Arturo is rejected by Abby on Young and Restless
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In Las Vegas, Sharon calls Adam’s number and listens to his voice. She tells Rey, “It’s him,” before calling back and saying it’s Sharon Newman; they knew each other and if he wants to talk, he can reach her at this number. Nikki arrives – Nicholas told her about Adam. Sharon assures her it’s true – she heard his voice, he’s alive. Nikki learns Adam went into hiding because Sharon updates Nikki on Young and RestlessVictor pushed too hard and is unsure why Sharon would agree to get involved. Sharon says Adam saved her more than once – she has to try and reach him. Victor shows up and Nikki wants to know his plan. Victor’s just looking for Adam. Sharon gets a text; Adam wants to meet her alone. After discussion, it’s established Sharon will go alone so as not to scare him off.

At Nick’s place, he learns Summer’s going away on business with Kyle and isn’t happy. Phyllis arrives with Summer’s suit as their daughter explains to Nick that she won’t give up her job because of Kyle. After Summer leaves, Nick wonders why Phyllis is okay with this. Phyllis can relate to Summer wanting to throw herself into work. She asked Jack to reassign Kyle, but this was Summer’s idea – if it goes badly, she’ll learn. Nick learns about Phyllis’ new business, and she’s irked when he accuses her of wanting Summer at Jabot as a connection and walks out. Later, Nick takes a call from Nikki in Vegas, who updates him that Sharon’s gone to meet Adam and Victor has everything under control…she sarcastically notes they’ve nothing to worry about. After, Nick plays with Christian and seems pensive.

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At Society, Kyle tells Lola he has to fly out to New York tonight for business…and he won’t be alone. He offers to say no to the trip. Meanwhile, Nate arrives, and Abby seats him. At the front, Lola spots Arturo, worries he’s there to see Abby, and interrupts Kyle’s spiel about him and Summer only being business partners to approach her brother. Arturo catches up with Abby and credits her with making the place happen – he enjoyed helping her make her dream come true. She advises him to stop trying to win her back and focus on possibly becoming a father.Abby grows frustrated with Arturo on Young and Restless Arturo protests and Abby asks him to leave. Nate appears and makes him go. Abby thanks him and Nate asks her out. Abby’s on a break from dating but he’ll be the first to know when she’s ready. Elsewhere, Lola approves Kyle’s trip with Summer – she trusts him. They’re kissing when Summer arrives and complains about him not being ready. She makes a face as they kiss again. Later, Nate’s leaving when Abby invites him to stay for a drink with her. As they chat, they look at Neil’s photo behind the bar. She knows Nate must miss him. After, Abby checks in with Lola, who assures her Summer’s accepted her marriage is over. Abby shows her a selfie Summer posted of her and Kyle and asks, “Does this look like acceptance?”

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Mia joins Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Phyllis awkwardly admits none of Mia’s ideas were what she had in mind – maybe she’s better off with the hair and make-up. Mia needs a job, but Phyllis can only wish her well. Later, Arturo joins Mia, who shares her job disappointment. Arturo relays he tried again with Abby but it’s over. Mia thinks he’s trying with the wrong woman – it was never going to work with Abby. Mia and Arturo have sex on Young and RestlessHe takes her hand and they go upstairs together. After they have sex, Mia complains about Rey being with her out of obligation. Arturo agrees they should stick to things you don’t have to force. It never felt right leaving Miami – maybe he should go back; her too. He refers to their cover-up and thinks there’s no better time to get out of town.

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Phyllis finds Jack at Jabot – she’s there to pitch her accessory line for Jabot Collective. Jack replies, “There’s not a chance in hell that’s going to happen.” He declares he’s giving Phyllis a ‘time out’ to think about what she’s doing, which infuriates her.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis hacks into Summer’s laptop and accesses the Jabot Collective file. She says, “Who needs you, Jack?”

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In Vegas, Rey’s nervous about Sharon meeting Adam alone as Nikki sniffs that man was capable of anything. Victor won’t let any harm come to Sharon and warns Rey, “Don’t you mess with me or my family. You got that?”

In a dark park, Sharon sits on a park bench and waits as someone watches.

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