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Sharon arrives at home and updates Rey that she went to confront Adam about Chloe, but found Phyllis there. She hopes the redhead won’t rope Adam into one of her schemes, but Rey feels it’s likely the other way around. They debate whether Chloe could be alive, and Rey points out Adam isn’t acting scared – the guy sets off his alarm bells and he wants Sharon to be careful. She promises to keep her eyes open.

Nick fumes at Adam on Young and RestlessAt Dark Horse, Nick calls to confirm his debt was sold to Adam, then slams the phone down. Adam reiterates his ultimatum. Nick informs Adam he will never abandon Christian – if that means he loses Dark Horse, so be it. Adam’s irked he calls Christian his son. Nick rails at Adam for trying to extort him for a child. Adam argues he drove him to it – how can he deny Christian his father’s love? Nick feels Adam could have slowly gotten to know the boy but that’s not how he operates. He hands him a photo of Christian – that’s as close as Adam will get to him. Adam vows Nick will regret this.

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At the penthouse, Devon updates Elena on Jett’s spur-of-the-moment tour with Ana. Jett appears, thanks Devon, and says goodbye to Elena. After, she heads upstairs. When she returns, Devon comforts her over Jett’s departure and asks if she’ll finish her residency. She’s not ready, but has job interviews and will move out. Devon wonders why she’d move out. After they share a meal, they slow dance and Devon vows to cook for her every night if it keeps her there. Elena was there to care for her uncle, but will stay in touch.Elena Devon make love on Young and Restless Devon thinks she’d miss him – talking on the phone doesn’t compare to what they’re doing now. He doesn’t want to lose her. They start making out. Elena asks, “Are you sure?” Devon leads her upstairs. In the bedroom, they undress. Devon’s so glad she came into his life. After making love, Devon sees an unhappy Hilary. She disappears when Elena comes down. Devon assures Elena he doesn’t regret anything, then sees Hil again over her shoulder.

In their apartment, Lola and Kyle canoodle and eat ice cream while discussing their engagement. Kyle notes he should have got her a ring first and asked for Rey’s blessing. She warns, “That’s not a good idea.” Kyle insists he has to go to him first. As they kiss, Lola gives her blessing to ask for Rey’s blessing, then pushes Kyle onto the sofa and grins.

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At Society, Abby senses Jack knows something and urges him to come out with it. Jack knows she’s sensitive about secrets being kept from her. Abby complains it’s happening again, and he prods her to go get what she wants. He excuses himself to greet Michael and Lauren. Later, Lola’s there and Abby congratulates her on the engagement. Lola promises not to complain if Kyle splurges on a ring. Nearby, Jack tells Lauren and Michael he’s pleased to see Lola so happy. Michael has a legal emergency and leaves. Jack asks Lauren and Michael’s secret to happiness. Lauren knows what it’s like to lose him and appreciates how lucky they are. Jack notes she’s radiant. She says he’s charming and the right woman’s out there.

In the tackhouse, Adam stares at Christian’s photo. He gets a text asking his ETA. Adam will be there as soon as he can get away.

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s place and updates her and Rey on Adam’s ultimatum. Sharon can’t believe it, which exasperates Nick, who recalls what he did to Faith. Sharon relays she found Phyllis at the tackhouse, so Nick realizes Adam used her and convinced her to act against him. He laments it’s the story of Phyllis’ life – never knowing what she’s got herself into until it’s too late. After Nick’s gone, Sharon fills Rey in on Adam taking Faith as an infant. He’s a damaged soul and they were kindred spirits in that way. She’s disappointed in Adam now. Rey gets a text from Kyle to meet.

At Crimson Lights, Rey informs Kyle it’s too soon to discuss marriage and refers to finding yourself trapped. Kyle says Lola’s not Mia. Rey jokes that Lola’s annoyingly perfect. Kyle will take care of her and someday, their kids. Rey warns Kyle he’ll always be around, then concedes, “I guess you’re part of the family now.”

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At Nick’s place, Michael weighs in that Adam might sell since he has no interest in Dark Horse. Nick needs a white Kevin captor on Young and Restlessknight investor.

Kyle returns home and confirms Rey’s on board, while Lola gushes that Abby will help them plan. Kyle’s stoked she’s going to let him spend big money on the wedding of her dreams.

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In a dark concrete room with a laundry tub, Phyllis, unconscious, is thrown onto a bare mattress. She awakens and calls for help. Outside the door, Kevin listens.

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