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In the Vegas hotel room, Sharon’s trying to keep her mind off Adam, and Rey takes a call from Lola, who tells him that Mia was the one who attacked her and even worse, Arturo covered for her. She asks him to come home and he agrees. Rey disconnects and discusses the matter with Sharon – he feels guilty for lying to his sister. He worries about Adam showing up, but she asks him to believe in her. Rey goes and Victor arrives.Sharon and Victor discuss Adam on Young and the Restless Sharon thinks he may be the reason Adam’s avoiding her – he’s pressuring him to address his amnesia. Victor reflects on their difficult relationship as father and son and sighs, “But he’s my boy.” He can’t leave him alone. Sharon understands but urges Victor to let her try alone. Victor agrees to keep a low profile. Once alone, Sharon receives a text from Adam with an address to meet.

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At Society, Lola informs Arturo that she told Rey and he’s on his way back. They argue over him lying to her and Arturo wants to know if she’ll go to the cops. Lola won’t, Arturo questions Lola on Young and Restlessbut only because of the baby. Arturo thanks her – Mia will be so grateful. Later, Abby joins the conversation – she’s also keeping quiet for the baby. Rey appears. “I appreciate that.” He reveals he also knew it was Mia. Tears fill Lola’s angry eyes as he describes lying to Paul and getting Arturo involved as an alibi. Abby storms off. Rey apologizes to Lola, who will stand by her family. Arturo, meanwhile, asks Abby to lie if the police come about Mia’s alibi.

At Crimson Lights, Summer finds Kyle working and informs him Theo and one of his influencers are on the way. Summer goes to meet Phyllis on the patio, who boasts she didn’t punch Kyle. Summer mentions the Jabot Collective and Phyllis pitches her accessories,Phyllis pressures Lola on Young and Restless explaining that Jack turned her down so it’s time to get creative. Summer knows Phyllis hacked into her files and it’s not okay. Phyllis was trying to see designs to tailor her selections. She suggests Summer ‘conveniently’ leave her laptop open to the designs. Summer protests – Phyllis doesn’t need Jabot. She advises her to move on.

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Mia answers knocking on her suite door – it’s Paul and an officer placing her under arrest. Suddenly, Mia wakes up from the nightmare and starts packing. She’s ready to leave when Paul actually does arrive. He questions her about her alibi, the time she met Arturo, where they met, and if they were together when they found out about Lola. She says they were. Paul notices her suitcase and asks if she’s going somewhere. He warns her story is full of holes and encourages her to talk to him. She blurts, “It was an accident!” She confesses everything then doubles over in pain.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle meet Theo and his influencer, Nazanin, (playing herself, Nazanin Mandi Pimentel), who wants to check out Society.

Summer and Kyle’s group arrives at Society and Abby seats them. At another table, Arturo admits to Rey he was the one who spilled the truth to Lola. Meanwhile, Kyle tells his group that the chef is his girlfriend and goes to get her. Nazanin asks for a photo with Lola and Abby makes Summer take it. When the group heads to a nightclub, Arturo approaches Abby again. She informs him if the cops come to her, she won’t lie. Rey gets a call from Paul that Mia’s gone to the hospital. Later, Kyle returns to be with Lola. They kiss.

In her suite, Phyllis calls Ashley with a proposition.

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In Vegas, Sharon arrives at the address Adam sent. Riza, (played by Tina Casciani), answers the door – she knows she’s Sharon and is there to see Spider. She says he’s delayed and wishes Sharon luck before exiting. Sharon picks an envelope out of the trash – photos of Adam’s family, from Victor, are inside. She opens a drawer and sees the only photo he kept – it’s Christian. The door opens and closes. Sharon turns and gasps, “Oh my God, it is you.”

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