Phyllis is handling him and has tricks up her sleeve. She notes Billy saw the potential in her offer and asks where he is.

Phyllis and Summer hug Young and RestlessSummer arrives at Dark Horse – she heard what Phyllis did. Phyllis tries false humility and Summer says it’s not her forte. She wonders if Phyllis thought she’d forgive her. Phyllis thanks her for stopping by. Summer unexpectedly hugs her. Phyllis is puzzled. Summer wonders why she can’t do something good without managing or manipulating it. Phyllis ‘owns’ being a drama queen. They joyfully embrace again.

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Jack’s stunned to see Victor at Jabot – he’s looking for Summer and will wait. Victor needles about Jabot’s small space and Jack chuckles; he’ll never change. Victor asks, “Why would I?” Summer arrives and Victor takes her into Jack’s office to tell her about his rare blood disease and treatment. Summer chokes up. After, in the parking garage, Victor sways and nearly collapses against his car. He calls Nate but gets voicemail, then calls Jack to come to the garage. Later, Jack brings Victor into his office. Victor says he’s on a new medication and not used to the side effects. Jack clucks it happens to the best of them. Nate arrives. Victor shakes Jack’s hand as he gives them privacy. In the corridor, Jack stops Summer from entering the office. Inside, Nate tells Victor his blood pressure was low; he was lucky Jack was nearby and should start using a driver. Victor’s been fighting all his life – he’ll fight this and win.

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In Chancellor Park, Nick’s excited to see Christian. Victoria relays she won’t let Adam see the boy. Christian wants to go home with Nick, who suggests video calls. Adam appears. “So much for Christian’s busy schedule.” He snaps photos to document Nick getting preferential treatment. Victoria ushers Christian away and Nick and Adam argue about who is cruel and selfish. Nick calls Adam a sociopath. Adam thinks he’s being dramatic. Nick vows to destroy him until he has nothing left, not Christian, not Connor; nothing. Adam loves the game and slaps Nick’s shoulders, “Welcome to it, Brother!”

At home, Billy finds Delia’s doll in his bed.

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