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At Nick’s place, Summer opens up to her dad about Phyllis barreling into Jack’s house and centering her out in front of Theo. Nick’s sorry. Summer’s more worried than mad. Neither of them can reach Phyllis. Nick alludes to Phyllis causing him a serious problem and figures she left town to get her head straight. After, Nick updates his caregiver to be wary of Adam – he’s hired a bodyguard and driver.

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At the tackhouse, Adam gets a text that says, “I have something you want.” He asks who it is, but the person only replies, “You knew you’d be hearing from me.” Adam tells the person to name the place.

In the penthouse, Devon and Elena canoodle over breakfast. Elena wonders if Ana went with Jett to give them alone time. Devon’s sure she noticed the way he looks at her. Elena reveals she’s interviewing with the Chief of Staff at Memorial. Devon’s glad she won’t move out. They decide not to shower together, then can’t resist. After, Elena gets an email congratulating her on paying off her student loan. Devon admits he did it – he’s been trying to pay things forward in life. Elena fumes that he meddled in her financial affairs without her consent. He clearly doesn’t know her at all. Later, Devon explains she’s not obligated to keep dating him because of what he did.Elena Devon embrace Young and Restless Paying it forward was Neil’s message to him and he’s done it for many others. He sees she feels betrayed, but it was a gift. He doesn’t want her to leave. Elena can’t leave because she has no job, but feels violated and patronized. Devon’s very sorry. He embraces her. Elena believes his heart was in the right place, but she can’t handle the power differential in the relationship being so great. Devon thinks joining Jett and Ana on tour is extreme, but says he hopes to see her when she’s back.

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Nate arrives in Victor’s office, where the Mustache updates him that Nikki’s joining them. She knows about his disease, but Victor doesn’t want Nate to scare her. Nate gathers he hasn’t been honest about the prognosis. Victor puts Nate on notice Young and RestlessVic plans to beat the odds and won’t scare his wife unnecessarily. Nikki arrives and asks Nate if the treatment’s likely to succeed. Nate stalls that he’ll have a clearer view of things after test results and urges her not to research worst-case scenarios. Nate leaves and Nikki states the kids need to know what’s going on. Victor worries it would increase the animosity between Adam and the others, but he’s glad to have Nikki on his side.

Summer talks to Jack Young and Restless At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Jack she can’t reach her mom. Jack assures Summer she did the right thing coming to him. Summer laments that it all keeps escalating. Jack feels if anyone’s to blame, it’s Adam – it would have been his idea to crash Billy and Victoria’s ceremony. Summer asks for Adam’s number, but Jack feels she should keep her distance. They discuss her disappointment about her marriage. Jack feels Phyllis will regret not helping Summer through this difficult time.

Adam arrives at a dive bar and sits. Kevin appears before him. Adam smirks – he can’t imagine Kevin has anything he wants. Adam’s puzzled when he says it’s not a what, it’s a who. Kevin meets Adam Young and RestlessKevin alludes to his new girlfriend and Adam learns he has Phyllis. Adam informs him he’s screwed himself – Phyllis isn’t his girlfriend. Kevin offers an even trade – Phyllis for Chloe. Adam thought she’d died. Kevin knows Adam tracked her down and he wants her back. Adam admits his P.I. found their house but they’d cleared out already. Kevin confirms they left when they found out he was alive, but Chloe’s disappeared. Adam points out he can’t publicly accuse him of kidnapping Chloe because he’d have to admit she was alive. He gets a text and leaves. Later, alone, Kevin downs a drink and stews.

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At Society, Nikki talks up relaxation over work – Victor should cut way back – it could be a matter of life and death.

At Dark Horse, Nick informs Adam he won’t give up Christian under any circumstances and questions him about Phyllis being unreachable. Adam claims it has nothing to do with him. Nick warns if he discovers it does, he’ll bring down a world of hurt on him.

At Newman, Victor won’t take the afternoon off, but Nikki urges him to give this fight his full attention. He’ll take it under consideration.

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Elena runs into Nate in the penthouse corridor. He offers to put in a good word for her with the Chief of Staff and they leave together.

At the Club, Devon and Summer enter Phyllis’ room. Summer realizes all Phyllis’ toiletries and clothes are there, as well as her car keys. She phones Nick and tells him something has definitely happened to her.

At home, Adam phones someone and says there’s a change in plans…because Kevin Fisher is an idiot.

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