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Lola opens the door to Kyle, who lugs in boxes of paint and supplies. She wanted an accent wall and he’ll always give her what she wants. Lola teases that he’s a nerd, and it’s adorable. Kyle has skills, they’re just not painting. Lola updates him on the prep work needing to be done and he realizes it will take all night. She purrs the best things take all night. He lifts her up to start taping and she slaps a piece over his mouth when he complains. Kyle ends up with his shirt off and they start a paint fight.

At Sharon’s place, she and Adam discuss her call to Chelsea. She’s not sure she’s the right messenger – things got ugly between them before she left. Adam’s surprised to hear she bashed Sharon over the head. Adam sighs…he turns to Sharon because there’s no one else. Sharon’s unconcerned. Rey Sharon sex Young and RestlessAdam wonders if she can teach him about forgiveness as Rey enters. Rey invites him to stay, but Adam decides to go. Sharon questions Rey, who reveals his priority working for Nick is to watch Adam. Sharon explains his focus is on Chelsea and Connor – he asked her to call. They decide to celebrate his job. He’s stoked to make his own rules. Sharon thinks he’s channeling his inner bad boy and they make out. Upstairs, Sharon removes Rey’s belt and he throws her down on the bed.

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Elena comes downstairs at the penthouse, where Devon is up with insomnia. They flirt while sharing his fruit and she calls him a gentleman. He got that from Neil. Talk turns to the will reading. Devon couldn’t help but hear Neil’s voice. They feel their parents are looking down on them. Elena keeps waiting for peace, and is sorry Devon has lost so many people he loves. Devon puts on some jazz – he now knows what Neil loved about it. They slow dance. Devon tells Elena he likes her, and they kiss. Devon then looks up and sees Hilary standing on the stairs. Elena realizes something’s wrong and goes upstairs to try to get some sleep.

Mariah and Tessa arrive at their loft debating whether Tessa had a good night playing at the park or not. They discuss Ana trying to change her and Tessa feels she was right about her needing an image. Mariah decides they’ll have a fashion show, but after trying things on, Tessa becomes frustrated.Tessa Mariah blouse Young and Restless Mariah talks about being on TV not feeling like a fit, but switches back to Tessa – they need to return all the clothes. She produces a red blouse from the GC Buzz wardrobe department, and they toast to more Tessa with a dash of Mariah. After, Mariah helps her off with the blouse as they kiss. They pull out the sofa bed, undress more, and kiss passionately as they prepare to make love.

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At Society, Abby’s closed early to focus on her get together with Nate, who wonders why she won’t call it a date. Abby blurts, “Date. Date, date, date.” She admits it’s a scary concept given she her recent broken engagement. Nate hasn’t had the best of luck dating either. Abby Nate date Young and RestlessThey trade bad date stories over wine. Nate’s putting himself out there again because he found someone worth it. He wasn’t ready before. He relays Neil left him his penthouse and a seat on the Hamilton-Winters board. Abby muses that can be very powerful and sexy. Later, Abby says goodnight with a chaste kiss and Nate leaves with a smile, pausing to look back in through the window.

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In the tackhouse, Adam dreams that Chelsea is there, but the woman turns and is Sharon.Adam dream sex Sharon Young and Restless She’s the one who is there now; Chelsea is gone. Adam kisses Sharon after she suggests he loves them both. They undress and he ravishes her on the couch until a gunshot rings out and Adam awakens with a start. He walks to the door and looks toward Sharon’s house. After, Adam gets a call from a man who tells Adam he was right, the woman he is looking for isn’t dead. He’s found Chloe Mitchell.

At Sharon’s house, she takes a call from Chelsea and tells her there’s something she needs to know.

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