Billy spirals on Young and Restless
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At home, Billy carries Victoria into the bedroom and kisses her on the bed. Victoria reminds him she has a video conference with Japan and notes he hasn’t been sleeping. She asks if he’s okay. Christian appears – he called for daddy and he didn’t come. Billy will hang out with him while Aunt Victoria goes to the office.

At Nick’s place, Calvin’s lawyer, Daryl, tells Chelsea that Calvin was a successful businessman who left her a nest egg of $5 million. Nick senses she wasn’t expecting it. Chelsea says they had a pre-nup. Daryl explains Calvin intended for her to be looked after. There is also a trust fund for Connor, which surprises Chelsea. Daryl listens to Chelsea Young and RestlessDaryl asks her to sign but she muses it feels wrong. Nearby, Nick tells Christian goodnight on the phone before rejoining them. Daryl assures Chelsea there’s no crime in accepting what was left to her. She signs. After Daryl leaves, Chelsea complains about not knowing what to do next. Nick thinks her fight or flight instinct is kicking in. Chelsea gets on a call with Anita, then tells Nick she’s over the moon about the inheritance. Nick asks if she’ll run. Chelsea’s not going anywhere – she wants this. They embrace and Chelsea smiles.

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At Society, in the kitchen, Abby’s sorry that Celeste went back to Miami and tells Lola there’s still time. She takes the opportunity to blame Mia for Lola ending up in the hospital. Lola’s accepted that her mother will be far away on her wedding day.

At the apartment, Kyle leaves Celeste a voicemail to reconsider coming to the wedding. Lola arrives to flowers and candles. Lola recaps how far they’ve come and hopes he’ll continue being as honest as he was the other night.Kyle teases Lola on Young and Restless They hug and Kyle looks slightly off. Talk turns to her mother. Lola maintains the wedding will be great regardless. Kyle teases there will be a llama, and Lola jokes she doesn’t want to be upstaged. He reminds her she will surprise him with the honeymoon. She’s horrified – she was supposed to plan it? Kyle laughs then shows her what he’s booked. Lola loves it. She fishes to find out more about the wedding, but Kyle won’t give up details. She mentions her mom again. Kyle promises the wedding of her dreams.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nate shows Nikki and Victor where he plateaued, then slightly improved. The protocol is officially working, and he’d like to introduce another element to the treatment.Nikki gives her blessing Young and Restless Victor presumes if they don’t act, they might lose the chance. Nikki’s concerned about side effects. Nate admits they could be more severe. Victor says to hell with the side effects – he has a chance to beat the disease. Nikki gives her blessing. Later, Victoria talks to Billy by phone. He assures her Christian is fine. She disconnects and joins her parents, who update her on Victor’s numbers and treatment. Victoria promises she’s following his lead with business and family. After, Nikki meets with Victoria and denies she’s concerned about the treatment. They discuss Christian – Vikki couldn’t have done this without Billy by her side. Nikki vows she and Victor will give them breaks with the kids. Talk turns to Adam using the video against Nick. Victoria says it was awful what Nick did, but he’s still a better person than Adam.

At home, Billy takes medication prescribed to Victoria and dozes off.

Billy wakes up in the Chancellor estate and looks at writing on the wall, which now reads ‘stop Adam’.

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At home, Victoria is upset that Billy left the kids alone. Billy admits something is going on – he’s scared he’s going to lose it and doesn’t know what to do. He tells her about the Delia dreams messing with his head – he couldn’t sleep and took one of her pills, then woke up on the floor of the Chancellor mansion. The word ‘stop’ was written above ‘Adam’. Victoria vows they’ll get him help.

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Nate arrives at Society and updates Abby that Victor’s lab results were good – he got permission to tell her. She’s thrilled and thinks he’s the best. Nate invites her to celebrate at his place with home-cooking. Abby might like his hot, steamy kitchen. They kiss.

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