Chelsea faces Sharon Young and Restless
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At the court, Nick argues that Adam planted the video to make him look bad and explains he did it to lure JT out in the open – the family’s forgiven him and that’s all that matters. The judge disagrees and questions the environment in which the child would be raised. Nick complains Adam took his company and tried to trade it for his son. The men spar verbally with raised voices as Adam wonders where Christian was when Nick was running around in the JT mask and Nick hollers that Adam wrote the book on cruel and ruthless. Adam says the video is concrete evidence of Nick’s character, and Nick counters that Adam lies and manipulates his way out of everything…except Delia. They rehash the accident and Adam’s cover-up. The judge needs time to review the new information and adjourns the hearing.

At home, Summer looks at the story about her father with dismay.

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At Society, Phyllis looks at the Nick story and tells Abby it’s no coincidence this is coming out the morning of the custody hearing. Abby agrees; it has Adam written all over it.Phyllis and Abby strike a deal Young and Restless They discuss Abby’s proposed deal. She pictures the first floor of Phyllis’ hotel as a lounge. Phyllis doesn’t hate it, but wonders why should she do business with Abby? Abby thinks they need one another and notes she’s going into business with her, not her family. Phyllis decides ‘what the hell’ and they shake on it. After, Phyllis meets with Theo, who suggests the Grand Phoenix as the hotel name since she rose from the ashes after Jabot. He impresses her by texting 15 A-list names to attend the opening. Summer arrives and pulls him away. She complains it’s weird he’s working with her mother, but Theo thinks she’s smart. Summer doesn’t need more drama. Theo suggests she network at the hotel opening, which could be fun. Across the room, Phyllis calls someone to pull the trigger on the second acquisition they discussed.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Kyle admits to Lola it scared him that his past might make her back out of marrying him. Lola apologizes. Kyle opens up about his fast partying lifestyle – it was fun and there were lots of women; they used each other. Lola thinks it’s sad and feels it was because of Summer – it always comes back to her.Lola listens to Kyle's past on Young and Restless Kyle denies it and recalls meeting Lola – in her smile he saw…everything. Lola sees a different side of him with Theo. Kyle says he’s vapid and self-absorbed – he wants no part of it. Inside, Sharon turns to see Chelsea and says, “I heard you were back in town. Returning to the scene of the crime?” Chelsea apologizes for knocking her unconscious and putting her in the hospital. Sharon thanks her for owning up to it. They argue about which of them put Adam on his current path and Chelsea thinks for Adam, it’s always been Sharon – even Victor knew she could get through to him. Sharon encounters Chelsea Young and RestlessChelsea wants Sharon to steer him away from his worst impulses. Sharon tried and can’t do it anymore. Chelsea scoffs at Sharon suggesting she reason with him, and worries if he rips Christian away from Nick, he’ll cross a line; hurting his kids, and will be a lost cause. She realizes Sharon will never believe that – it’s why she needs to talk him out of this.

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Sharon arrives at Adam’s penthouse, changes her mind about knocking, and leaves.

At home, Nick explains the video to Chelsea – he’s really concerned he may lose Christian. Chelsea is reassuring him when Adam busts in. He promises to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. Nick notes pride comes before the fall. Chelsea tells Adam she saw Sharon earlier; she was angry.Nick warns Adam Young and Restless Adam says he hasn’t talked to her. Chelsea wants to find a solution regarding Christian. Adam offers to drop the custody fight if Chelsea comes back to the penthouse with him. Chelsea won’t go anywhere with him. Adam and Nick resume trading insults until Chelsea orders them to stop and Christian appears. Chelsea takes the boy for a drink and the men square off. Nick suggests Adam to watch the video again and remember who he’s dealing with.

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