Nick learns Victor's options on Young and Restless

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Phyllis arrives at Nick’s house. He appears and asks, “What do you want?” She knows he was worried when she dropped off the grid. He was only upset on Summer’s behalf and knows Phyllis helped Adam hack into Dark Horse’s servers so he could take his son. Phyllis would never do anything to Christian. Nick will never believe another word from her, and orders her out.

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Kevin arrives at Adam’s penthouse asking about Chloe. Adam has another task for him – find information that makes Nick look like an unfit parent. Kevin won’t help him take Christian after ripping Delia from Chloe.Adam gives Kevin a task Young and Restless “You really are a bastard.” Adam is sorry about Delia but there are limits to his patience. Kevin will see what he can find out. Adam hands him passwords to Nick’s business accounts. Later, Phyllis arrives and wonders if Adam’s at all worried about the information she has on him and Chance Chancellor. Adam blithely says Vegas is the past. She thinks he’s bluffing. Adam prefers her as an ally and mentions his Dark Horse offer. Phyllis is taking the job, but warns her edge cuts both ways.

Ana and Devon discuss meds Young and RestlessAt home, Ana’s worried about Devon – she knows about his panic attack. He tries to downplay it and reveals he stopped taking his medication – it was numbing all of his feelings. Ana argues his doctor put them on him for a reason and reminds him he’s lost Neil and his wife. Devon denies Hilary had anything to do with the panic attack and goes upstairs.

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Nikki and Victor weigh risks Young and RestlessAt Newman, Nate tells Nikki and Victor the treatments have plateaued. He’s found a new protocol in the experimental stages – it’s Victor’s best hope – but there are significant side effects. Later, Nick arrives. Victor fills him in on the possible change to the new drug and wants Nick’s advice. Nick thinks it’s his best bet to beat the disease. Victor reveals the side effects include diminished mental capacity. Nikki and Nick think he’ll beat the odds if he can handle not being in control for a bit. Victor decides he’ll do it.

At Dark Horse, Kevin accesses the servers.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin updates Michael that Adam still won’t let him see Chloe. He found something bad – Adam can hurt a lot of people with it. Michael reveals he warned Adam and now he’ll make good on it. He tells Kevin to stall Adam while he makes a plan. Later, Nate arrives and runs into Adam, who asks how Victor’s doing. Nate can’t discuss it and heads to the patio where he meets Ana – she’s worried about Devon. She fills him in on Devon stopping his meds and mentioning Hilary to Elena. She complains he has Elena living in a shrine to Hilary.

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Elena arrives at home and tells Devon her job’s going well. He wants to plan a vacation, but she insists they talk about what happened last night. Devon’s embarrassed. Elena says, “Hilary. She’s right here with us.” She asks him to be honest, but he takes a call and says he’s fine. After, Elena gets out Hilary’s dresses and reiterates there’s another person in their relationship. She feels they shouldn’t have had sex – he’s not over Hilary. Elena respects that and wants him to respect her feelings too.

Michael questions Phyllis Young and RestlessMichael’s surprised to see Phyllis at Dark Horse. She claims she was away recharging her batteries and reveals Adam hired her to run the company. Michael wonders if she wants congratulations on reaching a new low. She thanks him for his support. Michael can’t believe she’s doing this to Nick. Phyllis replies that Nick’s treated her like garbage – she’s taken a hard look at all of this and likes the view.

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Victor’s hitting the heavy bag at home when Adam stops by to see how he’s doing. Victor keeps boxing and says he’s stable. Adam thinks it was the right move appointing Victoria. Victor chuckles at his seeming show of concern for the family. Adam warns the others will fall apart if he dies – he’s done fine without him for most of his life. Victor recalls Adam’s always had someone else do the heavy lifting for him and mentions Chance Chancellor. Adam punches the heavy bag and leaves. Victor chuckles; Adam has a lot to learn. Once alone, Victor looks weak.

At Chancellor Park, Nikki tells Nick it’s nice to see him reconnecting with Victor. Nick’s afraid Victor’s getting his affairs in order. Nikki vows it’s time for her to be his father’s protector.

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