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At Nick’s place, Victoria wants to make amends with Nick. He gripes that she gave Adam $50 million – whatever he makes at Newman would be a drop in the bucket. Victoria just wanted Adam gone. She makes a speech about the Newmans sticking together – she won’t let Adam take Christian from him but can’t help unless he trusts her. Victoria Nick make up Young and RestlessNick breaks out drinks and they have a more amicable conversation about Victor coming to his senses about Adam. Victoria thinks Victor will be pleased Nick’s back as COO. Nick didn’t agree to that, and he won’t. He’s celebrating getting his sister back, that’s all. Nick reveals he has his own plan to deal with Adam. Victoria still thinks Newman needs him. Nick’s only a call away whether on the payroll or not.

In his penthouse, Phyllis lets Adam know she connected with Riza and goes on to say she found it strange he hung out in Vegas for so long with no one recognizing him. Adam says someone obviously did – the grapevine alerted Victor. Phyllis brings up the Chancellor family member again – Chance. She asks, “Or does he like to go by Phillip IV?” She doubts it’s a coincidence his pal has Genoa City lineage. Adam wonders where she’s going with this. Phyllis can tell he wants to keep the connection a secret; something shady is going on. She muses about who would benefit from this information. They spar verbally. Phyllis reminds him he put her in a cellar – this isn’t about money, it’s about payback. Adam reveals Nick walked away from Dark Horse. He needs a strategic thinker like Phyllis and thinks it would be satisfying to see the look on Nick’s face when he learns she’s running his company. Phyllis will consider it, but now she has an appointment…with a Newman.

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At home, Tessa and Mariah admire the finished cut of the video. Mariah wanted it to be spontaneous and improvised – she thinks it will go viral and Tessa’s life will change dramatically.

In Devon’s penthouse, he recovers from his panic attack. Elena gathers it’s not the first time it’s happened. He explains Hilary triggered it – she won’t let go. Elena wants to discuss it, but Devon would rather speak to his therapist. Elena doesn’t want to talk to him as a doctor. She asks about Hilary. Devon says this is where they lived and it’s like she’s not gone – he feels her everywhere and senses her…he’d love it if she would understand he wants to move on. Devon goes up to shower, leaving Elena distressed.

At Society, Ana informs Mariah and Tessa that Devon’s not happy about their video. Her timing was bad, and he doesn’t trust her. They toast to the video and Ana decides she’ll go home and try to make peace with Devon. Tessa feels bad their video caused a rift, but Mariah reassures her; they’ll work it out. They share a kiss after Mariah tells Tessa how much she believes in her.

Victor arrives at Nick’s place. He expresses regret at not rewarding Victoria’s loyalty earlier and now wants to do something he should have done long ago.Victor sheds tears with Nick on Young and Restless Nick says he already turned down the COO position – he has to focus on Christian. Victor reveals he threw Adam off the ranch due to the custody suit and tells Nick he was wrong to pursue custody himself – he’s a great father to the boy. Nick tears up. Victor asks for forgiveness. They chuckle about Victor’s stubbornness and Nick says he’s already forgiven him. He emotionally credits Victor with giving the family everything they have – he wants Christian to have him in his life. Victor cries as they agree to put the animosity behind them. Christian joins them to play.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis hugs Summer and brushes off questions about where she’s been. Summer’s puzzled when Phyllis says she texted her, then grills her about Adam. Phyllis reveals she was in Vegas, which irks her daughter. Summer spouts off that Kyle and Lola are engaged, and it would have been nice to have support. She’s done with her mother and storms out.

Ana arrives home and learns Devon’s in bed. Elena tells her he had another panic attack and Ana feels responsible. Elena doesn’t think she’s to blame and reveals he feels guilty about moving on from Hilary.

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At Newman, Adam learns from Victoria that she is CEO and crows that Victor took his advice. He mocks her for thinking she’ll actually control what goes on there and alludes to her settling. He leaves Victoria looking rattled.

At Society, Phyllis contemplates texting Summer, but doesn’t, then orders another drink.

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