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At Chancellor Park, Nick, out on a jog, runs into Nikki, who reports she doesn’t know what Victor’s up to, but it should all become clear soon – she took action by hiring Rey Rosales to investigate. Nick approves.

In Vegas, Victor warns Sharon what he has to say will have a huge impact on her. Sharon’s puzzled. Victor states, “Adam’s alive.” Sharon wonders how it’s possible and asks, “Here…in Vegas?” Victor reveals Adam’s part of an underground gambling ring and goes by the name of Spider – he saw him face-to-face, but Adam didn’t recognize him and doesn’t remember anything from before the explosion. The psychiatrist hasn’t been able to help – Victor’s hoping Sharon will be able to bring Adam back. She wonders what makes Victor think she can get through to him. Victor replies Adam was deeply in love with her; she may be the only one who can get through to him. Sharon tears up – what happens to her life if she reaches out to Adam? She confronts Victor about using her as bait. Victor reflects they’ve had a difficultSharon crying on young and restless history and asks her to put that aside to imagine how he feels as a parent. He knows she cares deeply for Adam. Sharon cries. Victor says, “You know where to reach me,” and exits. When Rey returns, Sharon relays that Victor gave her news about his son, Adam. Rey recalls he died. Sharon explains he’s alive, but has no recollection of his life – she’s certain Victor was truthful. He wants her to help unlock Adam’s memory. Rey asks why he would think she could help, but Sharon worries about telling Nick.

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In the penthouse, Elena asks if Devon wants to talk, but Ana enters and wants Devon to go over Tessa’s recording notes. Elena exits. Later, Jett materializes, and Devon asks him about Elena losing her mother. Jett explains Elena was a resident at a hospital when her sick mother fell, hit her head, and died while alone at home – Elena never got over the guilt of not being there. Devon understands; it goes deeper than logic.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stares at the ominous text she received, Tessa receives reassurance on Young and Restlessand Tessa thinks she seems off. Mariah changes the subject to Tessa’s recording session today and gives Tessa a new guitar strap for luck. Tessa’s grateful she believes in her. Elena arrives and Tessa updates Mariah that she’s dating Devon. After Tessa leaves, Mariah introduces herself to Elena and they hold a conversation about Devon. Mariah jokes that she misses flying on the private jet. Elena senses she’s fishing to find out if that’s what she’s interested in. Mariah fills her in on Devon.

In the studio, Tessa starts coughing during Ana’s first attempt at recording her song. She starts over, and Ana complains she sounds timid. After more issues, Ana cuts the session short.

Mariah arrives at Sharon’s place and calls, “Hello?” She startles at a knock – it’s Nick. Mariah updates him Sharon’s in Vegas with Rey. Nick’s irked that Rey roped her into ‘this mess’. Later, Mariah hears someone outside the door – it’s Tessa, who is upset and feels like a loser. Mariah assures her she’s brilliant.

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Ana returns to the penthouse and informs Devon that Tessa’s session was a disaster. Devon recalls Tessa previously took time to get warmed up and chastises Ana for focusing on results. Ana feels bad. Devon advises a good producer manages everything and solves problems.

Back in the studio, Devon tells Ana and Tessa not to worry about time and to respect each other and communicate. Once Devon gets Tessa going, he quietly leaves. Later, Tessa and Ana are thrilled with their results. Ana apologizes for earlier and they hug.

Devon arrives at home to find Elena upset that he asked Jett about her mother’s death. He promises it won’t happen again.

A guy enters Crimson Lights and stares at Mariah. She confronts him and he leaves.

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At home, Nick gets a call from Sharon who stuns him with the news that Victor’s been on the poker circuit with his brother, Adam. Nick can’t believe it’s possible. Sharon divulges that Adam doesn’t remember his past. Nick worries it’s a scam or a lookalike. Sharon doesn’t think so – Victor asked her to help. Nick fears Adam will get in her head – she knows what he’s capable of. Sharon appreciates his concern and will keep him updated.

In Vegas, Sharon disconnects and discusses the situation with Rey. She reveals Victor’s asking her to dredge up a lot of personal stuff with a man she was in love with, while she’s starting a new relationship. She doesn’t feel she can walk away from this. Rey supports her and will help track Adam down. Sharon phones Victor to update him – there’s no guarantees but she’ll do everything she can to help bring Adam home to his family.

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