Victor gets news The Young and the Restless
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Nate drops by Victor’s office with bad news. Victor wants to know what all the options for treatment are.

Abby flirts with Nate The Young and the RestlessNate goes to Society to see Abby. She doesn’t want to talk about her family but would welcome any diversions. With a little prodding, she gets him to tell her a riddle. She can’t figure it out, so he gives her the answer. They have a laugh about that and she offers to text him with information about their date.

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Lola and Kyle make breakfast The Young and the RestlessKyle and Lola wake up in their apartment. He jokes about her snoring an then she promises something special for their first morning there. They make breakfast and flirt. He suggests they do some re-decorating. After eating, he tells her he wants to learn to make her dinner. Once he leaves for work, he sends Abby a text and asks her to get Lola out of the apartment so he can bring in a surprise. Soon, Abby shows up with some kitchen equipment and they chat about Lola’s new living arrangements. Abby assures her she is already moving on from Arturo and Lola think Nate might have something to do with that. Abby convinces her to go shopping. After they leave, Kyle sneaks back in and tries to assemble a bookcase. He fails. Lola returns and finds him on the floor with his incompetent bookcase. She gets a toolkit and they get to work. Once it is built, he assures her that he is good at some things. They have sex.

Victoria and Billy talk Adam The Young and the RestlessVictoria and Billy are at Crimson Lights. He was up all night researching what Adam was up to in Vegas. She tells him about the proposition that Adam made. Billy is shocked to hear he wanted Christian, Chelsea, and half a billion. Victoria can see how much this has been upsetting him. He admits it has been hard but assures her history won’t repeat itself. He’s not going to let his anger swallow him again. Billy can see a good future for them as a family. She believes him and is relieved to hear him say this. They ponder how to handle Adam and Victor. She says that Adam’s plans rely on her father’s support, so she needs to let Victor know his true intentions.

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Nick shoots down Adam's request The Young and the RestlessNick shows up at the tack house to see Adam. He tells him to forget about the demands he made. Adam encourages him to reconsider but Nick refuses to give up Christian. He won’t help him find Chelsea and Connor either. Adam remains determined to be a father to his boys. His brother thinks the only thing he cares about is himself. Adam is sorry he thinks so little of him and hopes he doesn’t come to regret this.

Victoria drops by her father’s office. When she asks if he is bringing Adam back in a position over her, he explains that her brother has a different set of strengths. It kills her that he does things like this when Adam clearly doesn’t care about the family or the business. She informs him of the demands that his son made. Victor laughs. Adam appears in the doorway and confirms everything she’s said. He explains that Nick has shot him down. Victor asks to speak to his son alone. He mentions the shooter being arrested and suggests there are a lot of things Adam isn’t telling him. Adam claims that he just wanted to see how far his siblings would go. He’s still determined to have a fresh start with Chelsea. His father can understand that, but this is a bad way to go about it. Adam says that if he will help, he’s all his. Victor winks.

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Victoria meets Nick in the Dark Horse office and tells him about the run-in with her father and Adam. They wonder how far their brother will go. After she leaves, he calls and asks someone to meet him about Christian.

Billy talks to Jack The Young and the RestlessAt Jabot, Billy finds his brother looking frustrated. Jack explains how quickly Dina has deteriorated. He just wanted her to be surrounded by people who care about her but it’s not safe anymore. Billy changes the subject to Adam. Jack says they are going to have to differ on that topic. Billy warns he may have to hear him rant about. Then he fills him in about having a commitment ceremony with Victoria. Jack is thrilled to hear it. His brother starts talking about women and tries to get Jack to admit who he is interested in. Jack insists he’s just not ready for another relationship. When alone, Jack picks up Claire’s business card but calls Lauren instead. Meanwhile, Victoria runs into Billy in the hallways. She tells him about her frustration and her determination to show the boys her ruthless side.

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