Victor sad on Young and Restless
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At Sharon’s house, she hears a gunshot and yells, “Adam!”

At the tackhouse, Adam falls to the floor after being shot. Sharon arrives, tells Adam not to try to talk, then calls for help before imploring him to please hang on.

In her suite, Phyllis types on her laptop about a June launch, then Summer arrives. Phyllis closes the laptop. Summer hates the tension between them and hates that Jack is planning an accessory line – how can she make it up to her? Phyllis says, “Come and work with me.” They debate. Summer feels manipulated and Phyllis insists she’ll never be properly recognized at Jabot – even Ashley couldn’t make it work.Phyllis upset on Young and Restless Summer thinks Phyllis’ obsession with revenge on the Abbotts is unhealthy. Phyllis hollers about them firing her when they all did far worse. Phyllis tells Summer she ruined her plans by ratting her out to Jack, but later, she launches her website. In another suite, Billy and Victoria finish having sex and breathlessly express how much they’ve missed each other. Victoria has to go to work before Victor gives Adam her office. Billy doubts he’ll stick around. Vikki asks, “If he does?” Billy warns, “Don’t trust him.”

At Crimson Lights, Mia and Arturo tell Lola and Rey they’ve come to say goodbye. Mia thanks them for not sending her to jail, and they don’t want to part on bad terms.Mia Arturo goodbye on Young and Restless Rey is standoffish and Lola takes him aside to ask him to be the bigger man for Arturo. Rey tells Arturo all he ever wanted was for him to be happy – both of them. They want that for him too. Rey pulls Arturo into a man hug. After, Lola hugs Arturo and warns Mia not to pull crap on her brother. She wants constant baby updates. Lola cries as they leave.

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Adam’s wheeled into the hospital and Paul approaches Sharon and marvels that it’s true; Adam’s alive. Sharon wants it to stay that way. Victor appears and Sharon updates him. Victor pleads for his son not to die, as he’s taken to surgery.

At Nick’s place, he gets a text from Victor to call – it’s urgent.

In the Club suite, Victoria gets an urgent message from Victor. Billy leaves, and Victoria calls her father and learns Adam was shot.

At the hospital, Victor wonders who did this to his son. Sharon answers Paul’s questions about the scene and is taken aback when he’s skeptical of her account. Victor asks Paul to stop interrogating Sharon, and she thanks him. Nick and Victoria arrive. Victor gets irritated and looks sad when Nick snarks about the upheaval Adam’s caused. Nick advises Sharon to walk away from Adam just as Nate appears and updates them – Adam will be fine. Victor will wait until he awakens.

At Jabot, Kyle and Jack admire the new Jabot Collective logo. Jack broaches the topic of whether they’re using Kyle’s skills in the best way. Kyle figures Summer’s behind this. Billy slams in and announces that Adam’s alive.Jack learns Adam's alive on Young and Restless Jack reels, and wants to see him. Billy scoffs that he’s claiming to have amnesia. Jack and Billy argue their different viewpoints on Adam. After, Kyle complains to Jack about demoting him – he thought he’d move Summer. Jack says this will give him more time with Lola. Summer arrives and Kyle snarks that she got what she wanted – they’re no longer a team. He’s sorry for what he put her through, and she concedes he never lied about his feelings for Lola. Kyle’s certain she’ll find her person. Summer goes to Jack and warns him about Phyllis’ mindset.

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Paul and the detective investigate at the tackhouse. Paul feels their best chance at finding the shooter is Adam – if he makes it. Paul locates the bag of cash – it wasn’t a robbery, Adam was clearly the target.

At Sharon’s place, Rey learns she’s concerned about Adam and who shot him. Rey wishes he were still on the force. He tells Sharon he filed for divorce and is ready for a new chapter…with her.

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At the coffeehouse, Victoria and Nick discuss giving Adam another chance. Billy arrives and is unsurprised to hear Adam was shot. Nick asks if there’s any chance he put the bullet in Adam. Victoria sighs that Billy was with her. Billy asks if Nick has an alibi. He was with Christian. Vikki considers giving Adam another chance, but Billy warns it’s only going to get worse. Inside, Lola texts Kyle for emotional support after Arturo and Mia have left. He’s already there and holds her.

In Adam’s hospital room, Victor chokes up telling his son he’s a fighting Newman. He’s happy he’s home and vows to keep him safe. Adam comes to, opens his eyes, and says, “Dad?”

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